The Empress is Dead
14 Chapter 14 Lin Manor in the Capital
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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14 Chapter 14 Lin Manor in the Capital

Half a month after Feng Jun Yi left the Lin Martial Arts School, he sent his subordinates to present the deed of land for the Beast Mountain. Also to inform the Lin family that he had bestowed a manor in the capital to be their residence whenever they are in the capital. He also informed Lin Xulian that she should start staying in the capital so that she could adjust in their way of living ahead of time. She also needs to learn some basic palace etiquettes fit for an empress, empire's history and virtues.

These things doesn't really bother Lin Xulian. She's quite confident in her learning abilities. What matter for her is she could finally experience the life in the capital, and a luxurious one to boot.

"Boss, say, now that we have the deed of land can we kick those Beast Mountain Sect bastards? I want to see them crying!" Chu Sheng (muscle-head) said excitedly. It looks like he will fly towards the enemy's territory with Lin Xulian's signal.

"Well yeah. But I'm kinda busy packing my things, herbs, medicines and of course my poisons. I trust you lot could do the job yourselves then." Lin Xulian then took out a porcelain bottle from her robe then pass it to Chen Liang, the smart youth. "This is the poison I mentioned before. Give this to anyone who would try to resist. Then give me a report of its effect in detail. I know you could do it. I'll give you three days to clean them up. Go rain terror to those bastards!"

"Yes boss!" the youths who were together patrolling with Xulian last time left to do their mission, except the two girls and sisters Xiao Tian the elder at 14 and Xiao Tianshi the younger at 13.

Xiao Tian timidly approached Lin Xulian. " Boss, can I ask a favor?"

"Let's talk about it in my courtyard. We can talk while packing my stuff at the same time."


When they are inside Lin Xulian's courtyard, Xiao Tian and Xiao Tianshi is helping Xulian cleaning and packing her stuff. Xiao Tian finally opened her mouth and said, "Boss, you see I haven't learned enough about medicine and now you are about to leave and be married off so I'm a bit worried. I would like to ask you a favor. Can I follow you in the capital as your servant girl?"

Xiao Tianshi also butt in "Boss can I accompany you and older sister too? I want to be where my older sister."

"I am not sure. Although I want to continue teaching you but being my servant is kind of wrong. You are my sisters after all and I am not comfortable treating you like a servant. I never needed one anyway."

"It's fine boss. How hard it could be. Learning about medicine is my priority. Tianshi will come with me since she needs me to watch over her. Our family's future depends on us and we depends on you. Please young miss Xulian!" Xiao Tianshi then kotowed in front of Lin Xulian.

Seeing her older sister kotowing, Xiao Tianshi also followed suit. "Please young miss Xulian."

Hearing them calling her formally, Xulian isn't comfortable. But seeing their resolute expressions, she finally relented. "Fine. But you really don't need to serve me. You could only be servants in name. Our relationship will still stay the same."

"Yes boss!" both sisters are so happy. They could still stay together with their boss.

They finished up clearing up the room and all packed up.


Three days later, Chu Sheng, Chen Liang and the other youths finally came back. Chu Sheng wouldn't stop bragging how awesome the result of their mission is. Chen Liang gave Xulian a detailed writen report of the result of her poison. He stated their the different reaction of the victim by age and gender. How fast and slow it started to effect. He also stated the grotesque detail of the poison's effects that Xulian can't help but wonder if Chen Liang is secretly a sadist.

The next day they decided to start their journey to the capital. Xulian and the Xiao Sisters sat inside the carriage while Rui together with Lin Huang ride their own horse. Some members of the Lin Mercenary Clan also act as a guard. They brought a total of three carriages where two of them contains Xulian's stuff.


When they finally arrived at the capital, they attracted a lot of attention. Especially since the entourage is led by the famous Lin Huang. His looks and aura is too eye catching that the men's hearts were filled with admiration while the women's face turn red and flirtatiously giggled. Inside the carriage, Lin Xulian can't help but roll her eyes and think to herself 'If you all only knew."

They stopped in front of a huge manor at the wealthy neighborhood near the palace. Outside the gate, they saw Xu Yichen waiting for them. He was assigned by Feng Jun Yi to welcome his future empress and her family.

The first person Xu Yichen noticed is Lin Huang. He felt goosebumps and heavy pressure by his gaze. If Feng Jun Yi's gaze is cold, Lin Huang's is intimidating.

'So this is what the emperor meant when he said the leader of the Lin Mercenary Clan is not a simple person. His strength is obviously profound just by looking at him.'

"Welcome to the capital. This is the manor that the emperor prepared for the future empress and her family. You can consider this as the Lin's manor in the capital. Everything is already prepared inside. The emperor provided enough servants and imperial guards. We know they won't be as good as the Lin Mercenary Clan but his majesty assures you they are more than enough to keep the future empress safe." Xu Yichen tried to be as hospitable as possible.

"Thank you." Lin Huang coldly answered and entered the manor followed by their entourage.

Xu Yichen felt a bit offended but he was too afraid to refute. He decided he could only try to be on their good side.


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