The Empress is Dead
25 Chapter 25 Fate of a Bedding Maid
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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25 Chapter 25 Fate of a Bedding Maid

Lin Xulian and Feng Jun Yi continued to casually talk. They talked about her life after coming to the capital and if she managed to adjust to the life in the city. They talked casually and comfortably. Feng Jun Yi especially address her intimately that baffled all the servants.

Seeing that the tea on the table is almost finished, Zie Xin took a pot from another servant containing some freshly brewed tea and personally poured some first to Feng Jun Yi's cup and reluctantly poured for Xulian as well. She then placed the pot at the table, but she didn't return to her place at the side and instead stood behind Lin Xulian facing the emperor. She maintained a small smile on her red rouged lips. She lowered her head and eyes slightly emphasizing her long curled lashes and eyelids colored with light blue powder complementing her exquisite blue robes. She looked especially dolled up in contrast with Lin Xulian's bare face.

But Feng Jun Yi didn't even spare her a glance despite the beauty she tried hard to display. This made her upset. Yin Mei on the side couldn't help but sigh. She admires her courage and dedication but also felt pity towards her desperate appearance that was left unnoticed.

This is after all their fate as a servant. Especially for the two of them. They were both nurtured by Feng Jun Yi's mother, the empress herself since they were seven. She provided them a lot of training and special treatment from the high ranking mamas in the palace. Even after she died, she left them in their hands to be trained in serving Feng Jun Yi who was still a crowned prince at that time. They were trained to personally serve him in his inner chamber. Serving him in his bath and changing clothes and also to serve him in bed.

Unfortunately, when they were ripe enough to serve the crowned price when they turned fifteen and Feng Jun Yi at sixteen, he declined their service.

Yin Mei was happy about it. She didn't want to rose in status by warming his highness' bed. She wanted to be like her mother. A respected high ranking servant based on her dedication and loyalty. Her mother came from Fanrong country as the empress' dowry maid. She was supposed to serve the emperor as well but the empress never allowed it. It is not because the empress was jealous, but because she valued her servant very much and wanted her to have a happy married life.

So when her mother fell in love with one of the imperial guards, she bestowed them a marriage. Yin Mei's father loved her mother very much and took her as his only wife. They had two children, her Yin Mei and her younger brother Yin Rin who is currently an imperial guard too.

Zie Xin on the other hand was born from a brothel woman. Her mother was a famous untouchable beauty from the flower hall who costs a thousand gold taels. It was an exuberant amount that no one in the capital could afford it. Even though the nobles can afford it, they either find it unworthy expense or made their wives furious.

In the end the emperor bought her to include in his harem. Because of this, his beloved Imperial Noble Concubine Li got furious. The woman was a famous beauty that made her jealous. And because the emperor loved her concubine too much, he relented and gave the brothel woman to his most trusted guard. He already has two wives bestowed by the emperor but having another concubine wouldn't be bad. Because of this, Zie Xin was born with a lower status than her siblings.

The two young girls grew up as a beauty and the empress chose them for her son. They have different kinds of beauty. Yin Mei has a sweet gentle beauty, while Zie Xin is seductive like her mother. Since Zie Xin's mother wasn't well liked by Imperial Noble Concubine Li, the empress considered her even though she has a low status. Also, she wanted to let her son have options. Their contrasting beauty pleased the empress.

This privilege rose Zie Xin's status in her family. If she gains Feng Jun Yi's favor and become one of his concubine, she will rose from a servant to a noble lady. But it seems like her fate will be the same as her mother. She even got transferred to serve the future empress instead. This will lessen her interaction with the emperor and her chance to climb his bed will decrease. But she won't give up anyway. She has confidence in her beauty. As long as the emperor can see the contrast of her mature and seductive look from the plain Lin Xulian, she would surely get his attention.

Although Lin Xulian is gorgeous, she looked more like an angel. Zie Xin on the other hand is a kind that pleases a man's desire. As long as she could still meet with the emperor, she wouldn't back down. She will rose and be a phoenix!


Back to the current time.

Seeing that Feng Jun Yi's cup is empty, Zie Xin lifted the pot to refill it again. Since he allowed Lin Xulian to casually touch him, Zie Xin had an idea and took a risk. She was about to retreat back to her position when she "tripped" and fell towards Feng Jun Yi. She expected to fall into his arms, but she was shocked when she felt that she was pushed by her shoulder and fell on her butt. She was humiliated and her eyes reddened in injustice. She looked so pitiful that no man can resist her.

Seeing her pitiful look, Feng Jun Yi was a bit guilty. She was one of the servants selected by his own mother after all. It was an impulse when he pushed her away when she was about to fall towards him.

Although humiliated, seeing his guilty look, Zie Xin chose to use it to her advantage. She acts in pain more than what she really felt and let her tears drop. No man can resist a woman's tears. "Your majesty, please forgive this servant. I just lost my balance and fell. Please punish this servant." Her voice is sweet and small that invoke pity.

But instead of helping her up, Feng Jun Yi asked his subordinate to do it. He still refused to touch her. Then he took back his attention to Lin Xulian like nothing happened. Xulian just lifted her eyebrows seeing the show. While Zie Xin was full of disbelief. 'That's it?!'


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