The Empress is Dead
48 Chapter 48 Overprotective Sister-in-Law 2
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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48 Chapter 48 Overprotective Sister-in-Law 2

It's been a week since the start of the sixth prince's treatment and every session is so painful as hell. Lin Xulian told him that the pain will lessen as time pass by but it is still unbearable. He still needs the medicine to alleviate the pain and thus he still had to call the empress as jiejie. He doesn't like fawning and doesn't need to since he is a prince. He was entitled ever since he was born except anything concerning the Empress Dowager and her sons. Even their servants had more power than him.

But ever since his eldest brother sat on the throne, the Empress Dowager went into seclusion and his other brothers and servants wouldn't dare to make trouble with him. Earlier today he heard that the Empress Dowager came back and he is sure that those bullies will have the courage to bother him again.

Even he himself thinks that the Empress Dowager have the most power in the empire since the emperor himself cannot touch her and her sons because of a decree. But he still hopes that his brother's power would be enough to let him have peaceful days. He doesn't need their respect. As long as they wouldn't purposely target him, it would already be enough.

Feng Jun Ying went back to his old residence. Because the Empress Dowager called Lin Xulian over, he has free time away from her overbearing attention. He wanted to have some peaceful time before she would start ranting about random things about the mercenary. He knows she wanted to motivate him and give him hope but instead he only felt jealous. He's been sick all his life and he doesn't believe that he would be better and healthy.

When he arrived at his residences, he is stunned seeing it all wrecked and messy. All the valuable items piled up outside. Then he heard someone ordering some servants. "Open the closets and flip the bed if you must. These things would not be useful to a dying child anyway." Inside the sixth prince's previous bedchamber, a senior eunuch and also the most trusted by the Empress Dowager, Xiao Li Gao ordered his junior eunuchs to empty the sixth prince's previous residences.

It wasn't ordered by the Empress Dowager or anyone else. He just loved messing with the sixth prince. As a result, the Empress Dowager promoted him as a senior eunuch for satisfying her by dealing with Feng Jun Ying. When the Empress Dowager left for seclusion, he lay low in fear of the emperor. But now that his master is back, his courage also returned.

Feng Jun Ying only brought one eunuch. Their age is close to each other so they bonded well. But unfortunately for them, they are both a child and dealing with the bunch of older eunuch isn't promising. So when the eunuch Xiao Li Gao saw them, he started his usual bullying. "Oh! Isn't this the sixth prince. I thought your highness already died in the Phoenix Palace. How awful must it felt to be a plaything before you die. I heard the empress is fond of you. Did you play dress up or something? That little girl sure do love fragile little toys."

Hearing this, Feng Jun Ying's servant tried to defend his master as well as the empress. Although the sixth prince is skeptical about his health, Xiao Lan Yin believed that as long as they are trying anything is possible. "Senior Gao, everyone knows that the sixth prince is receiving treatment from the empress and not just playing around. After that the sixth prince's health will get better and he wouldn't die. Also he is a prince and you are just a eunuch. You have no right to curse a prince!"

Eunuch Gao grab the little eunuch Yin by his collar and lift him up. Eunuch Gao is already 30 while eunuch Yin is just 12 so lifting him up is so easy. "And who would punish me? You? As long as the Empress Dowager is here even the emperor can't do anything even if I do this!" Then eunuch Gao threw the little eunuch down and shove the sixth prince causing him to fall back and bump his head on the wall.

The sixth prince, although his head hurts and probably had a bump, only knitted his brows but still remained silent. He can't fight back but it doesn't mean he would cry and show his weak and vulnerable side. The little eunuch on the other hand screamed in worry and alarm. "Your highness!" He crawled towards the prince to help him up then faced the senior eunuch. "How dare you hurt the sixth prince! That's treason! I will tell this to the emperor!"

But eunuch Gao and the other eunuch only laughed and jeered at them. Then out of the blue, eunuch Gao is suddenly sent flying with a kick.


Lin Xulian is so furious after he left the fifth prince. She was pissed with the Empress Dowager and her whole family. Even her servants weren't an exception. She walked around the palace in a bad mood that she didn't realize that she was walking too fast. Even the imperial guards who followed her cannot keep up.

Then suddenly she heard a scream then followed by the mention of the sixth prince. Without thinking she followed the noise and ended up in the wrecked previous residence of the sixth prince. When she arrived, she saw the sixth prince sprawled on the ground and some eunuch are only watching while laughing at him. She immediately kicked the oldest one of them that looked like the leader.

After sending eunuch Gao flying, she gave the rest a few punches and kicks. She wanted to kill them but that would be too unreasonable and might affect Feng Jun Yi's reputation. So she only beat them black and blue until they puke blood.

"Who are you?! How dare you beat us up? We are the empress dowager's people! Wait until I let her know about this then you and your family will be gone forever!" Eunuch Gao stood up. He scolds the unknown person who interrupted his deed. His eyes turned blurry because of the impact and didn't recognize the red robes with embroidered peonies and the Phoenix hairpin that holds her hair up.

Lin Xulian approached him and lifted him by his neck. Eunuch Gao choked and fought for his breath but failed. "Who am I? I could kill you right now but I will choose not to do so. I'd like you to send a message for me. This applies to you too. Don't lay a hand on my people. Even though the emperor cannot kill the Empress Dowager and her sons, I, the empress Lin Xulian could do so!" Then she threw him away. He coughed to catch his breath and looked at the empress in fear. She only returned it with a cold smile.

Lin Xulian turn around and lifted the sixth prince up and looked at him to check if he is fine. "Good thing you are fine. I left them alive so when you are finally better I will teach you how to fight then you can use them as punching bag."

The sixth prince didn't say anything and just nod. He doesn't want to admit it but he felt warmth from what Lin Xulian did. She is overbearing and also overprotective.


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