The Empress is Dead
42 Chapter 42 Deranged
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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42 Chapter 42 Deranged

After Han Yimei returned to her seat, she observed Lin Xulian from time to time hoping to see her reaction from the drug. She calculated well this time. Back in the time they first met, Han Yimei failed to humiliate her and show the world how uncultured this woman is. They all could see how elegant and virtuous she is at this moment. But Han Yimei is sure that this is all an act. After all what could you expect from a woman born and raised in the mountains together with the beast? She is a part of a mercenary clan to top it all. How could a woman with that kind of upbringing be elegant and cultured?

A long time already passed but Han Yimei could see that Lin Xulian is still fine. She still have a warm smile on her face and you couldn't see a single sign of uneasiness. On the other hand, Han Yimei is starting to feel dizzy. The sound of the crowd and music would sometimes be too loud then suddenly would quiet down. It would fluctuate in different pace that made her head ache terribly. When her sight landed on Feng Jun Yi, it seems like she heard something snapped inside her head and her mind went blank.


"Big brother Yi~~" The harmony and formality of the banquet suddenly broke when the crowd heard a loud and cringe worthy whine of a woman. The voice was too sweet and Lin Xulian subconsciously thought of a sticky rice cake. "Why did you marry another woman instead of me? You know I love you since we were little right? Everyone knew I'm your childhood sweetheart. Do you know how much I'm in pain right now?! Big brother Yi you're a meanie~! You have to marry me and marry me now or I will die right here right now!" The hall went to an uproar seeing that the sweet and gentle Han Yimei suddenly became deranged.

She whined and stomped her feet like a bullied wife. She is also pouting like a little child. The other noble young ladies covered their lips and tried to hide their laugh seeing the supposedly model noble woman act like a mad woman in the presence of the empire's important people and even the emperor and empress. But they couldn't suppress the trembling of their shoulders in laughter. The officials on the other hand looked at Han Yimei then to the imperial couple. They looked like they are waiting to watch a show. A woman is openly declaring her love and trying to snatch someone else's husband right in front of his wife. They are curious of what the empress would do.

Meanwhile, Feng Jun Yi is at loss at the sudden turn of events. His face turned several shades blacker by the minute. This scene of a woman trying to catch a man's attention isn't new to Feng Jun Yi since his father's harem had a fair share of back palace drama. But this is the first time it happened to him. He doesn't know what to do. He is conflicted if he should punish Han Yimei for humiliating him and his empress but also worried about the Right Prime Minister's reaction. He is thinking of ways to salvage the situation when his eyes landed on Lin Xulian. Her mouth constantly twitched trying to suppress her laughter. He is in close proximity to her so he could notice it even though she is really good in hiding it.

Feng Jun Yi tugged the corner of her robes catching her attention. Feng Jun Yi gave her a narrowed gaze and she return it with innocent eyes. Then her expression changed to a wronged one. This time she really is innocent and the truth is she should be considered as the victim. Seeing this, Feng Jun Yi gave her a pleading gaze letting her know that he is at loss on what to do to pacify the situation. Lin Xulian sighed and pat his hand to comfort him letting him know that she got this.

The fifth prince never took his gaze away from Lin Xulian since the banquet started so he was able to see the exchange between the couple. Seeing the way they understood each other with just the look in their eyes, Feng Jun Yun got jealous and downed three cups of wine without stopping. 'Jun Yi! You are too hateful! Why are you so lucky? You have the power and even have the best woman. Instead of being angry, she is even comforting you.' The fifth prince thought.

Seeing his granddaughter suddenly act like a mad woman, the Right Prime Minister is too humiliated that he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him so he could escape this situation. He is also shocked on her sudden deranged state. He knew that she loved the emperor but he wasn't aware that it is to the point of obsession. He looked at the emperor to ask for help. Seeing that he looked as loss as him he directed his gaze to the empress. But as a woman, who would be willing to help the woman who wanted to steal her husband. He sighed in defeat and thought of excuses to take his granddaughter out of the hall.

Seeing the equal pleading gaze from the Right Prime Minister the same as Feng Jun Yi, Lin Xulian sighed in defeat. At first she wasn't aware of Han Yimei's plan. She never sold her poisons outside and saved them as collection or for personal use so she doesn't know what kind of drug Han Yimei gave her just by looking. But when she drank the drugged wine, she had the urge to burst into laughter but controlled herself with a lot of difficulty.
Luckily she had immunity thanks to her latest ultimate vaccine.

She doesn't know what the creator named the drug but she knew that it was a hallucinogen. It would disrupt the victim's sense of thought and subconsciously let out his or her true self or emotions. A little amount of drug could turn the victim into a state of drunkenness just like how Han Yimei is acting. And judging by the amount she put in her cup, Lin Xulian could tell that Han Yimei wanted her to permanently go crazy. She wanted to punish Han Yimei this time but seeing the emperor and prime minister's pleading gazes, she relented.

"Servants, prepare a room for Lady Han to rest. She brought a jar of wine earlier for this empress to taste but I can't drink a lot of wine so she must have drunk it all and made her muddleheaded. I am sure she would return to her usual self after her rest. Let's not take a person's drunken stupor seriously. I am sure she doesn't mean it." Xulian made sure to emphasize that the wine was brought in by Han Yimei to make Feng Jun Yi know that she had nothing to do with what happened…..well not intentionally.

Hearing that the empress gave them a way out to at least leave with their remaining dignity intact, the Right Prime Minister thanked the emperor and empress and took his granddaughter not to a prepared room but directly went home to their manor.


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