The Empress is Dead
26 Chapter 26 The Restless Second Prince
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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26 Chapter 26 The Restless Second Prince

While Lin Xulian and Feng Jun Yi are bonding and strengthening their relationship, the second prince on the other hand is throwing and breaking his precious vases and furniture. He is so furious after listening to the report of one of his spies placed in the Lin Manor. "That's all?! So what if that Lin Xulian is gorgeous as an angel or a strong martial artist or talented in medicine. That wasn't what this prince wants to know! I want to know their dirt. Something that we could use to connect to Jun Yi and ruin him. The citizens favor him too much. We need something to put a crack on their trust. Trust is a fragile thing, remember that."

Feng Jun Yu can't understand why Feng Jun Yi is so lucky. He could always survive any assassination attempt he threw at him. This time he found a woman with extraordinary background to marry. Previously, he was puzzled how Feng Jun Yi survived the last assassination. It was the most well planned they ever attempted. But discovering that Lin Xulian is a physician, he had a rough idea of what had happened.

In addition to his hatred towards Feng Jun Yi, the second prince also felt jealous. He had no idea how beautiful this Lin Xulian is, but having such capable and talented woman as a wife is really a blessing. It would be much better if he could also have such woman by his side. 'Maybe if I have enough power I can have the beauty all to myself as well.' Feng Jun Yu has a lecherous expression on his face. Even though he has a wife and a few concubines, the second prince is also a frequent patron in every brothel in the capital.

"Your highness, earlier today the emperor visited the Lin manor and I witnessed something unimaginable. Towards Lin Xulian, the emperor smiled." The spy said confidently with a mysterious smile.

"So what if he smiled?! What does his happiness have anything good for me?!" Feng Jun Yu bellowed furiously.

"Your highness, what I mean is it proves that the woman has a place in the emperor's heart. If we target her instead of the emperor directly, it will affect him greatly. If we kill her, the emperor will not only lose a great ally but also hurt him emotionally."

Hearing this, Feng Jun Yu has a thoughtful expression. "We don't need to kill her. Just ask someone to kidnap her and bring her to me."

The spy was puzzled. "Your highness, may this servant ask what do you have in mind?"

"What would hurt a man more? Seeing their beloved dead or getting her stolen right under his nose? Once the rice is cooked, you can never uncook it. If I make that Lin Xulian my woman before their marriage, her background and skills will be mine." Feng Jun Yu smiles lecherously. He is considered a handsome seductive man. But no one in the capital doesn't know how brutal he is towards women. Even his concubines end up black and blue after he is done with them. Only his wife, Xia Ruzhi had a better treatment.

"But your highness, getting someone alive is much more difficult than getting them killed. Her brothers are constantly around her protecting their sister like a wall." Hearing Feng Jun Yu's plan, the spy is worried and scared. Who among the people in the continent didn't know how ruthless the people of Lin Mercenary clan is. "Also your highness, if you touch their young miss wouldn't they get you back. If we assassinate her and do it cleanly, we can avoid the suspicion and blame. But if you continue your plan, they would know you are behind it."

"Do you think they would risk their young miss' reputation? The only outcome would be marrying her to me instead of the incapable emperor, won't you agree?"

The spy is still doubtful. The plan is beautiful but executing it is a bit tricky. "Your highness I still think this won't work."

Feng Jun Yu frowned. He took a porcelain vase and throw it towards the spy then furiously said. "Why would I need you then?! Prove to me that you are capable and make it happen!"

Fresh blood drenched the spy's head caused by the vase. He remained silent and just lowered his head. Although reluctant, he still acknowledged Feng Jun Yu's plan and thought of ways to execute them.


Back in the Lin manor.

A black clothed man noiselessly appeared in front of Lin Xulian, Lin Huang ad Rui while they leisurely sip their tea inside Xulian's courtyard. "How was it?" Lin Huang expressionlessly asked.

"Young master, the spy entered the second prince's manor." The black clothed man reported in deadpan face.

"Ohhh…The second prince? This is fuuuunn~~" Lin Xulian said with an amused smile. On the other hand, her brothers face turn cold.

"Did you manage to hear about their plan?" Rui asked in a cold tone. He is usually gentle, but when it comes to his beloved Xulian he could become a beast. He wasn't called the Gentle Demon just for show.

Hearing this question, the black clothed man's expression changed and secretly prayed for the second prince's poor soul. "At first, they wanted to assassinate the young miss. But the second prince dismissed the idea. He wanted them to kidnap the young miss and....make her his woman by force instead."

Lin Huang abruptly stood up furiously and slapped the table leaving it in a sorry crumbled state. While Rui's cup of tea was smashed into bits in his bare hands. On the other hand, Lin Xulian burst into an uncontrollable laughter.

"HAHAHAHA! You mean he wanted to **** me? Based on what? His skills? Does he have any. He doesn't even have the brain! Ohhh…this dumb second prince." Xulian even have tears in her eyes due to laughter.

"How dare he! I will go kill him now! Just having the thought of laying his filthy hands on my precious little sister warrants him his death!" Lin Huang's eyes turned red due to anger. He is visibly trembling and his furious eyes is too sharp that they could probably kill by a gaze.

"Big brother, I will go with you. Let me cut off his family jewel before you mince him into pieces." Rui is equally furious. These two are ready to rain terror in the second prince manor anytime now.

"My, my, big brothers just relax. They wanted to play so let's have fun with them. Killing is bad you know." Xulian gave a cold smile but she is obviously excited.

Seeing her like this, the two brothers calmed down and decided to let their precious Xulian have her fun.


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