The Empress is Dead
19 Chapter 19 Threa
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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19 Chapter 19 Threa

After the performance, Lin Xulian gave a little bow then left and returned to their private room. Han Yimei is too busy calming herself that she forgot to provoke her even more.

When Xulian and Tianshi entered, Tian gave them some tea. Not long after, their food arrived and they started eating. Lin Xulian silently ate. She became so hungry after that intense dance. The ever silent Rui then asked. "Miss Xulian, why did you accept the prime minister's granddaughter's challenge to perform?" He actually wanted to add 'is her being a love rivalry provoked you?' but he is too afraid to ask and just get hurt with her answer.

"Oh that? I got holed up in my clinic for a week and I feel sluggish for not doing some training for quite a while. And this is fun. We can't find a chance doing this in the manor." Lin Xulian answered nonchalantly that it set Rui's heart at ease.

Xiao Tian also can't hold her curiosity and asked about Han Yimei. She said in a low voice that only the four of them could hear. "Boss, aren't you worried about that Han Yimei? She is always smiling but I can still feel her hostility. I think she'a bad news."

"I know. I can even feel her killing intent while I'm performing. But don't mind her, she can't kill me anyway. She doesn't have the ability. Not unless she could get my brothers to do it." The Xiao sisters couldn't agree more. Only Lin Huang and Rui can handle Lin Xulian in a fight. Even though they spoil and dote on her, they didn't risk going easy on her to help her get stronger.

"But I can't help but be disgusted. They said that she is the emperor's childhood sweetheart, what if the emperor take her in as a concubine? Ah~ boss, this would be troublesome." Xiao Tian said her own concern.

"If the emperor want to take her in then so be it. I'm actually looking forward to it. Mother gave me some romance novels about the palace to learn how to deal with women. I'm quite intrigued about these legendary romantic rivalry and the extent of a woman's jealousy. I think it would be fun. I can scheme and prank as I please while they also fight back!" Lin Xulian have an excited face. She seem seriously enjoying herself.

Rui and the Xiao sisters are quite amazed by her optimistic mindset. They will enter the palace together with her so they vowed to themselves that they would gladly assist her.


After they were done eating, Xulian gave in to her desire and bought some more desserts to go. She'll have it as snack while working on her clinic. While they were on the lobby of the first floor, Lin Xulian heard a familiar cringing sweet sticky voice calling her name.

"Young miss Lin, are you about to go back. I haven't had a chance to say it earlier but I want to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding. Marrying an emperor and being his empress is really a blessing earned in eight lifetimes. He found a really talented woman. I couldn't blame big brother Yi for choosing you." Han Yimei had a bashful look while saying "big brother Yi" with her sweetest voice. The four of them had goosebumps just by listening.

"You and the emperor really had a close relationship, calling his given name intimately. I heard even his brothers have to call him brother emperor. If it is other people their heads would already be cut off from their bodies. Lady Han is truly special." Seeing her act like a maiden in love, Lin Xulian teased her a bit.

And just as expected, Han Mei turned slightly pale. While her maid at her back visibly trembled. She subconsciously looked around to make sure no one heard them. She managed to regain her composure and still tried to provoke Xulian. She wanted everyone to see how barbaric and uncultured this mountain woman can be. She wanted her to turn violent in public.

"It is true that we grew up together. My grandfather is quite close to him and he often stays at our manor for a meal. It can't be helped for good feelings to grow." She had a red blush on her face, seemingly remembering some sweet moments.

Seeing her bragging look, Xulian can't help but awaken her sadistic side and burst her bubbles. "Yeah. I understand what you're saying. It's just too bad for you that he chose to marry me instead." Xulian then gave her a warm smile filled with….pity! This made Han Yimei's smiling face to stiffen. She turned red and trembled. She was trying to force herself not to jump into Xulian and choke her to death.

Seeing the change on her look, Xulian then stepped closer to Han Yimei to deliver her finishing blow. She said on a low voice "But don't worry Lady Han, if the emperor wanted to take you in as a concubine, I would gladly allow it. I heard from my mother that throughout the history, death inside the back palace is common. But I know we could get along, right Lady Han?"

Han Yimei's face is now totally drained in color. She recalled the scene while Xulian was swinging her sword. She could almost feel her limbs being cut off. She just nods absent mindedly. 'It's a threat! She openly gave me a threat! How hateful!'

Getting her desired outcome, Lin Xulian then proceed outside the restaurant having her company in tow.


Outside the restaurant.

"Boss, that was totally satisfying! That b*tch almost pissed in fear! Ahahaha…! You are too amazing boss!" Tianshi jumped around her boss and continued showering her with praises.

"Tianshi, although you are still 13 you should still act like a lady especially in public." Tian reprimanded her younger sister. Other people are looking at them oddly.

"Tsk! Big sister you are too uptight! But I'll behave now I promise." Xiao Tian just sighed and shook her head. Her sister acts younger than her age most of the time. 'I can't really take my eyes away from this kid.'


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