The Empress is Dead
13 Chapter 13 Would they dare?
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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13 Chapter 13 Would they dare?

The court fell to silence when Feng Jun Yi arrived at the entrance of the hall. He looked well and all the rumors are proven to be unreal with just a look. But the second prince's people is puzzled. They could see that the emperor is fine and unharmed. He walk through the hall all the way to the dragon throne with his steady, confident and a bit arrogant face and disposition. He remain steady and faced forward he approach his seat. The people in hall kneeled and made a proper greetings.

"Greetings to his majesty the emperor! May the emperor live thousands of years!"

Feng Jun Yi raised his arm in dismissal. "Rise." He then finally sat down. "When Zhen entered the capital I've heard a lot of interesting rumors. Zhen doesn't know where those rumors came from that seemingly cursed this emperor to die. But who ever they are, Zhen promise to find out." Feng Jun Yi said with an emotionless face but cold tone. They knew that what he promises, he always do. They also knew his way of punishment is ruthless. The guilty parties are trembling and can't help but lower their heads. They didn't know that Feng Jun Yi is observing their movements and mentally took a list of suspicious ones. 'As expected, even Feng Jun Yu's people are as stupid. They are too easy to read. Seems like cleaning the court is not that hard at all.'

"Your majesty, you went missing for half a month. May this servant ask what happened? We were so worried and the palace fell into chaos." The left Prime Minister Li asked. This statement seemingly looked like he is worried but Feng Jun You knew that it was a trap. The left Prime Minister is after all Imperial Noble Concubine Li's father. One wrong answer will affect his hold of the throne. He can't say that he was assassinated but failed and ended up in a coma for a week. This will affect the trust and confidence of his subjects in his abilities.

"Zhen heard from my master that there is a school in the Beast Mountain. As the emperor and ruler of the country, Zhen has a responsibility to oversee everything under the sky of the empire. So Zhen decided to pay a visit. There, Zhen met a woman." Feng Jun Yi then act like a love struck fool. Although it is almost not visible in his face that looks like it was paralyzed and can't show human emotion. "Zhen was given with the right to choose my own empress and that woman fit my standards. I had to stay and convince her to accept the marriage."

With this answer, Prime Minister Lin smiled coldly in his mind. He felt triumphant that he trapped the emperor. "So your majesty went missing because of a woman? Isn't this kind of unreasonable? Leaving the throne to chase after a woman. Please forgive this subject's words but, that is an irresponsible act." Prime Minister Li felt proud with his argument.

"Prime Minister Li, Zhen had just ascended to the throne. And the palace needs an empress. Zhen just found the perfect empress and mother of the nation. Do you think this matter is small and unreasonable?" Feng Jun Yi answered calmly. Prime Minister Li went silent. Indeed having an empress is an important matter. She is also a crucial member of the court. He found nothing else to refute.

But there are other unresigned people on the emperor's side. Right Prime Minister Han can't help but question the emperor's choice. "Your majesty, did you just say that you met the woman in the mountain? There are a lot of noble young ladies in the capital. They are well educated in the four arts and seven virtues. Isn't it unreasonable that the empress came from the mountain?" Right Prime Minister has been eyeing the empress' position for his eldest grand daughter, Han Yimei. She is already 18. Usually the women marries when they reach 16 but Prime Minister Han made his grand daughter wait. Being one of the emperor's trusted people and with the highest official position, he was confident that the future empress will come from his Hand family. But the emperor's announcement destroyed this dream.

"Prime Minister Han is right, the capital have a lot of noble and virtous ladies. But none of them were able to meet my standards. But Zhen can assure you that the woman Zhen chose is not any less than the women in the capital. The school Zhen mentioned before is called the Lin Martial Arts School. It is owned by Master Lin Xu. This school also produced the strongest clan in history, the Lin Mercenary Clan. And the future empress is the only daughter of Lin Xu and the young miss of the Lin Mercenary Clan. You all knew the prestige of the Lin family. Even the imperial families in the continent had to give them face. Having this power connected to our empire will double our strength. Does anyone still have any arguments?"

The hall went silent. Learning that this strong power will be connected to the palace, they had different reactions. Some are filled with awe and admiration. Some felt regret. But the emperor's enemy was filled with fear. Dealing with Feng Jun Yi is already troublesome. Adding the Lin clan to the mix, this powerful clan, cause them to be terror strickened.


When the court adjourned, Feng Jun Yi left and entered the imperial study with Xu Yichen following him.

"Your majesty, why did you announced your marriage with young miss Lin today? Isn't it a bit too early? Wouldn't this harm young miss Lin's life?" Xu Yichen can't help but be puzzled with Feng Jun Yi's actions. He seemed to be determined to make Lin Xulian his empress but this move could harm her. It would not be surprising if Lin Xulian didn't make it to the wedding day.

"Xu Yichen, they are the Lin family. You haven't seen the Lin Mercenary Clan yet, especially the current leader Lin Huang. His strength is higher than mine. Even Zhen's master acknowledged his skills. That's when he works individually. The Lin's specialty is group attack. They are excellent in coordination. Knowing this force will protect Zhen's bride, Do you think they would dare make a move on her and risk their lives? That's suicide."

Xu Yichen can't help but tremble. Their strength seems formidable. But remembering the shabby school facilities and residence of the Lin clan, he can't connect them at all. He wonders where their earnings went.


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