The Empress is Dead
29 Chapter 29 Sparks Flying
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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29 Chapter 29 Sparks Flying

At the Lin manor, Lin Huang kept pacing back and forth across the room. After spending two hours scattering and searching all over the capital, they couldn't find Lin Xulian. Not even a trace of her was found after she exited the teahouse. It was like she suddenly disappeared in thin air. But Rui and Lin Huang knew it was the second prince's doing. They trust Xulian's skills but she is after all their precious Xulian. They can't help but worry. They were too pre occupied that they didn't realize one servant secretly left the manor.


At the second prince's manor, the spy who acted as a servant in the Lin manor entered the second prince study to report the current development of their plan. "Your highness, young miss Lin hasn't come home yet. The assassins didn't send a report but I'm sure they already have her."

The second prince got excited. "Good! Someone come! Help this prince dress up. I should be more presentable while meeting a beauty. Hehe…Feng Jun Yi, let's see if you can still act arrogant if I took your woman right under your nose."

Feng Jun Yu took his time preparing that his servants can't help but shake their heads. They asked themselves why they chose to serve the second prince. Back then, when the previous emperor is still alive, the second prince is the most favored son out of all the six princes. Everyone thought that he would surely inherit the throne. But they were all shocked when Feng Jun Yi end up sitting on the throne.

Even after the emperor conferred the eldest prince as the crowned prince, they only took it as the emperor giving face to the empress and her home country. They still chose the prince despite his character. Even though he is handsome with his tall well-built body, white as jade skin, seductive phoenix eyes, high pointed nose and always with a flirtatious smirk, his personality is twisted. He is brutal and lecherous. Despite his good looks, many women are scared of him since he often hurts his victims. Maybe because he is always jealous with Feng Jun Yi that he always wanted attention. And he could only get it by hoarding women that Feng Jun Yi doesn't have.

But now the emperor who doesn't put any woman in his eyes seems to fancy a woman, Feng Jun Yu wouldn't miss this chance to overpower him and take his woman. For him, when it comes to women he is confident that he could win over his emperor brother. This thought brought his imagination into overdrive and cause a stupid grin in his face and took his time preparing himself for a big night.


Back in the Lin manor.

Lin Huang and Rui are currently brainstorming for their next move. Although they have a very good idea about the capital's topography, they are worried that the second prince took Lin Xulian outside the capital. A long time has already passed and if he wanted to take her farther away it would already be possible.

A servant's announcement broke their concentration. "The emperor has arrived!"

Hearing this, Lin Huang and Rui knitted their brows. They didn't need to bow, so they waited for him to enter Lin Huang's study. They were puzzled as to why the emperor came at such time. When they land their gaze towards steward Wu, they finally understood based on his guilty expression.

When Feng Jun Yi entered the study, the two brothers send him a hostile gaze. The atmosphere turned cold and chaotic. You could literally feel the sparks flying all around the room. The two men had a cold expression, while Feng Jun Yi remained expressionless.

This is actually the first time the three of them met after the news of Lin Xulian's marriage. Seeing the emperor's indifferent face, Lin Huang became even more dissatisfied of him as a brother in law. This emperor doesn't look strong in Lin Huang's standard but he admits that he is a capable ruler. But his sister deserved a man who would pamper her and not a man who would give himself with a lot of women. Lin Huang promised to himself that, no matter what, he would kill this emperor the moment he gave his precious sister even just a tiny bit of grievance.

When Feng Jun Yi sat on the main seat intended for the highest ranking person in the room, Lin Huang's expression turned serious and talked business. "I believe that your majesty had already heard about Lian'er." Lin Huang tried to sound calm although he is frantic inside.

"Do you know who is behind all this?" Feng Jun Yi sound casual. This made Rui upset. He can't accept that a man who doesn't really care about his beloved Xulian will be able to become her husband. Fate is too unfair.

"Would you believe us if I say it was your second brother?" Rui said with disdain. He relayed all the things that their subordinate heard in the second prince's manor, including the second prince's plan to **** Xulian and keep her for himself.

Feng Jun Yi's eyes narrowed and his expression turned cold. This time the three men's cold expression made the people inside the room trembled. They all have a scary exression.

"Zhen knows a place where Jun Yu brings his victims. It's in the woods outside the capital." The three men then quickly left. Feng Jun Yi's subordinates tried to followed them.

They all used their qigong and arrived in front of a wooden cabin inside the forest. Their blood turned cold when they heard a man's groans and growls. They quickly rushed in, destroying the doors on their way.

Inside the room, Xulian is watching the last man's life left his body while observing the effects of her poison. Suddenly the door was sent flying and crumbled into pieces. She got startled and widened her eyes towards the people who suddenly appeared inside the cabin.

On the other hand, the three men stood rigid after witnessing the scene inside the room. Ten lifeless men curled into balls littered all over the room. In front of them, Xulian stood there looking wide eyed and innocently at them. She looked so out of place with the gory scene of death around her.


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