The Empress is Dead
33 Chapter 33 Preparing for the Wedding 3
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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33 Chapter 33 Preparing for the Wedding 3

When Yu Yanyan went out of the emperor's study, she met Xu Yichen in the hallway. Yu Yanyan immediately dragged her servant and changed course to get away and avoid the awkward contact. She doesn't want him to see her current state. She doesn't want him to know that her heart is starting to regret her decision of choosing the emperor over her childhood sweetheart.

Seeing her tear stained face, Xu Yichen's heart felt stuffy. He wanted to ask her what was wrong and comfort her but he felt conflicted. She was the one who ended their relationship to marry the emperor after all. Even though the woman he loved was taken by his friend and superior, he doesn't have any bad feelings towards Feng Jun Yi because he knew that Minister Yu was behind Yu Yanyan becoming an imperial concubine. But what hurt him the most is the lack of resistance from Yu Yanyan's side. When she knew she could enter the palace and be a concubine, she immediately ended their relationship without batting an eye.


Not long after Yu Yanyan left, Xu Yichen requested to enter the imperial study. Feng Jun Yi let him in and just looked at his adviser waiting for him to say what he wanted to say first. But Xu Yichen is too preoccupied to talk so Feng Jun Yi coughed lightly. Xu Yichen jolted awake from his reverie and remembered he hasn't greeted the emperor. "Greetings your majesty." He gave a slight bow.

"Did you get to see her outside?" Xu Yichen turned rigid hearing Feng Jun Yi's question and couldn't answer. Feng Jun Yi just sighed again. "You know Zhen could give her to you if I had the choice. But Minister Yu will surely get the wrong idea. He is the minister of appointment and Zhen can't let my enemy win him over. Using his authority, Zhen's enemy could plant spies and bad eggs in the court that could disable me greatly. Maybe if you could convince Yu Yanyan…" He hasn't finished what he wanted to say before Xu Yichen interrupted him.

"That won't happen. If she doesn't want to be a concubine, she won't accept it in the first place despite her father's orchestrations." Xu Yichen took a deep breath and his solemn face returned to his stiff serious one. "The empire needs a lot of work to do. We should get to work and forget unnecessary things your majesty."

With that, they ended their conversation about Concubine Yu.


When Yu Yanyan arrived at her own courtyard, she was informed that her cousin Han Yimei came for a visit. She immediately rushed to see her. She saw her cousin at the pavilion located at the bank of the mini lily pond sipping tea. And like a battered wife, Yu Yanyan's eyes was filled with tears and ran towards her cousin, hugging her while brawling.

"Waah…cousin! That b**** Lin Xulian is really hateful!" Yu Yanyan immediately complained.

"Why? What happened? What did she do?" Han Yimei said in the most compassionate and doting manner. Han Yimei doesn't really like this cousin of hers since she's materialistic and love luxury. You could even tell by how she dressed up. She used the most expensive fabric available and adorned herself with gold, jade and gems from head to foot. But she had to treat her good since she would be a possible ally once she entered the harem, especially now that the empress position is taken away.

"She is a crafty woman! I think she said something bad about you because when I ask the emperor why he chose her instead of you he got angry and threatened to behead me! We all grew up together and his majesty, even before he became the emperor never raised his voice against me. But now because of that woman he wanted to kill me. Cousin….she is too hateful. When will you enter the palace? If you take longer time, the emperor's feelings towards you will all be stolen by her!"

Hearing this, Han Yimei's face paled. She is furious with Lin Xulian for talking bad about her in front of the emperor and also to this stupid cousin of hers who can't control her mouth. But she regained her calm expression and smiled. Her smile contains love and also sadness while saying. "Yanyan, maybe his majesty has a plan. His priority for now is the empire. Lin Xulian, although not a noble, have a powerful family background. He can't choose his heart over his responsibility. I have to understand that and believe in his feelings and our bond. Also he would marry Lady Lin in less than a month. He can't marry me too soon and humiliate his empress, right?"

"Hmpt! The empress should be you! But yes, we should understand his majesty. There are a lot of people eyeing the throne and he can't afford to let his guard down. Right! They said the Empress is a subordinate while the Imperial Noble Concubine is the true love. I'm sure his majesty will give you that title! hah! So what if that hateful woman is the empress, as long as you have the emperor's affection, she can't do anything to us!" Yu Yanyan have a lot of confidence towards her cousin that she didn't manage to catch her awkward expression.

Han Yimei just smiled and continued to accompany Yu Yanyan. She can't possibly let her know that Feng Jun Yi never asked for her hand in marriage in the first place. But it doesn't mean she won't be able to enter the harem. She asked her grandfather for help but he refused. He said if she won't become an empress, there is no use being with the emperor and fight with a lot of women. Even so, she would still do everything to enter the harem and possibly, like Yu Yanyan said, be the Imperial Noble Concubine.


When Han Yimei returned to the Right Prime Minister's manor, one of her personal servant greeted her and secretly hand her two porcelain bottles of medicine. "Young lady, this is the medicine you asked for me to get. I ask a random passerby from a poor family to buy it for us to avoid suspicion."

"Are you sure that person won't talk."

"He won't. I gave him a gold tael and he immediately moved in the countryside to be a farmer."

"Good." Han Yimei coldly smiled and thought to herself 'Just you wait Lin Xulian. You could have the empty throne of the empress but I won't let you have Feng Jun Yi's favor.'


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