The Empress is Dead
23 Chapter 23 Unexpected Visi
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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23 Chapter 23 Unexpected Visi

Lin Xulian spent the rest of the days holed up in her clinic as usual. She started providing medicines for the Caoyao Pavilion, while she started earning buckets of gold taels. She only stops working during meals and during her five hours of sleep.

Two months before the wedding, Yin Mei finally snapped. She barged into Xuilian's clinic without permission and started ranting and nagging about how important her study of etiquette is. How the capital will laugh at her and humiliate the imperial family if the empress has no virtues of a woman.

Xulian wasn't scared or worried about what Yin Mei is saying. But she is definitely startled with the current Mei jiejie. 'Where is my sweet and smiling Mei jiejie? This one is fierce and scary!' Hearing the noise inside Xulian's clinic, Lin Huang who just came back from the Hao manor, rushed inside. He raised his eyebrows after witnessing the happenings inside. He saw Yin Mei nagging his sister with a red puffing cheeks. She looked like a bullied housewife. His lips raised in an almost nonexistent smile that even he himself didn't realized. She looked amusing.

Realizing that she didn't get her desired outcome, Yin Mei became even more furious. "What's with that reaction young miss Lin?! Can you please take this seriously? You will become the mother of the nation and his majesty personally chose you. You have to prove to everyone that you are worthy!"

"I know Mei jiejie. I was just startled with your outburst. You are too adorable. Did you know you are like my mother? You can be sweet and warm but totally scary when angry. I am sure you two will get along well." Seeing her brother Huang at the door, Xulian faced him. "Am I right brother? She really is just like mother! Hahahaha."

"Yeah. I didn't know that there is some other person who had such odd contrast of personality." Lin Huang said in a thoughtful expression. He looked like he witnessed a rare phenomenon.

Yin Mei's face turned red in embarrassment realizing that there is someone else who witnessed her outburst. But she decided not to back down. She need to drag Lin Xulian out for her lessons no matter what. "I'm flattered young miss Lin but please don't try to change the topic. We must start your lessons NOW!"

"Fine, I know Mei jiejie. I can't think of any excuse anyway." Xulian smiled at her Mei jiejie mischievously. Yin Mei just shook her head. This you miss is really beautiful, smart and talented but also very playful. She was either holed up in her clinic or running around the city for the past month. None of the servants know what they've been up to. Their martial arts are much better than the guards that the emperor provided so no one was able to follow them.


Lin Xulian followed Yin Mei in the main courtyard where Xulian stayed. In the outer room, Yin Mei already prepared the things they would need for the lessons. There are a lot of big and small books, scrolls and a formal dress. Yin Mei asked one of the servant to help Xulian change into a formal dress. It was supposed to be Zie Xin's job but they can't find her anywhere so Yin Mei asked for one of the older servants to help out. When Xulian is done changing into a white formal clothes, similar to a palace formal robes, she made her stand in the center of the room. She placed a few heavy big books in her head and some smaller books in her shoulders.

Xulian have some good martial arts, so balancing isn't a problem for her so Yin Mei made her walk around in circles around the room while reciting the book of virtues of a woman. Yin Mei is holding the scroll where the virtues are written. She was so shocked that Xulian can recite them word for word. They said that a woman with talent have no virtues but Yin Mei doesn't believe it. She is determined to train the talented Xulian into a virtuous woman also.

Even though Xulian's balance is great, but her posture is a bit unlady like. Her warrior aura oozed out. That's what Yin Mei is trying to work out. She corrected her posture, made her steps smaller and gentle. She also asked her to smile a bit while reciting the virtues so that she could get used to a gentle and virtuous manner of speaking.

"Mei jiejie, do I have to do these every time after I get married? I feel like I would lose the real me at this rate." Xulian pouted. She like herself the way she is. She doesn't really want to totally change. She doesn't even know how long this marriage would last.

"It's fine if you just act like this in public. You will be the empress and should be a model for every woman in the empire." Yin Mei said. She honestly liked Xulian's character but as an empress that won't do.

"Also, these virtues. I memorized them but it doesn't mean I agreed to them. Why do women always follow men? In our family, my mother rule over my father. This made our family more peaceful and harmonious. I met a few people here who tried to please their men and compete among themselves. They looked chaotic. Is this how the families in the capital work?" Xulian can't help but argue. She still thinks that their family is a model family.

"Young miss, you are about to marry the emperor. It is to be expected that he would fill his harem in back palace with a lot of women. As the future empress, it is your duty to manage those women. Right now there is already two women in the back palace, Lady Yu Yanyan and his highness' maternal cousin Lan Jingjing."

"I'm not against him marrying a lot of women. I don't really care. This marriage wasn't because of love after all. It's just I felt pity for the children born on those chaotic family." Yin Mei was about to ask Xulian about what she meant but Zie Xin suddenly arrived all groomed. She obviously wore make up that emphasized more of her beauty.

Later on a servant entered. "Young miss Lin, the emperor made a visit and is about to arrive here in your courtyard." Hearing this, Xulian wasn't even flustered and just ask the servants to prepare.

Yin Mei on the other hand raised her eyebrows towards Zie Xin. Zie Xin just averted her gaze. Yin Mei could help but shook her head and thought. 'It seems she hasn't given up yet.'


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