The Empress is Dead
45 Chapter 45 Pressing Condition
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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45 Chapter 45 Pressing Condition

Feng Jun Yi had a serious expression the entire time while pondering about what Lin Xulian said. Right after the eunuch informed that his empress needed to talk to him about his brother, he immediately put down all his work. "The poison was transferred to him since he was still on your mother's womb so he basically grew up having the poison as his foundation. Every part of him, his bones, blood even all his organs have a trace of it. A simple detoxification would kill him rather than save him. Draining the poison is like draining his life." Xulian said grimly. Even the tea served to them turn cold because they didn't have the mood to enjoy it.

"Do you mean; Zhen's brother has no hope left?" Feng Jun Yi wanted Lin Xulian to check on his brother but Feng Jun Ying refused just because Lin Xulian is a woman. Ever since his birth, his brother hated women the most. Lan Jingjing is the only exception.

"It's not that he has no hope. But it would be quite difficult. The herbs needed cannot be acquire simply. What I need the most is the Buxiu herb. I only read and saw it on my books but wasn't able to see one in person. But base on my studies it could aid the detoxification and would rebuild his body. It was like being reborn. It is too miraculous that finding one would be difficult. Another alternative is the Yanchang herb. It is not that rare but the treatment using this herb needed to be repeated every month. We can use this first until we could find the Buxiu herb."

Hearing that there is still a way, Feng Jun Yi heave a sigh of relief. "Zhen will immediately dispatch someone to search for the herbs."

"I also need your help about something."

"What is it?"

"Before the detoxification, I need to strengthen the sixth prince's body so he could withstand the process. But the treatment would still be painful specially on the first few sessions. I'd like you to convince him since it doesn't look like he trusts me at all." Lin Xulian has a sad expression on her face remembering the repulsive look on Feng Jun Ying's face after she hugged him. She has two elder brothers but she wanted a younger one and the sixth prince is her best choice. But Feng Jun Ying thought otherwise.

"Zhen haven't told him about how you saved Zhen. Maybe it would change his mind."

"I hope so. His condition is pressing. I need his full cooperation to make this work."


The next day, for the first time since she entered the palace, Lin Xulian woke up early on her own. She asked the servant to prepare a living quarter inside her palace for the sixth prince. Inside the chamber a big wooden tub is placed and stacks of herbs and refined liquid medicines is placed on top of a table beside the tub. These would be the sixth prince medicine to strengthen his body foundation.

When the sixth prince arrived at the Phoenix Palace, the emperor and Lan Jingjing came with him. Apparently, he would only agree to be treated if either or both of them is present. For the first session Feng Jun Yi accompanied his little brother and put down his work just for today. For the next sessions, only Lan Jingjing will be there to accompany him. Feng Jun Ying still isn't convinced but his emperor brother told him about how Lin Xulian saved him and decided to take a chance.

Seeing the big wooden tub. Feng Jun Ying had a bad premonition. "Am I going to go in there?"

"Yes. I will infuse the water with herbs and medicines. It would help you strengthen your body foundation. With your current condition you wouldn't be able to withstand detoxification so we needed to aid your body." Xulian gave him a warm smile. She is a perfect big sister and Lan Jingjing on the side looked at her like a lovestruck fool. Rui and the Xiao sisters saw her reaction and they couldn't help but twitch their mouth. They looked over at the oblivious empress and collectively sighed. As expected of their young miss, she could attract both bees and butterflies. Rui didn't know whether to be worried or not.

"I-I need to un-undress then?" Feng Jun Ying became nervous. Ever since he could move his body he took his bath alone and he doesn't want anyone to serve him. One reason is because he can't trust anyone then the other is because he is too shy to show his under developed body.

As if sensing his discomfort, Lin Xulian reassured him. "You can retain your inner garment. Even though taking everything off would be better."

Hearing that Xulian wanted to undress his brother fully, Feng Jun Yi became uncomfortable. Even though the sixth prince is just ten, Feng Jun Yi treated him like a young man and trained him to mature early. "The inner garment is fine."

Lin Xulian then put the grounded herbs and liquid medicine to the warm water inside the wooden tub. Behind the screen, aside from the sixth prince, only Lin Xulian and Feng Jun Yi stayed to assist him on his treatment. When his feet touched the water, he could already feel the pain caused by the medicine. He wanted to scream but he bit his lips to suppress it. He doesn't want to show his weakness in front of his brother and Lin Xulian.

When Feng Jun Ying's whole body is submerged in water he trembled and he immediately squeezed the hand that held him. He thought it was his brother but the hand felt a bit too small compared to his brother. When his sight followed the owner of the hand, he wanted to pull away seeing that it is Lin Xulian's hand. But his strength wasn't enough.

"Is it too painful? Call me jiejie and I will help you alleviate the pain a bit." Lin Xulian gave him a warm smile but the two brother's both twitch their mouth and thought. 'This is blackmailing.'

Feng Jun Ying wanted to refuse but the pain is getting more and more intense the longer he is submerged in medicine. He remained silent and Lin Xulian gave him an expectant look. Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore. He wasn't sure if he can't stand the pain or he can't stand the look on Lin Xulian's eyes. "Jiejie" Feng Jun Ying uttered in an almost whispering voice.

But to Lin Xulian it was enough and she is already satisfied. She handed him a cup of medicine and the pain became bearable. "Good! Since you are calling me jiejie, you will move in with me here in the Phoenix Palace and this would be your courtyard!"

Feng Jun Yi and Feng Jun Ying's jaw dropped and thought. 'Where is the logic in that?'

On the other hand, Xulian has another thought. 'This must be what big brother Huang felt. I should treat him better next time.'


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