The Empress is Dead
30 Chapter 30 Lin Family in the Capital
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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30 Chapter 30 Lin Family in the Capital

Recognizing the "intruders'" identities, Lin Xulian's first reaction is shock. Shocked because she didn't expect that they would find her here and that fast since she made sure no one followed them. Her reason is just simple, she doesn't want them to stop her in her fun and interrupt her experiments because of her brothers' unwanted concern. Then her reaction turned to disappointment. She is disappointed that her brothers and Feng Jun Yi arrived instead of the second prince. This means that the game is over, at least for now.

She pouted feeling wronged. Seeing this Lin Huang got the wrong idea and thought that Xulian suffered during those times that they can't find her. He hugged his little sister while patting her head and back. "Don't worry Lian'er. Big brother is here now. No one can hurt you."

Hearing this Xulian and Rui both looked at the dead men and thought 'Big brother don't say that. You would hurt these men's feelings even in the afterlife.'

Feng Jun Yi's subordinates cleaned up the mess that their future empress made. Seeing the look of horror in the faces of the dead men, Feng Jun Yi's subordinates' face paled. They subconsciously looked at Xulian only to see her adorable pouting angelic face. She looked like she had been wronged and disappointed. They could only think to themselves 'You can be not her friend but never be her enemy.' They promised to themselves that they would follow her lest they die like these unfortunate assassins.

Lin Xulian, together with her brothers and Feng Jun Yi left the wooden cabin and returned to the manor. Feng Jun Yi's subordinates cleaned up the room and arranged everything as proper as possible leaving the broken door as it is. They can't do anything about it in this short period of time.

Half an hour after Xulian's group left, the second prince arrived at the wooden cabin. There, he didn't find Lin Xulian or the assassins. Aside from the broken door, everything is spotless and clean. Xulian used poison that won't result in blood so no traces was left of the earlier dreadful scene. There were no traces that people were inside the room. Seeing this, the spy is puzzled and scared. Scared because he knew his plan failed and the unstable second prince will surely punish him.

But the spy never expected that the second prince would take a sword and plunge it through his chest. He looked at his master in disbelief, where the second prince just answered his silent query coldly. "Useless servant! Is this the limit of your capabilities? You just need to take a single woman and you can't even do it right! Your service is no longer needed!" Then Feng Jun Yu pulled out the sword from the unfortunate spy's chest and his blood gush out uncontrollably until his last breath. Feng Jun Yu furiously left the cabin. The rest of his servants silently cleaned up the spy's dead body.


When Lin Xulian and the rest arrived back to the Lin manor, Lin Huang gathered the servants inside the main hall. He pointed several servants and punished them by beating them to death. The other servants got scared and wondered why some of them suddenly got punished. Seeing their bewildered reaction, Lin Huang just expressionlessly said "Even though we haven't punished you earlier it doesn't mean we don't know what you've been up to. These people here deserves death for having thoughts of infiltrating the Lin manor and trying to harm their supposed to be masters."

The punished servants trembled and finally felt dread. At first they thought that their task of spying the Lin family would be easy. It was true for the first two months, but now they realized they already failed at day one. It looked like they were the ones being spied to since the beginning. They were played at by these Lin siblings. But there is no cure for regret. They could only resign to their fate and accept death.


One month before the wedding, the Lin family arrived in the capital. Their procession is considered simple but what attracted the people's attention is the black robe worn by the guards protecting a carriage. On their chest, the character LIN is embroidered on their robes. This made the citizens know that these people are the members of the legendary Lin Mercenary Clan.

Leading them is an intimidating middle aged man of about fifty years old. He is the master of the Lin Mercenary Clan, Lin Xu. His fame from his younger years spread all throughout the continent. He is famous for his bold way of fighting. Those waeaaqqandho saw him fight would think that he is all brawns with no brain. But his enemies knew better. He is actually a good strategist. He may also looked frightening but his subordinates knew that he is a man of great sense of humor. The only time he got seriously injured was when he met his wife.

The presence of the Lin Mercenary Clan in the capital isn't that uncommon. But this time is special because of the marriage between their young miss and the emperor. The citizens doesn't know if it this union is good or bad. Because even though they are strong and powerful, they have a lot of enemies from other mercenary guilds and assassins.

When they arrived in the Lin manor, Xulian, Huang and Rui received their parents. It is the first time for the servants to meet the Master and Madame Lin so they are conflicted on what to expect. When they saw Master Lin, they trembled and felt scared. But when they saw Madame Lin getting down the carriage, they thought they saw an angel. She looked like Lin Xulian but even gentler. The servants thought 'Finally a normal master', or so they thought. The contrast between the couple baffled the servants of how they were able to compliment each other.


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