The Empress is Dead
32 Chapter 32 Preparing for the Wedding 2
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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32 Chapter 32 Preparing for the Wedding 2

Gonglu Country Imperial back palace.

The noise of porcelains and glass shattering echoed inside Concubine Yu's palace. The servants are afraid to move despite being scraped by the flying blade like shards lest she decide to hit them directly. At least with this they could take a gamble of being hit or not depending on their luck. A few cuts is better than a broken skull. Right now Yu Yanyan threw a tantrum for the nth time ever since Feng Jun Yi announced his marriage and conferring the said woman as his empress.

Yu Yanyan doesn't really want to be the empress. As the daughter of the Minister of appointment, being a concubine is a just title. What angered her is her maternal cousin Han Yimei's predicament. She wanted her cousin to be the empress so that her life inside the palace would go smoothly. She is sure that if her cousin will manage the back palace, she could do anything and live her life in pure bliss. Her cousin like her very much and sharing a husband with her would not be a problem. This union could also help her father steady his standing in the court. But suddenly, the emperor's announcement shattered her dream.

"Just who is this woman Lin Xulian?! I heard she is just a mountain woman! What right does she have to steal my cousin's title?! As long as I, Yu Yanyan is here , I won't let her act as the master of the harem! Manage and control me? Ha! You wish you b****!" She then threw another porcelain vase.

When she managed to calm down, she let her servants help her dress up to visit the emperor. Carrying a bowl of swallow nest soup, Yu Yanyan along with her personal servant Ren Wanyi marched towards the emperor's study. A eunuch guarding the study announced her visit to the emperor.

"Zhen has a lot to do. Zhen doesn't have time listening to her random blabber." Feng Jun Yi said in an irritated tone. This concubine of his is the reason why his private life was exposed to the public. He only accepted Yu Yanyan in his harem, all because of her father's loyalty. On the day she entered the back palace, Feng Jun Yi didn't visit her and consumate. Because of this, Yu Yanyan cried injustice and made a scene. Right then many rumors started like the emperor having an illness and can't get it up or he preferred men. Even though these rumors are said secretly, Feng Jun Yi still heard about it and blamed Yu Yanyan.

He wasn't sick nor gay. He just doesn't like indulging in such act like his father and second brother. For him he is still young and he wanted to find a special woman to mother his child. Right now stabilizing his hold with the throne and making a significant contribution to the empire is his main priority. His every move and decisions are based on this goal.

"Replying to your majesty, Concubine Yu said it was important." The eunuch said while trembling. He could tell that the emperor is irritated. Everyone in the palace finds this Yu Yanyan irritating too. She acts all high and mighty being the emperor's concubine. They can't help to compare her to Concubine Lan who stayed in the back palace calmly and obediently with or without the emperor's grace.

"Fine. Let her in." Feng Jun Yi just pinch his nose bridge to calm his irritation.

When Yu Yanyan entered the study, she gave Feng Jun Yi a sweet smile and bow. "Greeting your majesty. Yanyan brought you a swallow nest soup to replenish your tired dragon body." She then took the bowl of soup and place it in the table at the side below the desk. It was meant for the emperor's snacks and tea. Feng Jun Yi just look at it. Even the eunuch and his guards knitted their brows. Who doesn't know that the emperor doesn't randomly eat food prepared by anyone whether it was from a friend or foe. This concubine Yu is either dumb or just doesn't care about the emperor's dos and don'ts.

"Concubine Yu, just say what you came here for." Feng Jun Yi coldly said.

Hearing this, Yu Yanyan said straight to the point. "Your majesty, why did you choose a random woman as your empress and not Lady Han? Lady Han is more fit for the trone than someone from outside the capital. Lady Han is talented and beautiful. She is also the most noble lady in the capital."

Feng Jun Yi's expression turned cold and gave Yu Yanyan a sharp gaze that made her tremble. This is the first time she felt that the emperor is truly angry ever since they were young. She never thought his angry expression is scary. "Concubine Yu, even the late emperor gave Zhen the right to choose my own empress. And yet here you are boldly questioning this emperor's decision. Don't you know that your action is punishable with death through beheading?" Feng Jun Yi said in a cold expressionless voice and face.

Yu Yanyan's body shivered in fear and dropped her knees and forehead to kotow in forgiveness. "Your majesty! This concubine wouldn't dare! Please forgive this concubine. I was just worried for Lady Han. Even your majesty knows about her feelings towards you. But this concubine understands how. Your majesty is our sky and your words are gold. This concubine wouldn't dare question your majesty's decisions."
Yu Yanyan couldn't believe that the emperor would threaten her with death because of such matter. She realized that this man isn't the same as the boy she and her cousin grew up with.

"Zhen will let this slide for your father's sake. I heard you have other sisters. Your father doesn't only have you to help him stabilize his standing in court. The cold palace is lonely ever since Zhen ascended to the throne. Zhen doesn't mind bestowing the whole place to Concubine Yu if you want to." Feng Jun Yi said coldly.

Yu Yanyan felt alarmed. She wouldn't let those women born from her step mother have the luxury of living in the palace instead of her. "Your majesty please forgive this concubine! This concubine wouldn't dare anymore!" Right now, Yu Yanyan's face is full of tears. She is actually a pretty woman but right now her beauty is in a sorry state. When Feng Jun Yi dismissed her, she almost ran just to get away as fast as possible.

Feng Jun Yi sighed when Yu Yanyan left. 'Finally it's quiet.' He then returned to read his subjects' reports.


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