The Empress is Dead
12 Chapter 12 Chaos in the Cour
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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12 Chapter 12 Chaos in the Cour

Two weeks after the emperor's mysterious disappearance, the capital burst into different rumors. Some said the emperor got cold feet and run away from his responsibility then fled from the palace. Some said he died because of assassination since everyone knew that he is often targeted ever since he was declared the crown prince. Some said he found a woman and decided to settle down outside the palace. Different speculations run around the capital. But the bottom line is that the emperor won't be back. This caused chaos in the capital, especially in the Court.

"We should send people to search for the emperor. We can't just listen to baseless rumors and decide for the empire on our own. He is our ruler chosen by the majority and the previous emperor after all." Said one of the high official, minister of appointment, Yu Zihao. His daughter finally entered the harem, Concubine Yu Yanyan. If the emperor won't come back and be replaced, his effort and his daughter's reputation will be destroyed. He is also one of Feng Jun Yi's people.

"It's been two weeks already. The empire can't continue waiting like this. We could place someone to temporarily hold the throne while we clarify what really happened to the emperor. I suggest we should put the Second Prince Feng Jun Yu as the emperor for now." The minister of defense, Xia Rozu said. He is the second prince's people. His daughter, Xia Ruzhi is the second prince's wangfie. If Feng Jun Yu ascends to the throne, his daughter will become the empress. He planned the emperor's assassination together with the second prince and send the weakest imperial guards to accompany the emperor during this travel. He had to make sure that the plan should pull through until the end.

"Don't assume that we don't know your underlying motive Minister Xia. You just wanted to help your daughter become an empress. Don't use your battle minded brain in argument. You are obviously scheming! Don't talk like the emperor is already dead! That's a major offense. I will make sure to inform his majesty when he comes back." Said Minister of Finance, Xu Yidao. He doesn't have a daughter but his son, Xu Yichen is the emperor's confidant and right hand man. He went ahead and search for the emperor after he disappeared for three days. He didn't receive bad news so he is confident that his majesty is fine and will be back.

"You-!" Minister Xia had a cold sweat. But he calmed himself down. Their plan is well tailored thus he guarantees that Feng Jun Yi won't be back.

"We have no proof that the emperor is dead. Young master Xu Yichen already went to search for his majesty. We haven't receive any good news but also no bad news. We should remain optimistic. We don't have any huge problems currently that needs the emperor's intervention so assigning a new emperor, even just a temporary one isn't needed." The Minister of Rights, Lu Ziheng said. His daughter is the third prince, Feng Jun Yan's wangfei and only wife. The third prince withdrew from the competition and decided to devote himself to the empire on the background and support the emperor instead. He found the throne troublesome since he would have to have a lot of wife and that would make his beloved Lu Yaoyao sad.

They continued arguing until a eunuch announced the arrival of the five princes. They entered the hall and proceed to be sealed in their respective seats below the dragon throne, except for the second prince. He was about to sit on the dragon throne when the fourth prince Feng Jun Yao said "Second brother, you are not the emperor. By sitting at the dragon seat, are you cursing eldest brother to die?" He is also vying for the throne but he is not like this second brother of his that's blatantly showing his desire. He rather compete in the shadows to avoid harm to himself.

The brother's age isn't that far from each other except for the sixth prince. The eldest Feng Jun Yi is 21, Feng Jun Yu is also 21 but is one month younger. The third, Fen Jun Yan is 20, same with the fourth, Feng Jun Yao but is younger by three months. The fifth is Feng Jun Yun, 19, second prince's brother with the same mother. The sixth, Feng Jun Ying is only ten, he is the youngest and also the empress' son the same with Feng Jun Yi.

The empress died while giving birth to him. The imperial physician announced that she died because of blood loss. But Feng Jun Yi doesn't believe it. And he was able to find proof that Imperial Noble Concubine Li, second prince's mother, poisoned her. This also caused the sixth prince to be frail and weak. But to his dismay, his father emperor concealed that fact and promised to give him the throne as compensation. His mother, empress Yan is a princess from Fanrong country, they are rich but weak military powers. A war isn't good for both countries. So Feng Jun Yi decided to execute the revenge when he ascended to the throne.

Who would have thought that the late emperor would decree the protection of his beloved concubine and sons. He used his remaining power for them. Feng Jun Yi was furious but decided to make their life worse than death instead.

Everyone descended to a heavy and awkward silence until a eunuch entered the hall while panting. He shouted in a struggling and panting voice "Th-the emperor! The emperor has arrived!"

The hall fell to an uproar. Everyone has different reactions. The emperor's people are ecstatic. The neutral ones heave a sigh of relief. But the second prince and his people are in shock. The worst of them is the Minister of defense, Minister Xia. Minister Xu's words earlier keeps rewinding in his mind. He can't help but feel fear. He can almost feel his head being cute off from his body. But on top of it all he felt that it was impossible. Their plan is well made. They hired the best and most ruthless assassins. 'Why? Where did it go wrong?!' he was unresigned!


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