The Empress is Dead
38 Chapter 38 Regrets
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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38 Chapter 38 Regrets

After Feng Yun Ji gave his order to his guard, he faced the servants to give instructions. "Go prepare the bath and food for the empress." This made Han Yimei drown in jealousy. This is the first time that Feng Jun Yi is concern over someone, specifically towards a woman. She can't help but overthink. 'Did they really do it? That's why he is too concern about that woman, because he tired her out last night?!' She wrings her handkerchief almost tearing it apart under her sleeves. But her face showed the opposite expression than her heart is feeling.

Her face showed relief and softly called out Feng Jun Yi. "Your majesty, Yimei is relieved that you are fine. Yimei just cared about you so much that I immediately believed the rumors. My heart ached thinking that your majesty suffered a mishap. Please forgive Yimie for disturbing you. I didn't mean it….it's just…I'm sorry…"Then her tears slid down like a waterfall.

If it is another time, Feng Jun Yi would have comfort her a bit to give face to her grandfather and their childhood memory. But knowing that this weeping woman is the one behind the possible trouble he managed to escape, he can't even act nonchalantly. He coldly looked at her without saying anything. There is a saying 'If you don't have anything good to say, just remain silent', so he did.

Seeing his cold treatment towards her even after doing the waterworks, Han Yimei got nervous. She waited for his reaction but got none. When he finally moved, she braced herself to continue her act. Who knows that Feng Jun Yi will just turn around and said with his back facing her "Zhen is fine, you should go back Lady Han. It is not right to visit a man the day after his marriage. Mind yours and your grandfather's reputation." Then the doors of the bedchamber closed again.


Inside the bedchamber, Lin Xulian finally woke up and sat down on the edge of the bed. Because of her martial arts she managed to hear everything that happened outside. She can't help but let out a long sigh. Feng Jun Yi returned to the bedchamber and saw her down casted expression. "What are you thinking about?"

"I'm contemplating whether to still take Lady Han into the harem. At first I found her interesting because according to the romance novels that my mother made me read, women in love will be desperate and do everything to win their desired man. But Lady Han's schemes is just too simple and unchallenging. I think I would not enjoy it. She would just be a waste of space and resources in the back palace." Xulian let out another long sigh expressing her regret.

Feng Jun Yi's mouth twitched with her remarks. 'Does she take his marriage as amusement?' "You don't really need to. Her grandfather talked to me. He wanted her to be the main wife of her future husband and not a concubine even to the emperor. It would actually help Zhen more if you leave her alone. You said it yourself, her schemes are unchallenging. We can just brush it off. Zhen is more concern about the Right Prime Minister's wish."

Xulian gave out another sigh. "Fine. I'm just a bit sad. She is the only woman who's crazily in love with you that I know of. That Concubine Yu isn't even sincerely concern about you. Where will I get the back palace drama that I wanted?"

Feng Jun Yi shook his head helplessly. "Women's fight is low. I've seen a lot of it growing up. If you want better fight, just help Zhen clean up the court and Zhen will give you everything you need."

Hearing this, Lin Xulian beamed a smile towards Feng Jun Yi. She thought of the fifth prince and smiled mysteriously. She didn't tell Feng Jun Yi about her hunch that the fifth prince is behind her previous attack. She doesn't want to share her playmate, especially now that she lost one.


Inside Concubine Yu's palace, porcelains and glass breaking noises could be heard. But it wasn't Concubine Yu who's throwing a tantrum but Han Yimie.

"Cousin, you do realize that you are breaking "my" stuff right?" Yu Yanyan said meekly. Her cousin is usually calm and had a soft temperament. But right now she is throwing a tantrum like a mad woman.

"Shut up! I can pay everything! My courtyard is more lavish that your palace! I am the Prime Minister's eldest granddaughter! I should be the emperor's main wife, his empress!" Han Yimei bellowed while harshly slamming a porcelain vase into tiny fragments causing Yu Yanyan to flinch.

"Yes, yes! You are the most noble woman in the empire. The throne of the empress should be yours, cousin. We still have a lot of chances. As long as the empress hasn't given birth to a son, her position is still not stable." Yu Yanyan tried her best to pacify her raging cousin.

Hearing the word "given birth", Han Yimei stiffened. It doesn't matter if it is a son or a daughter. Just thinking about another woman bearing Feng Jun Yi's child made Han Yimei's blood boil. "Do you think they did it?"

Yu Yanyan became confused as to why her cousin would ask an obvious question but she didn't know what to answer. If she tells the truth, her cousin will surely go on a rampage. But if she lies, Han Yimei will still not believe it. So she chose the best option and stayed silent.

But contrary to Yu Yanyan's expectation, Han Yimei still went on a rampage and sweep everything above Yu Yanyan's vanity table making every servant in the room gape in shock. They all know how vain Concubine Yu was and her make-up and accessories are her precious treasures. This caused Yu Yanyan to tear up and watched as her treasures are reduced to a heap of dirty powder on the floor.

"Why would his majesty touch her?! He didn't even visit you on your wedding night. Not even visiting you to a meal! What is so good about than b**ch!"

Yu Yanyan finally sobbed. Her cousin deeply rubbed salt on her wound. She let go of her beloved man to become the emperor's woman for power and luxury thinking that it was what she wanted only to be cast aside like a withering flower. And every time she sees Xu Yichen from afar, she can't help but feel regret. She wanted him back but she knows it is too late even though she is still pure. She married the emperor and not just any man. She can't afford to humiliate him or her father will disown her.


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