The Empress is Dead
15 Chapter 15 Start of the Capital Life
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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15 Chapter 15 Start of the Capital Life

After entering the manor, Lin Huang helped Lin Xulian down the carriage. He had to hold her until she steady herself since her legs went numb. She is not accustomed in riding in a carriage. This travel to the capital is by far the longest she ever had which took six days, only stopping during meals. The mercenaries are used to traveling without resting so they continued the journey nonstop while the girls rest in the carriage.

When she finally was able to walk properly, she walked side by side with her brother while Rui, Xiao Tian and Xiao Tianshi followed behind them. Xu Yichen is at the back but decided to step up and lead the way to the main hall. It was still quite early for dinner but he knows that they would be too tired to wait and would want to rest immediately.

Along the hallway, several servants and guards line up at either side with lowered heads. But the can't help but subtly raise their gazes towards their new masters. The pair of siblings are so good looking that they couldn't help but feel blessed that they were chosen to serve outside the palace. They were disappointed at first since they felt that they were being demoted.

Earlier that day when they arrived at the Lin manor to clean up and prepare the place to receive the new masters, they were informed that their new master will be the future empress. She also came from the Lin family of the Lin Mercenary Clan, the younger sister of the well known Jade Faced Demon, Lin Huang.

This news changed the views of the servants. They stayed in the palace for some time already, and latching themselves to the thighs of the royalties will secure their standing in the palace. They thought they should latch themselves to the two concubines in the back palace, but they knew it was pointless. Everyone in the palace knew that even when the emperor ascended the throne for a few months already, he haven't graced any of those concubines.

One of the concubine is the daughter of the Minister of Appointment, Yu Yanyan. She was quite smug that she was the first lady who got the position of a concubine of the current emperor. But her hype slowly dropped because the emperor never visited at all. But since her father is one of the emperor's people, they remained silent and never dare made fun of her misfortune.

The other concubine is named Lan Jingjing. She is the emperor's maternal cousin. Her father died in the battlefield and their family slowly declined. Her mother and the late empress are cousins so when the Lan mother and daughter decided to live a new life, the late empress took them in. But now that she became an orphan and even the empress died, Feng Jun Yi took her in to the harem.

Back to the current time; when the servants saw their new master, the were filled with admiration. She looked angelic and beautiful. She also has a warm smile. They thought she was barbaric since she came from a mercenary clan. But seeing her now, they praised the emperor's standards. No wonder he didn't favor those concubines. The young miss of the Lin family is definitely a rare beauty.

And another thing they were so happy about their new master is that she is Lin Huang's sister. This Jade Faced Demon is famous all around the continent and encountering him is as rare at the blood moon (eclipse). But right now they would be able to serve him. The female servants can't help but turn red thinking that they could have a chance to serve Lin Huang. As the rumors had said, Lin Huang really is a gorgeous man. With both good looks and well built body. Serving him is their blessing instead. A lot of noble and wealthy women used money and their families influence just to meet this man but they, as a servant is lucky enough to be able to look at him up close.


Once they arrived at the main hall, Xulian asked them to serve dinner. She was too hungry to sleep. When their food arrived, Xulian can't help but click her tongue. The food all looked delicious and there are multiple dishes in their table but too much for them to finish 'How wasteful'. In their table there are only three of them, Lin Xulian, Lin Huang and Lin Rui. Their subordinates have separate tables. Even though Rui came along as a guard for Xulian, he is still recognized as a Lin. They can't underestimate Rui after all. This seemingly gentle man is called the Gentle Tiger. Once on the battlefield he is akin to a beast.

The first to start eating is Xulian. After she had a bite, the brothers followed suit. This startled Xu Yichen. Since Lin Huang is the eldest, he should be the one to eat first as a show of respect to their elders.

"Your Lin family really regards young miss Lin in a high pedestal." Xu Yichen reminded them of the proper hierarchy. In the capital, being filial is one of the virtues.

"Lian'er is my—the family's treasure. In our family the women are more respected." Lin Huang said in a deadpan voice.

Xu Yichen is startled. It is a well known fact that the men should be above women but this family is an odd one. He can't accept their ideals at all but he had no choice but just smile slightly. But remembering Lin Huang's answer, it seems like there was something wrong about it somewhere that he couldn't point at.

After dinner they are guided to their respective courtyard. Lin Xulian, as the future empress and master of the manor had the biggest one in the middle of the manor. After cleaning up, she fell asleep right after her body hit the soft bed. She would need her energy to explore tomorrow and experience the capital life.


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