The Empress is Dead
24 Chapter 24 Like the back of his hand
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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24 Chapter 24 Like the back of his hand

The moment Feng Jun Yi arrived in Xulian's courtyard, it was in the middle of the afternoon. The servants already prepared tea and some snacks. Everyone bowed and greet him except Xulian. "Greetings your majesty."

He raised his hand to dismiss them. "Rise." He then proceeds to sit on the master's seat. Xulian is already seated in front of him across the round table, but suddenly she stood up and approach Feng Jun Yi. The servants became scared for her. No one could casually get near the emperor for some reason. He gets furious and violent every time someone touches him. It all started when he was ten when he almost died of poison. That time was also the start when he was constantly assassinated.

When Xulian is near enough, she grabbed Feng Jun Yi's hand and placed her fingers on his pulse. After a few moments, she put his hand down and enter the inner room. Seeing that Xulian end up fine after touching the emperor, the servants' eyes widened. They just thought that Lin Xulian is really special for the emperor for him to let her touch him.

Lin Xulian went back to the outer room and placed a porcelain bottle in front of Feng Jun Yi. "This is the latest and best detoxifying medicine I made. You gave me some very rare medicinal ingredients and I used them to make it. Your body accumulated a lot of poison that they seeped into your bones already. It is a result of not totally detoxifying the poison when you consumed it. Drink it before you sleep." She then took out a wooden box and also placed it in front of him. "Then put this medicinal powder in your bath. After detoxifying overnight, you would wake up filthy. This will help clean up your pores and clear the poisons from outside."

The servants who came together with the emperor were startled. They knew the emperor wouldn't take questionable substances and randomly consume it. But they were wrong. The emperor took everything and placed them inside his robe. It seems like he doesn't want anyone to touch them.

"Thank you. So what would you need in exchange?"

Xulian gave him a sweet smile that made Feng Jun Yi's heart felt itchy. This feeling made him frown slightly. "Those medicinal ingredients came from you so technically its yours and you don't need to compensate. But if you insist I have a few ingredients listed here." Xulian took out a rolled up paper. This made him felt a sense of déjà vu. Feng Jun Yi opened it and read the "few" ingredients that Xulian mention. There are about 20 rare medical ingredients listed. It is rarer than the ones he gave previously. When he looked at Xulian again, he saw her smiling and blinking and batting her eyelashes adorably. This made Feng Jun Yi unconsciously smile and shook his head helplessly while everyone else's jaw drop.

Zie Xin on the side clenched her fists under her sleeves. This is the first time she saw the emperor smile ever since she started serving him five years ago. He looked so handsome and dreamy, but she is furious because the cause of it is Lin Xulian.

He doesn't even spare her a glance since the beginning!

"Fine. Zhen will gather them. But these are harder to find than the previous ones so they may take a bit more time. Zhen will send some people to search for them on different auction houses around the continent. Zhen will then place them on the clinic Zhen especially constructed for you within the Phoenix Palace."

"Auction house? Can I go too?" Xulian became excited.

Feng Jun Yi frowned. "Lian'er, you are about to marry Zhen. A married woman shouldn't run around. You will be my empress. Just have someone else do these kind of stuff."

Xulian pouted. "You are as strict as my father. How boring." Hearing Xulian's complain, the servants had a cold sweat. They couldn't imagine how she could casually talk and complain in front of the emperor. The emperor even called her intimately.

"So Lian'er, what have you been up to lately?" Feng Jun Yi casually asked while sipping his tea.

Lin Xulian felt guilty and giddy. 'Was he referring to my etiquette lessons?' "Ummm…nothing much."

"I heard a rumor that the future empress performed a dance in a restaurant in the city."

Xulian choked on the tea she was drinking hearing Feng Jun Yi's words. "Oh! That? Well, your childhood sweetheart kind of asked me to do it. I was ashamed to decline thinking she might take it as I have anything against her."

"Childhood sweetheart? Zhen doesn't remember having one. And who said that?"

"It was the right prime minister's granddaughter Han Yimei. Everyone in the capital said she was your childhood sweetheart. And by the way she's pretty but have a spicy character."

"First, she isn't Zhen's childhood sweetheart. Second, Zhen don't have one. Zhen have to investigate where this rumor came from." For some reason Feng Jun Yi isn't comfortable about Xulian thinking that he has some childhood sweetheart.

"She isn't? It doesn't really matter. She is quite amusing though. Having her in your harem would be fun." Xulian smiled mysteriously.

Seeing her like this, Feng Jun Yi raised his eyebrows. 'It seems she found something to play with'. "It's up to you. As the empress, you have the right to select a few concubines for Zhen. Just tone down your game a bit especially for the family of my allies. It's hard to nurture loyal people in the court."

Seeing that Feng Jun Yi manage to catch her underlying meaning, Xulian smiled widely. "is it just me, or you really understand me like the back of your hand? I don't really need to explain anything and you could read me like a book! You are a very competent emperor."

Feng Jun Yi is amused with her compliments towards him. "Zhen is good at reading people. It's a skill needed for someone holding the throne." 'And a skill to keep my life.' He thought.


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