The Empress is Dead
51 Chapter 51 Treatment for the Unworthy
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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51 Chapter 51 Treatment for the Unworthy

Gong Weixie and Feng Jun Yi finally agreed to each other's condition. "Lord Gong, Zhen would like you to meet Master Lao. He is zhen's mother in law Yang Hua's master. Zhen knows you recognized the well-known miracle doctor to ask your consent to send one of the guards together with him during the treatment." Feng Jun Yi said without a change in his expression.

Gong Weixie replied him with a loud laugh. "Are you saying that you don't trust me your majesty?" He might be laughing but everyone on the room knows that he is offended.

"Trust is a word that doesn't exist in the Jianghu. Zhen is just thinking and acting accordingly since we are at the Jianghu's territory. Zhen knows that Lord Gong understands where I'm coming from." Feng Jun Yi said without a change in expression. The Jianghu members commend him for his courage and tough heart to be able to calmly converse with the devilish Lord. Specially in his current angry mood.

"That made sense. Your majesty really is a tough one. No wonder your step mother always failed to bring you down. I can see that she is looking down on a mountain thinking that it is just a hill." Feng Jun Yi didn't reply and Gong Weixie didn't mind it either and just continue. "Fine. I will allow it. It would be a problem if he is too nervous throughout the treatment and I might end up squashing his old bones."


Lin Xulian, together with her elder brother Lin Huang followed Gong Weixie and his servants towards his bedchamber for his treatment. He is aware of his sickness and only a few of his subordinates and his women knew about it. He has two subordinates inside the bedchamber to guard him and make sure that the treatment won't end up in a mishap.

"Greetings Lord Gong. His majesty did all the pleasantries earlier but I would like to personally greet you." Xulian said in the closest to an old man's voice she could muster.

Gong Weixie knitted his brows and look at the small old man up and down. "Old Master Lao, your voice sounds weird. Like an old lady."

Hearing his remarks, Xulian wasn't worried but instead disappointed. She was so confident before opening her mouth to speak but Gong Weixie shattered her self-esteem. 'Am I not that convincing enough? I am a great con artist! I could deceive even my family, well aside from big brother Huang.' Because of that, she had a sad expression and said "Oh that. Young man, you are still considered young. Reaching my age of one hundred and ten, your voice would start to change. I could still remember during my younger years, the women often chased me because of my good looks and deep sultry voice. But now even your bones would start to shrink and your back would bend. When I was young—"

Lin Xulian didn't even have the chance to finish her act when Gong Weixie made her stop. "Stop! Stop! Or I might lose it and kill you if you don't shut up. Old people sure nags a lot. Let's just start the treatment."

Lin Xulian placed her fingers in his pulse. She had to put fake wrinkles on her hand because it would be visible outside her robes. But because of it she could find it hard to feel the pulse so it took a bit of a long time. "I can say that Lord Gong wanted to keep your situation a secret knowing the nature of it. I could also assume that you already knew about it so let's go directly to the treatment. But let me first give you something like a proof that you are cured after the treatment."

Gong Weixie just nod and let her do what she wants. Lin Xulian took a silver needle and ask him to strip his upper robes. She inserted the needle in his lower back near his tailbone. A sharp pain took over his body and he unconsciously spun and raised his hand to swat Lin Xulian causing the needle to slip off. But before his hand made contact with her face, a hand held it firmly. It turns out that Lin Huang who is disguising as an imperial guard moved to protect his sister.

Gong Weixie tried to pull his hand off of Lin Huang's hold but he realized that he can't shake him off. His eyes widened when he noticed that Lin Huang isn't even exerting that much force but he could already suppress him. 'No wonder Feng Jun Yi was so confident in bringing this guard in. He found himself a good bodyguard.' "Young man, how about you start working for me?" Lin Huang didn't answer him and just pull Lin Xulian behind him before letting Gong Weixie's hand go.

Seeing his over protectiveness towards his master, Gong Weixie knew he couldn't rope the young man in. "I apologize. I was just too shocked with the pain. It won't happen again."

Lin Xulian answered on her brother's behalf. "No worries Lord Gong. The next time I'll do that it won't be painful and that would prove that the treatment is a success."

The two of Gong Weixie's subordinates didn't even have the chance to react. Everything happened so fast and now the treatment resumed under a heavy and tense atmosphere.

Lin Xulian inserted a few needles on his lower back again except for the previous spot. Then she made him drink two bottles of medicine. After an hour she took the needles out. "I am sure you already know that your sickness is caused by your lifestyle. After this, you should abstain for at least a week then your life will return to normal. Also you should change your harem."

Lin Xulian took a needle. "I will insert the needle again to prove that you are finally cured." Xulian inserted the needle and just like what she said, it wasn't painful at all. Gong Weixie became ecstatic and he couldn't hide the happiness in his face. After more than two decades he is finally free from his sickness.

"Good. Very good. Say old man, what is it that your emperor wants?" Gong Weixie said in an exceptionally good mood.

"Just an herb. But His majesty will talk to you about it. We should head out to talk about the condition Lord Gong." Lin Xulian said while cleaning up her tools and medicines.

"Yes. Yes, of course. If it is just an herb it is fine. I wouldn't need it anyway. Hahahaha!"

Gong Weixie led them out and Lin Xulian and Lin Huang followed behind. Because of this, only Lin Huang saw the mocking smile from Lin Xulian's face. He also smiled behind his mask. He is looking forward to what his sister cooked up for this lecherous bastard. He is unworthy to be treated so he is sure that Lin Xulian "treated" him especially good.


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