The Empress is Dead
49 Chapter 49 Location of the Yanchang Herb
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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49 Chapter 49 Location of the Yanchang Herb

Ever since the day when Lin Xulian stood up for him, the sixth prince Feng Jun Ying took his treatment seriously. He didn't ask for the medicine to alleviate the pain. Apparently it is more effective if he would bear with the pain and get through it without help. Even though he still couldn't fully believe that Lin Xulian could heal him, he just took Xiao Lan Yin's suggestion to keep the hope. It is better to undergo treatment and hope for healing than just sit around and wait for death.

Seeing him so determined to get better, Lin Xulian became happy. She was aware that without external help the treatment would be more effective. But seeing the sixth prince's pain, her heart would soften. She is glad that Feng Jun Ying willingly accepted the treatment without the medicine.

While the treatment is still going on, the eunuch announced the arrival of the emperor. Lin Xulian left the sixth prince with Lan Jingjing and personally received the emperor and lead him towards her outer chamber for privacy. She didn't let any servant in.

"Zhen's subordinates came back last night. They haven't found the Buxiu herbs yet but they have information about the Yanchang herb. According to them, Gong Weixie, the Lord of Jianghu is collecting the herb for his sickness. No one knew what his sickness is aside from his trusted people. Zhen is thinking that if you could cure him we could ask for the herbs as payment." Feng Jun Yi observed her reaction. He sighed in relief when he saw that she is not declining.

"That's a good idea. We should go as soon as possible then. Ying'er can't wait that long." Lin Xulian said thoughtfully.

'Ying'er?' Feng Jun Yi knitted his brows with the way Lin Xulian called his brother. "Did Jun Ying allowed you to call him that?"

Lin Xulian got confused at first but soon understood him. She smiled embarrassingly and said "No. But he'll get used to it. At first he kept correcting me and told me to call him sixth prince. But now he just kept silent."

Feng Jun Yi shook his head and continued their serious talk. "One more thing. Zhen knows that you are strong but we are going to enter the Jianghu. Even as an emperor, Zhen cannot control them. We should ask your brothers to come along in case things would go out of hand."

"Our Lin clan never had a good relationship with the Jianghu. Bringing them along might cause trouble than good. But what you said made sense. I'll ask them to wear mask and behave themselves until we get the herbs."

"You also have to disguise yourself. That Lord is infamous for not treating women politely. We don't know just how many enemies there is." Feng Jun Yi paused for a moment. He is deliberating if it's right to tell her his inner thoughts. "And I'll be worried leaving you alone with him." Then he averts his gaze. He felt awkward and regretted saying that last sentence.

Lin Xulian felt a little tickle in her heart. She has a lot of people who love and care for her but Feng Jun Yi is basically a stranger. And knowing that he at least cared about her made her happy. "Don't worry. I wanted to disguise as a bearded old man and this will be the best chance to do so." Xulian said excitedly.

Feng Jun Yi couldn't help but rub her head "Zhen wonders what's inside of that little head of yours. But thank you for doing this." They smile to each other. Lin Xulian is really the best empress for him.


They went to the Lin manor that evening to fetch Lin Huang. Feng Jun Yi wanted to go earlier to first talk about the situation but Lin Xulian reassured him that her brother will surely go. As for Rui, she didn't have to convince him since anywhere she goes he would always follow. When they arrived at the manor, Lin Xulian is already wearing her beard in disguise. Feng Jun Yi just shook his head in amusement.

When Lin Huang saw his sister, he immediately recognized her. Lin Xulian is so disappointed and wanted to redo her disguise. "Big brother, should I put some make-up too? Like dark circles and wrinkles?"

"Even if I turn blind I could still recognize you. Don't think that this few hair and layered clothes could deceive your big brother. Your footsteps alone could expose you from me." Lin Huang said to her while his eyebrows are raised and arms crossed.

"Footsteps? Seriously? You do realize that it sounds creepy, right?" Lin Xulian said while side eyeing her brother.

Lin Huang only shrug his shoulders as if saying that it was totally normal. Feng Jun Yi is starting to understand the relationship between the siblings. And he also finally understood where she got her overbearing older sister attitude towards the sixth prince.

"Lian'er, don't worry about your disguise. It's fine since none of them saw you before." Rui said to cheer her up. But the two other men shoot a look at him. As long as they could remember, Rui never called her Lian'er. But she doesn't look like she was surprised so they just let it go.

"I should make a few adjustments at least. We should start moving immediately."

"Where are we going. You haven't told me yet." Lin Huang said. That's when Lin Xulian realized that she forgot to tell her brother about their mission.

"We'll go to Jianghu to meet their Lord Gong Weixie."

"Oh. Are we going to kill him? I wanted to do it in ages."

"No. I have to treat him and cure his sickness." Xulian said in a matter of fact attitude.

Lin Huang knitted his brows and narrowed his eyes. But his death stare is directed to Feng Jun Yi. "You wanted Lian'er to treat Gong Weixie? Are you connected to his business?"

Feng Jun Yi wanted to answer but Lin Huang was right that he was the one who wanted Lin Xulian to treat the Jianghu lord. So Lin Xulian to save him, again. "We have a reason. But don't worry big brother. You know me well. Just leave it to me." Then Lin Xulian showed a mysterious smile.


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