The Empress is Dead
37 Chapter 37 Han Yimei’s Humiliation
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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37 Chapter 37 Han Yimei’s Humiliation

After all the rituals of the wedding, Lin Xulian became hungry. Seeing the food on the round table place inside the room, Xulian got seated first and urged Feng Jun Yi to join her. When Feng Jun Yi also got seated, Lin Xulian took her chopsticks first and ate without even waiting for her husband to start which should be what a virtuous wife should do.

When she started stuffing herself with the dumplings, Feng Jun Yi can't help but feel awkward. Xulian probably didn't know but it was called the son and grandson dumplings. It is believed to bless the couple with children and a huge family. Feng Jun Yi just ate his bowl of longevity noodles because he bet she would be the death of him and her obliviousness of his suffering from his surging hormones. They ended their dinner with the nuptial wine.

Just before they prepare to go to bed, Lin Xulian performed an acupuncture treatment for Feng Jun Yi to detoxify the Shuijiao medicine from his system. She inserted a needle at his neck beside his ear. After the acupuncture, she gave him a porcelain bottle. "This is my latest medicine for you. I used the precious herbs and rare medicinal ingredient you gave me to make this."

"What does this medicine for?" Feng Jun Yi sniffed the liquid and his face turned ugly from its pungent smell.

"The ultimate antidote! Well it's like a vaccine. So that no poison would affect you. I was only able to make two bottles and I already took one. The effect would last for only a year." Lin Xulian said with confidence and pride.

Feng Jun Yi admits that the medicine is a good stuff for him. But he didn't miss the meaning behind her words. "Zhen will ask someone to search for the ingredients and send it to your clinic. The phoenix palace has a clinic Zhen specifically prepared for you." He then gave her a small and almost unnoticeable smile.

Seeing his smile, Xulian felt a bit bashful but still returned his smile. "Thank you. You really can tell what I'm thinking!"

Thus the wedding night of the emperor and the new empress ended with them sharing the large bed with an arm length distance between each other. This is the first time they share a bed with the opposite sex that they find it hard to sleep making them wake up a little late than usual the next day.


Nearly noon the next morning, the palace was filled with low murmurs and strange rumors. These rumors came from outside the palace that the servants waiting right outside the emperor and empress's bedchamber baffled.

Early this morning rumors started that the new empress is a bad omen and that the emperor became cursed to not wake up for the rest of his life. The palace's servants, seeing that the emperor hasn't come out of the bedchamber together with the empress yet, had mixed feelings. They are contemplating whether to believe it or not. If they believe it, they thought how could someone outside the palace know about it before they do. But if they don't believe it and turn out to be true then they would surely lose their lives for neglecting their duties.

The servants started to gather around the bedchamber's door, contemplating whether to knock and ask if the emperor is fine or just wait. They can't act rashly or they would surely face death. Right at this moment, Han Yimei together with her cousin Yu Yanyan rushed towards the emperor's palace but was only received at the outer chamber. Han Yimei told her cousin about her plan to bring down Lin Xulian and Yu Yanyan is more than happy to cooperate.

"What do you mean we can't enter?! We heard that the emperor is in trouble! I am the emperor's concubine and this is Lady Han, the emperor's beloved. We have the right to be worried and see if his majesty is fine!" Yu Yanyan bellowed at the outer chamber like a spoiled lunatic. She said she is worried and all but her luxurious outfit and meticulous make-up doesn't look like it at all.

Hearing her cousin calling her the emperor's beloved, Han Yimei didn't correct her at all and maintained her worried expression. She has her tears hanging on the corners of her eyes seemingly about to fall down any minute. She looked so pitiful like a wife who was about to be widowed. She wanted everyone to believe that she is the one the emperor loves and doesn't mind lying as long as Feng jun Yi is not actually present. "I heard the rumors outside saying that his majesty is in trouble so I rushed towards the palace. And knowing that the emperor hasn't come out yet I became so worried. I know you understand how I feel." Yimei let a single tear fall down making the guards falter a bit.

"Lady Han, this servant wouldn't dare to block your path, but without his majesty's instructions we can't let anyone pass." One of the guards said while bowing his head almost touching the ground.

"His majesty's instruction?! How could his majesty do that if he is in trouble? Can your life be enough as a compensation?! Even the death of all your family wouldn't be enough!" Yu Yanyan acted hysterical that made other servants falter. They began to panic and pushed each other to have a courage and knock on the door.

Seeing this, Han Yimei began to celebrate in her heart. Probably right now Lin Xulian is already panicking why the emperor hasn't woken up yet that's why she refused to open the door. She was about to fuel the servants' anxiety when suddenly the emperor opened the door himself and looked at the crowd with cold angry eyes. "What is this commotion all about?!"

Everyone plopped to kneel on the ground. Some even kotowed and apologized for disturbing the emperor. Seeing that Feng Jun Yi is fine, Han Yimei's eyes widened and ask herself why. Her cousin Yu Yanyan is clearly confused. This wasn't what her cousin told her and now she is at loss of what to do.

"Replying the emperor, Concubine Yu and Lady Han just went to check on your majesty's condition. Outside the palace, a rumor started that your majesty became cursed to not wake up because of the empress's bad luck." A eunuch honestly said.

Feng Jun Yi sweep his cold gaze towards Yu Yanyan and Han Yimei. But he was directly looking at Han Yimei while saying, "No need to worry. Zhen has the empress, Zhen's wife, to worry and take care of Zhen. No need to trouble anyone else." He then looked towards his guards. "Find out who started the rumor and execute punishment for cursing this emperor's demise."

Han Yimei's face turned pale. She had complex emotions in her heart. She is scared that Feng Jun Yi will find out it was her. She was also humiliated by his remark that his wife is Lin Xulian. He is directly rejecting her in front of the servants. But she also felt jealousy thinking that Feng Jun Yi end up waking up late because he was tired doing "it" with his wife.


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