The Empress is Dead
46 Chapter 46 Empress Dowager Li
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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46 Chapter 46 Empress Dowager Li

In a temple located at the top of Tianshang Mountain, Li Shanyao also known as Imperial Noble Concubine Li and now Empress Dowager Li has an ugly expression on her face after her servant read the report sent to her from the capital. She was copying Buddhist scriptures but right now the scroll she was writing at turned to a sorry shredded state. She doesn't look like meditating at all. Seeing her angry reaction, her servant trembled and dropped to her knees.

"What did you say? The sixth prince is receiving treatment? Even the Medical Association rejected his case! Who would have the ability to treat that trash?!" Empress Dowager Li is so furious.

"Replying to your majesty. It was the new empress Lin Xulian. It was said that her mother is miracle doctor and she inherited her skills." The servant answered while still trembling.

Li Shanyao did everything just to kill the previous empress and her unborn child but still the child lived. Although he was born a trash, she wasn't contented at all. The sixth prince's existence is the proof that the previous emperor was still attracted to his empress since they still did the deed. The empress was already 29 at that time and it was considered old compared to the younger concubines accepted in the back palace every year.


The previous emperor, Feng Jun loved her alone and she knew that. But Li Shanyao can't accept the idea that the older Empress Lan managed to seduce the emperor other than her. He would usually choose younger concubines. She made sure that none of those woman would bear the emperor's child but she didn't mind the empress. Who would have thought that despite her age she would be able to give another child for the emperor? It was her greatest regret. She understood that as an emperor, he would bed many women but she was threatened with Empress Lan. Her man's love only belongs to her.

Li Shanyao is the daughter of the Left Prime Minister. She and the Feng Jun are already a couple since she was 13 and he was 16. She was still too young to marry so Feng Jun, who was still just a prince at that time, told her that he would wait for her. But his father betrothed him to a princess of a neighboring country, the Fanrong, Lan Yue. He had to accept if he still wanted to be the next emperor since the princess will become the empress. So the 16-year-old prince Feng Jun and the 15-year-old princess Lan Yue got married while Li Shanyao cried for days.

To show his love, Feng Jun made sure that his wife won't bear a child until Li Shanyao is in marriageable age. He wanted her to give him his first child. But his father told him that he couldn't take in a concubine before his wife get pregnant. So after two years of marriage, Feng Jun worked hard to impregnate his main wife. When Lan Yue became pregnant, he immediately took in his beloved Li Shanyao and got her pregnant soon after.

Li Shanyao is still upset about it though. The position of the empress was taken away from her. Feng Jun promised it to her since they were young childhood sweethearts. Then even the privilege to bear his first born was also taken. She won't let anyone take his love too.


"Send a letter to my sons. Tell them to prepare. I will go back to the Palace soon. I won't let than Lin Xulian ruin my hard work. It took me a lot of courage and planning to kill that witch Lan Yue. I won't let that bastard child be cured. I don't know if that Lin Xulian will be able to cure him. I can't risk anything. Unexpected things always happen if you are not careful." Empress Dowager Li seriously said.

After just a week, news of the Empress Dowager returning to the Palace spread throughout the empire. The citizen got riled up. The emperor and Empress Dowager are known to have a conflict with each other. This conflict started ever since the previous emperor married his empress. They are curious about what would happen especially now that there is Lin Xulian as the empress.

When Empress Dowager Li arrived on her Palace, she called her sons over. She called them for two reasons. She wanted to see them and the second is she wanted all the support she needed in facing Lin Xulian. She ordered her servant to call Lin Xulian over. She wanted to meet her in person and make her know that she rules the back palace since she can't touch the emperor openly. Empress Dowager Li believes that she could overpower the empress. She ruled the back palace before even though she was just a concubine but now she is the respectable Empress Dowager.

When Lin Xulian heard that the Empress Dowager Li wanted to meet her, her eyes turned cold but her smile remained warm while facing the smug servant from the Empress Dowager's Palace. The servant didn't even bow and just said "Your majesty, the Empress Dowager called you over to her Palace. Be grateful and immediately follow me."

Lin Xulian thought 'As expected of the evil witch step mother, even her servants are hateful.' "Then this empress will comply. Please lead the way."

When Lin Xulian arrived, she was led in the main hall and she immediately saw the beautiful but foxy looking Empress Dowager and thought 'A witch and a fox in one body. How disgusting.' Without any show of respect, Lin Xulian smiled to her and said "It's nice to finally meet you Empress Dowager Li."

Seeing her lack of respect, Li Shanyao got furious. "Is that how you should greet the Empress Dowager and your mother in law? You should kneel and kotow in front of me!"

Hearing this, Xulian gave a mocking laugh. "Empress Dowager Li, if I remembered correctly, you are not Feng Jun Yi, the emperor's biological mother so you are not my mother in law. And also I am a member of Lin Clan. Even the first emperor wouldn't dare to make any of us bow to him. You are just an Empress Dowager after the real empress died. Don't think too highly of yourself just because you are good at warming a man's bed."

Hearing her remarks Li Shanyao trembled in anger. This is the first time that someone dared to humiliate and disrespect her. "Impudent! Someone come and give this woman a good beating!" Feng Jun Yu and Feng Jun Yun both were shocked at the sudden turn of events. They expected a confrontation but not as soon as the empress entered. Feng Jun Yun is especially worried. If anything happens, he would save her even though his mother will get angry.

The smug servant moved after the Empress Dowager issued her command. She raised her hand to slap Lin Xulian. But suddenly everyone saw the servant's body flew across the room and her head was smashed on the wall. A pool of blood immediately formed under her body. The room went silent and Empress Dowager Li's face turned pale. They saw how Lin Xulian swat the servant using the back of her hand. It looked like she just swatted a fly but the proof of the impact can be seen on the servant's unmoving body. And what creeps them more is that Lin Xulian remained smiling the whole time.


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