The Empress is Dead
35 Chapter 35 Arduous Road Towards Marriage
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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35 Chapter 35 Arduous Road Towards Marriage

When the sedan arrived in the Lin Manor, Lin Xulian, while being held by Yin Mei by her arm, is led towads the hall's entrance. Xulian then proceed to do the ritual of six risings, three kneeling and three bows. Then Yin Mei and Zie Xin helped her wear the red wedding veil she painstakingly embroidered.

But just before Xulian step inside the sedan chair, the guards suddenly unsheathed their weapon to attack Lin Xulian. This made the Lin Manor's servants scream in alarmed. Some even ran away. Yin Mei was about to drag Lin Xulian away but Xulian held her back. Zie Xin on the other hand managed to get away since she wasn't holding her in the first place.

While everyone was panicking and the guards was about to get near Xulian, the members of the Lin Mercenary Clan descended from the roof and trees and some from every inconspicuous places possible in the manor like a bloody rain with their celebratory red robes. Lin Xulian just stood in place not moving while the guards and mercenaries exchanged blows. She held the trembling Yin Mei while waiting for the fight to conclude. She looked like a master waiting for her subordinates to finish sweeping the floor she was about step into.

After the fight, none of the guards was able to stand alive. The eunuchs and matchmakers who came along with the guards quickly kneeled down to defend their innocence. "Your majesty, the empress! Please spare us! We are innocent. We don't know about the guards' plan!"

Lin Xulian didn't really care about this assassination attempt. Feng Jun Yi often experience these kinds of things and as his empress she is bound to experience them to. 'Well this would be fun.' "Let's not waste time and proceed to the palace. Just let them lead the way." Xulian said while moving towards the sedan chair.

The trembling Yin Mei snapped back to reality once Xulian started to move. She can't walk steadily due to fear but steeled herself to do her job. Zie Xin also came back beside Xulian. She thought that the wedding would be cancelled and change to a funeral but now she could tell that Lin Xulian really have a powerful background. She also steeled herself and follow. She can't let them leave her behind and totally lose her chance to get close to the emperor.

Lin Xulian entered the sedan chair and Yin Mei helped her up. She and Zie Xin then stood at either side of the sedan together with Xiao Tian and Xiao Tianshi. They also entered the farce earlier and had some little drplets of blood on their faces making Yin Mei and Zie Xin shiver.

Since the "guards" are dead and the Lin Mercenary Clan didn't spare anyone, even as a source of information, they took the guards places in holding the sedan. Replacing the same amount of dead guards, the mercenary also held on to the umbrellas, flags, lanterns and weapons.

But before they march towards the palace, one mercenary handed a jade token to Lin Huang with a scorpion carved on it. Lin Huang knew it was another assassin guild. They aren't the strongest but they are sick. For them, their mission is a do or die. Once their mission failed they would need to kill themselves. It was pretty much the same as killing them.

The mercenaries didn't have knowledge in conducting the wedding, thus the matchmakers had to brief them in their obligation. The Lin Mercenary Clan then proceed to march towards the palace. The citizens were startled by this scene. Earlier they remembered that the palace guards are doing the procession but now they were replaced by the red robed people with an embroidered character LIN on their chest. Lin Huang and Rui rode their horses and guard the sedan at either side making the ladies scream and faint whenever they pass by. They didn't realize that these people have just came out of a bloody battle.


Back in the Palace.

One of Feng Jun Yi's secret guards silently appeared behind him and whispered. "Your majesty, the Scorpion Assassins Guild infiltrated the procession fetching the empress." Hearing this, Feng Jun Yi's eyes turn cold and sweep his gaze towards his siblings, specifically the second prince. The second prince coincidentally looked towards the emperor and return his cold gaze filled with hate. Seeing this, Feng Jun Yi became doubtful. If the second prince was behind the infiltration, he would look at him with mockery as usual every time he had a plan.

"How was the situation?" Feng Jun Yi tried his best not to express his anger on his face. He can't afford to ruin the wedding without checking the situation.

"Replying to your majesty. The Lin Mercenary Clan managed to control the situation. They are currently heading towards the palace." Feng Jun Yi heaved a sigh of relief that no one noticed except the fifth prince who subtly watched his every reaction ever since the secret guard arrived. Seeing the relief in the emperor's face, the fifth prince Feng Jun Yun knew his plan failed. But he remained calm because Feng Jun Yi didn't sweep his suspicious gaze towards him and as expected it was directed towards his older biological brother.

The failed result of his plan made Feng Jun Yun became curious about this new sister-in-law of his. He knows about the prestige of the Lin Mercenary Clan and wondered about what does their young miss looked like.

The people inside the hall began to murmur realizing that the empress's procession is taking a long time to arrive. But before the officials voice out their concern, loud sound of drums and trumpets announcing the arrival of the empress's phoenix sedan echoed throughout the palace. The procession passed through the Meridian gate of the palace, which is only accessible for the emperor as a passage in and out of the palace. The empress can only pass through this gate during her wedding day.

As part of the ritual, a eunuch passed a golden bow and three golden arrows towards Feng Jun Yi. Feng Jun Yi shoot the three arrows towards the sedan's roof to drive away the evil spirits. With the help of the servants and matchmakers, Lin Xulian went down the sedan and entered the hall towards the table in the center and kneeled in front of the emperor showing the virtue of a wife that she would treat her husband like her sky. Lin Xulian actually didn't approve of this but she had no choice but undergo this ritual.

Once inside the hall, Xulian heave a sigh as she thought 'What an arduous road. What did I get myself into?'


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