The Empress is Dead
50 Chapter 50 Lord of Jianghu
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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50 Chapter 50 Lord of Jianghu

In a place called the An Valley stood an imposing three floored manor. It is owned by the well-known Gong Weixie. He is named as the Lord of Jianghu. The An Valley is considered as the main headquarters of the brotherhood. It is located at the center of the four countries, Gonglu, Fanrong, Zhixiang and Qiangdu. It is also outside the control of all the empires. They are considered an independent power.

The leader of the Jianghu is determined by strength and influence. During his younger years, Gong Weixie is considered as a rival of Master Lin Xu. Their strengths are on par with each other but their only difference is that Gong Weixie never chose the job. As long as he is paid a good amount, he would do it. He would do anything like ****, kidnapping and killing. While Lin Xu is creating a school, he created an assassin guild and created a name in the Jianghu. He became qualified to challenge the Lord and took his place.

While Gong Weixie is soaking in his medicinal bath, one of his subordinates called out to him behind the screen. "Lord, the emperor of Gonglu, Feng Jun Yi is here to ask for a meeting."

Gong Weixie raised an eyebrow. "Emperor Feng Jun Yi? That's surprising. What does he need?"

"He said he brought a miraculous doctor for you my Lord."

Gong Weixie replied him with a burst of laughter. "I already asked all doctors in the continent, except for Lin Xu's wife. A war with that buffalo's mercenary isn't worth it anyway. Where did that kid pick up that hoax of a doctor?"

"I haven't seen that doctor before but emperor Feng said he was recommended by his empress saying it was Yang Hua, Lin Xu's wife's master."

Hearing that it is the master of Lin Xu's wife, Gong Weixie changed his mind. He might not be able to get this chance again. Although he is doubtful of Feng Jun Yi's motive since his assassinations were handled by the Jianghu. "Send them in and let them wait a bit." He lifted himself up from his medicinal bath and slip into a loose robe.


It took them two weeks to arrive at the An Valley. They have to cross the whole country since the Palace and the location of the valley is at both ends. Feng Jun Yi had to leave the job to Xu Yichen and keep the anyone away from his study and his palace.

When they arrived at the An Valley, Lin Xulian and her group had to wait for the Lord, Gong Weixie's permission to enter the territory's gate. Here, even Feng Jun Yi's identity as the emperor doesn't mean anything. When they were able to enter, they have to wait for him for a long time on his receiving hall. This made Lin Huang furious. Good thing he is wearing a mask and an imperial guard uniform that made him unnoticeable. Even his imposing aura lessened because of his low key outfit.

Rui isn't any better. He was saved by Master Lin from slave trader when he was five and those people were a member of the Jianghu. He understands that the Jianghu isn't always evil. They have merchants, performers and other righteous jobs. They are basically just people without somewhere they belong and constantly on the move. If they are led by a good Lord, the Jianghu still have the chance to follow a righteous path.

Xulian walk ahead leading her group. Feng Jun Yi had to subtly pull her robe to slow her down. "Lian'er, you are an old man right now. You are walking too fast for an old man. The guards are observing us and they might notice." He said in a very low voice so that no one other than both of them could hear. Almost everyone on this valley is a martial artist so they have to be careful.

Realizing that what Feng Jun Yi said made sense, she gradually slow down but not before refuting "I am a healthy and vigorous old man." Xulian said to him in an equal whisper.

Feng Jun Yi's mouth twitched but maintained his cold expressionless face. She can't even let things slide without leaving an argument.


After waiting for a long time, Gong Weixie finally arrived at the receiving hall. He is an intimidating man for his more than fifty age. He wore a loose purple robes showing his toned body. His still damp hair with few white strands falls seductively down until his waist. He is definitely a handsome man despite his age. But Xulian noticed the rashes on his exposed chest and abdomen. Some may think that he only had a serious case of allergy but Xulian knew better. Knowing about his lifestyle from his brother, she knows this is his karma and if not for her Ying'er she would let him rot.

"I heard that emperor Feng brought a doctor for this Lord. I really appreciate it but I don't remember being in good terms with your majesty to receive this pleasant surprise." Gon Weixie started as soon as he sat on the head seat.

"Zhen knows that pretty well Lord Gong. Zhen certainly want something on your possession for me to do this. It is known to all imperial families that you are suffering from a sickness and Zhen took this chance to make a trade." Feng Jun Yi said without at least being intimidated with the Jianghu Lord.

"Oh? What is it your majesty? Let me hear it to know if it is worth the trade."

"Zhen suggests we start with the treatment first then talk about the trade later. That way Lord Gong won't feel like we are cheating you."

"Good choice of words your majesty. But I might think that it's your way to corner me and leave me with no choice but to give up whatever it is that you want."

"Lord Gong, you are jesting. We both know that here in your territory no one can corner or force you to do anything. And zhen is also confident that it won't lead to force."

Gong Weixie narrowed his eyes to scrutinize Feng Jun Yi. But he maintained his expressionless face and the air of confidence around him is noticeable. "Fine. I might not be able to touch your majesty but when things turn out to the worst, I can't guarantee that your companions and doctor could still return alive."

Lin Huang and Rui narrowed their eyes behind their masks hearing his threat. But not because of their own lives but for their precious Lian'er. Feng Jun Yi also got angry but he controlled his facial expression. This trade matter so much for his brother and he knows that Lin Xulian would understand it. While on the side, Lin Xulian is contemplating about how she should "treat" her patient.


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