The Empress is Dead
20 Chapter 20 Saving a Beggar
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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20 Chapter 20 Saving a Beggar

According to their plan earlier, Rui lead Xulian's group towards a huge building. At its gate, there is a written sign "Caoyao Pavilion" engraved in a wooden board. It is so eye catching even though it is located on the edge of the city. When they entered, the first that could attract ones attention is the rows of porcelain and jade bottles containing some pills and medicines on one side. On the other side are dried herbs placed in wooden boxes with labels. But what attract Xulian's attention the most is the open balcony that has a view of the backyard plantation of medicinal herbs. No wonder they built the building at the edge of the city, it is so that they could build a plantation. This could ensure the freshness of the herbs.

"Welcome dear guests to our Caoyao Pavilion. You can ask this servant of whatever you need. We have fresh and dried herbs and even refined medicines and pills." A store attendant approach and introduced them to their merchandise.

"We didn't come to here to buy but to sell. I would like to meet the owner to make a deal." Xulian said with a warm smile. She need to be amiable for the sake of her goal. That is to earn, but more herbs, create new medicines and be an important personality in the medical world.

The attendant have an awkward expression hearing this. "We do buy and sell medicines but the owner is currently not here. Maybe if you return in another day or two he would be here."

Xulian is a bit disappointed. She'll need to make another excuse to Mei jiejie if she wanted to go out next time. She's been delaying that troublesome etiquette lessons for quite a long time already. She might get angry for real next time. But they could only relent and decided to go after Xulian chose some herbs to plant in her own backyard. By this time, Rui looked pitiful because he's carrying packs of desserts on one hand and bundles of herbs on the other. Perks of being a man.


They decided to go back to the manor. Xulian have a pack of desserts in her hands, munching while walking. She's stress eating. Their trip today is totally unproductive. She only achieved to infuriate that Lady Han which is totally useless for her. Today's outcome is truly disappointing.

Sensing their boss' depressed mood, the Xiao sisters decided to remain silent, while Rui still dutifully carried her snacks and hand them when her hand are empty.

Suddenly a man appeared in their way and tripped in front of Lin Xulian. He came running from an alley. He has a dirty robes and messy hair. His white hair told them he is old. About 60 – 70 years old. Just one look and you could tell her is a beggar. Xulian helped the poor old man up. She checked him for any injuries and place her fingers in his pulse. The old man flinched, like a child that's afraid of something. Checking his pulse, Xulian's eyes narrowed.

"Stop! Hold that old man down!." A group of people came out of the same alley where the old man came out. They are holding some "weapons". Some had a butchering knife, a rolling pin used in baking and pitchfork. They looked like they were chasing a thief. They surrounded Lin Xulian and the old mans group. "Young miss, hand the old man to us for punishment. He's been stealing from our stalls from quite some time now and this time we manage to catch him. If we don't beat him up he'll continue stealing!"

"That would be a wrong thing to do. This old man has dementia. He's probably hungry that's why he chose to steal. His mind works just like a little child. Beating a sick old man would make you uncomfortable right?" Xulian calmly said, stating the old man's condition.

The crowd's anger dissipated. Knowing that the old man is sick they felt pity instead. "We won't beat him up. But what about our businesses. He's been stealing from us for more than a week!"

Hearing this, Xulian told Xiao Tian to pay for the old man. Xulian thought she is heartless when it comes to helping other people, but it is only because she just didn't had a chance. She is a member of Lin Clan, and it seems the charitable souls of her ancestors also resides in her. This is the reason why the Lin clan is poor. Even though the payment for each of the mercenary's mission is expensive, they always end up given to save some slaves and buy their freedom, some are given to the poor villagers who lives near the beast mountain and some are given to the victims they met on their missions. This tradition started from the very first member of the clan and became a norm engraved in every Lin clan members' soul.

Rui and the Xiao sisters didn't refute. They are members of the Lin clan too so they understood. Once they received their money, the crowd left satisfied. Xulian then asked Rui to carry the old man to a stall to sit. The old man was quite battered full of cuts especially on his feet since he's not wearing shoes.

When the old man is seated, Xulian took a porcelain bottle and fed the liquid inside it to the old man. He was reluctant at first but Xulian gave him a glare. And the old man, like a child, tearfully relented and drank the concoction in a single gulp. Xulian then took out her silver needles. Seeing this, the old man flinched and tried to flee but Rui held him down by the shoulders.

"Old man, this won't hurt if you stay still, but if you continue moving around I can't tell where these things would stab you." Xulian threatened him and the old man stiffened in fear.

Lin Xulian then took out several silver needles and inserted it in the old mans several acupuncture points around his forehead and temples. Later on some black blood ooze out from the needles. This made Rui and the Xiao sisters calm expression change.

"Boss, this isn't simple. We might get involved in a bigger problem." Xiao Tian worriedly said.

"Does this kind of thing scare you? You'll enter the mercenary, this is just a small thing." Xulian calmly said. This also calmed Tian's down.


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