The Empress is Dead
17 Chapter 17 Touring the City
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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17 Chapter 17 Touring the City

"Young miss Lin. It's Yin Mei." Yin Mei asked for permission to enter Lin Xulian's clinic. This is the largest room in the manor. It was supposed to be another courtyard nearest from Lin Xuilan's residential courtyard. It was renovated to be like a hall. The servants are all curious about the purpose of this hall but now they knew and they were shocked and amazed. They couldn't believe that their master have a talent in medicine. No one knew about the emperor's previous injuries so they didn't know that she was the one who treated him.

"Just leave the food on the table Mei jiejie." Lin Xulian didn't even lift her head from grinding her herbs.

"Young miss I didn't come here with food. I came here to get you out. You've been here for a week now. You don't look like you had a proper sleep. We also need to start your lessons about etiquette." Yin Mei had a helpless expression. She admires her passion but also worried that she might overwork herself. But nonetheless she had a doting smile. She liked Xulian very much since the moment they met and decided to take care of her.

"That can wait. I'm having an enlightened moment right now. This would be a remarkable medicine. I will give this to the emperor. I had read the history and virtues and memorized them already. I have a photographic memory." Lin Xulian still didn't budge. 'If the emperor liked this medicine, I can ask for more rare medicinal ingredients then I can try to make new ones.' Xulian had a determined and obsessed look on her beautiful face.

"But young miss you only have less than three months to prepare for the wedding." Yin Mei felt defeated. She can't force Xulian anyway. But she have to do her best to persuade her at least.

"Boss---" Xiao Tianshi then chose to barge in on that moment but she changed how she addressed Xulian since their Mei jiejie is there. "Young miss, I've already done my mission!" She then opened a paper. On it is the drawing of a part of capital city Zhongyang. "I've drawn a strategic map of our route around the city based on your requirement."

Hearing this, Yin Mei had a bad premonition. "What is that map all about Shi'er?"

"Oh this? It's a map of the city, well part of it. It's just the business center. We'll tour the city."

The corner of Yin Mei's mouth twitched and think to herself 'A tour in the city needs a strategic map? They aren't going to war, are they?' "If you want a tour I can take you. I grew up in the capital after all."

Xiao Tianshi had an awkward expression. She subconsciously looked at her boss. Sensing her signal, Xulian stepped in to save the situation. "No need Mei jiejie. We will take big brother Rui with us. He is also familiar with the capital."

"Then why would you need a strategic map?" Yin Mei is still unresigned.

"So we can tour on the shortest time possible and can go back early." Xulian answered with a beaming smile almost blinding Yin Mei.

Yin Mei had nothing to refute now. She had no choice but to try persuading her again tomorrow. Sensing that she had nothing to say, Xulian and Tianshi then got prepared to head out. Yin Mei can only shake her head in defeat. 'Young miss, what happened to your moment of enlightenment?'


Xulian, together with Rui, Xiao Tian and Xiao Tianshi arrived at the business center of the city. Xulian as always wore red robes but now a luxurious one with peach blossom embroidery paired with a red veil to hide her face and identity. Rui, on his black robes also wore a black veil. He was quite well known member of the mercenary. His appearance will give out the identity of Xulian as the young miss of the Lin family. The Xiao sisters went out as they are since this is only their first time setting foot in the capital.

Following the strategic map that Tianshi drew, they entered different halls and stores. Some are near the restaurants, tea houses, school and even near brothels. But they always end up disappointed.

"Tian, how much gold you said we still have?" Xulian, with a dishearten expression asked.

"Boss, we only have one hundred thousand taels. You sent the four hundred thousand back to the school for renovation and facilities." Tian replied in a low voice.

"I never knew buying a store in the capital is too expensive. Even the smallest stall costs one hundred fifty thousand golden taels! Can we sell those accessories then?" Lin Xulian is becoming desperate now.

"Boss, you can't. Mei jiejie said than the money given by the emperor can be spent but the accessories can't be sold. It would be an insult." Tian patiently dissuaded her.

"What a troublesome rule. I won't even want to wear them." Xulian started to get irritated.

"Boss, I already said that to Mei jiejie but she said once you get married you would need to held up your hair all the time to show your married status. Those accessories will come in handy then." Tianshi then proudly said.

Right then Rui presented a solution. "Miss Xulian, there is a well known medical pavilion here. They buy and sell medicines they find profitable. And I am confident that your medicines, even if they sell it three to four times higher they could still be able to make a sale."

"As expected of big brother Rui! You always manage to have a solution for everything. Good thing you came along. Now that we have a plan, we should eat first." They then head to the nearest restaurant to eat.

But Xulian never knew that she would be unlucky enough to meet an irritating and troublesome fellow today.


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