The Empress is Dead
44 Chapter 44 Sixth Prince
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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44 Chapter 44 Sixth Prince

A few weeks already passed since the banquet and Lin Xulian got bored. The herbs that Feng Jun Yi promised to give her hasn't arrived yet so she had nothing to work on. She called the imperial guards to gather on the courtyard grounds a few days ago. Since then Lin Xulian, Rui and the Xiao sisters took turns in training them. Xulian find their strengths lacking and she bet that they can't guard the palace against professional thieves and bandit on their own which is a total humiliation to her. So she started to torture….*cough* to train them.

Yells and metal clinking sounds echoed throughout the Phoenix Palace courtyard grounds and the sweaty imperial guards landed and received blows from each other. Their current training under this Lin people cannot be compared to their previous training before entering the palace. And what infuriates them the most is that despite being an imperial guard for years they can't defeat a single 13-year-old little girl. Xiao Tianshi is currently the one training the guards and even though it looked weird and awkward, the guards didn't let out any disagreement since they clearly knew that this little girl isn't simple.

"Boss, she's here again." Xiao Tian approached Lin Xulian and brought her some tea and snacks but her attention was drawn to Lan Jingjing who is hiding behind the bushes. Ever since the day of the banquet, she keeps sneaking in the Phoenix Palace but didn't asked to meet the empress. The Xiao sisters and Rui are worried that she might have a bad intention but Lin Xulian told them to let her be.

"Just let her. She might have been watching the guards' training. I heard from Feng Jun Yi that she is interested in martial arts but her identity is keeping her. If she finally asked to be trained, do it. I think she could be trusted." That what Lin Xulian believed. But in actual fact, Lan Jingjing caught sight of her teaching the guards on the first day and unconsciously she kept coming back hoping to see her in action again.

Lan Jingjing wanted to approach Lin Xulian but was too nervous to do so. She kept building up her courage but still cannot muster any. She asked her cousin to help her but Feng Jun Yi only told her that she could do so anytime and just use the excuse of paying respects. But once she is outside the Phoenix Palace gates she became too nervous. When she heard the yells and metal clashing inside the palace, she thought Lin Xulian is in danger and entered without thinking. The guard posted in the gates couldn't even let out a word when he lost sight of her. What greeted her though is the valiant Lin Xulian sparing with the guards while pointing out their flaws. She kept coming back then hoping to see the same sight again.


The training ended and Lan Jingjing remained on her spot behind the bushes the entire time. For the nth time, she still couldn't have the courage to talk to Lin Xulian. She left the Phoenix Palace with down casted mood. She can't understand herself. Although she prefers being alone in her palace, she believes that she isn't a shy type of person. She walked back to her palace together with her servants, who remained outside the phoenix palace since they don't have the same courage as Lan Jingjing to secretly observe the empress. Because she was busy feeling down, she didn't notice that a sedan stopped beside her.

"Cousin Jing." When the curtain of the sedan parted, the handsome and youthful face of the sixth prince Feng Jun Ying greeted her. Even though he is a bit smaller than his actual age of ten, his looks is very similar to Feng Jun Yi. Seeing her foul mood, he became worried. Lan Jingjing is the only female who make him comfortable. "Where were you? You looked disappointed."

"I went to the Phoenix Palace." Lan Jingjing said with an exaggerated sigh.

Seeing her reaction, Feng Jun Ying knitted his brows. He hasn't met his empress sister-in-law yet but ever since he was born he labelled all the women as treacherous people. The only exception is his empress mother who he never met and his cousin Lan Jingjing. His mother died and his health is bad ever since he was born because of a treacherous woman and she was able to get away with it just because she had his emperor father's affection. To him a charm of a woman is a curse and an underhanded weapon. He hated women specially the good looking ones. "Did something bad happen?"

"No, nothing. It was me. I messed up." But Feng Jun Ying didn't believe her. That empress must have done something to his cousin that is why she isn't in her usual confident self.

"Would you want me to help you with anything?" Feng Jun Ying offered.

Hearing his offer, Lan Jingjing had a bright idea. She will use him to have an excuse to meet the empress. They said that she is adept with medicine. She will ask the empress to look at the sixth prince's condition and finally they could have something to talk about. "Really?! Then would you come with me to the Phoenix Palace tomorrow to meet the empress?"

Hearing her request, Feng Jun Ying thought that she was bullied and is asking him for support. He is the emperor's biological brother so he believes that she wouldn't offend him and ruin her relationship with his brother. For him a woman needed the affection and support of her man to firmly grasp her position and power. "Of course. I will support you, cousin Jing."


Early the next morning while Rui is training the guards in hand to hand combat, a eunuch announced the arrival of Lan Jingjing and the sixth prince. Hearing that the sixth prince came along this time, Xulian got curious and also excited to see the aloof and always hidden prince. "Receive them in the main hall." Lin Xulian returned to her chambers to get her needles. If she could get the chance, she would like to look at the sixth prince's mysterious condition.

When Xulian arrived at the main hall, her sight fell on the mini version of Feng Jun Yi. She immediately concluded that he is the sixth prince, Feng Jun Ying. Lan Jingjing gave a beaming smile and greeted the empress. "Greetings your majesty the empress. May you have a great day."

Xulian gave her a warm smile and return her greetings. When she looked at Feng Jun Ying, she knitted her brows. She knew that the sixth prince is already ten but his body looked like six or seven. He was too small for his age. Without thinking she approach him and grab his hand to feel his pulse. Feng Jun Ying was startled and immediately pull back but to no avail. Lin Xulian is surprisingly too strong.

When Lin Xulian was able to feel his pulse, her eyes widened and immediately pulled out some needles. She immobilized him by pressing several acupuncture points and stabbed them with the needles. Everything happened so fast that no one was able to react. She faced the eunuch then said "Go and inform the emperor that we have something important to talk about. Ask him for his available time. Say that it is about his brother." The eunuch bowed and immediately followed.

Then Feng Jun Ying stiffened when Lin Xulian suddenly hugged him. "You'll be better. Just trust me." Everyone's jaw dropped at the scene. Feng Jun Ying isn't any better and went beet red.


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