The Empress is Dead
52 Chapter 52 Dealing with the Jianghu
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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52 Chapter 52 Dealing with the Jianghu

Gong Weixie, followed by Lin Xulian and Lin Huang arrived in the receiving hall. Feng Jun Yi and Rui are still there waiting patiently for them. The two noticed that the Lord is smiling from ear to ear. They could only assume that the treatment went well and they could finally start with the trade. "Your majesty, you are really capable. This Lord had to travel from empire to empire for the last two decades just to find a doctor that could cure me. Who knows that you, our usual target, is going to be my benefactor. Now I am glad that my assassins failed to eliminate you."

"Staying alive is also one of Zhen's capabilities Lord Gong." Feng Jun Yi said without a change of expression on his face. "Zhen assumes that the treatment went well. We should start with the deal."

"Of course your majesty." Gong Weixie sits down on the head seat. Lin Xulian and Lin Huang returned to their previous places behind Feng Jun Yi. "Master Lao told me you wanted an herb. You really have a good foresight. If you asked me for that before the treatment, I would definitely decline. Those herbs are what kept me alive all these years after all. Which one are you referring to your majesty?"

"Zhen wants the Yanchang herb. And I want everything that you have stored." Feng Jun Yi said direct to the point.

Gong Weixie's smile faltered hearing that Feng Jun Yi wanted the Yanchang herb. He collected the herb for more than two decades and now that he doesn't need it for himself. He is planning to sell it in the black market. He knows too well that it is a rare herb and would fetch him a good amount of gold. He gave a signal towards his subordinate and he immediately went out of the hall. "Your majesty, I spent almost half of my life collecting that herb and giving them away is like giving away my children."

"Zhen is surprised that you would treat the herbs like your children and humans as grass. Your sickness is already treated and Zhen believes that your life is more important than a few stalks of herbs, isn't it Lord Gong?" Feng Jun Yi said in a calm tone but he already noticed when one of Gong Weixie's subordinate went out. And right now, more of them are starting to enter the hall one by one. It is obvious that Gong Weixie won't honor the deal. This cause Lin Huang, Rui and Lin Xulian to become alert.

Gong Weixie is calculating his odds of victory. The guard he previously met is surprisingly better than him. He has no idea about the other one. Emperor Feng is also a talented martial artist. He never saw him fight but he could tell that he should not be taken lightly since most of the Jianghu's assassins didn't make it out alive once they faced the emperor. He looks at Lin Xulian and decided to take her as a hostage when things get out of hand. "Your majesty, I remember you said earlier that here in my territory no one can force me to do anything. I admit that it is true so I apologize. I won't let my herbs go." His amiable expression turned into a sinister one. In no time, the hall is filled with hundreds of martial artists of Jianghu. Even if the enemies are strong, they would overpower them through number. "Jianghu, finish them off. Send the emperor back with some broken bones. The rest, kill them!" Then he sat down to watch the show.

But before his smile fully bloomed, Gong Weixie's body stiffened and his face paled. Instead of seeing Feng Jun Yi's people being beaten black and blue, his people end up lying on the marble floor leaving bloody trails on their wake. The three men encircle Lin Xulian while fighting hundreds of Gong Weixie's men.

Seeing that his people is in disadvantage, he decided to join in. He instructed his men to make a path for him. He will forcefully break their protective circle and take Lin Xulian as a hostage according to his earlier plan. But he misjudged Lin Huang's protectiveness. Before he could even reach one meter, he is immediately suppressed and pushed down. This made him realize that the martial arts world already changed a lot while he was holed up in his makeshift empire called the Jianghu.

Meanwhile the protected Lin Xulian isn't happy at all. She wanted to join in the fight but her enemies always end up being taken away. So when the three are distracted by Gong Weixie's sneak attack, she took the chance and charged at the nearest group. She took out a packet and blow the powder inside it towards her chosen target. Seconds later, those men screamed that attracted the attention of the rest in the hall. It was a short loud scream then they simultaneously fell down and never to move again.

"Hmmm…five seconds." They heard Lin Xulian said. Gong Weixie and his men felt cold air run down their spine. While Feng Jun Yi, Lin Huang and Rui had the same thought. 'As expected.' Then they heard her continue. "It is the fastest one I made. Pretty good right?"

Gong Weixie, who is currently pushed down, immediately admitted defeat. He never expected that the small and fragile looking "old man" has a terrifying poison on his hand. "Fine! Fine! I surrender. I could give you a helpful information for free as compensation."

"Oh? What is it about Master Gong?" Lin Xulian said in her old man voice.
But her disdain and lack of trust is evident.

"Yanchang herb isn't a cure, I know it that much. It is usually used while searching for the actual cure. I needed an herb called Buxiu. It is said that it could cure anything. I know where it is."

Hearing that his information is about the Buxiu herb, Lin Xulian and Feng Jun Yi faltered. Lin Huang immediately let him go. "Zhen will accept that information and also all your Yanchang herb. End of conversation." Feng Jun Yi said in an intimidating way.

Gong Weixie relented. Young people are surprisingly fearsome. "Fine! It is with the Xing family. The imperial family of Zhixiang country. I asked for a trade for the herb but they never gave in."

Feng Jun Yi stiffened. When he regained his senses, he had an odd expression on his face. Gong Weixie asked his remaining able subordinate to fetch the Yanchang herb and give it to them. If he could he wanted to throw them out immediately.

Once Feng Jun Yi's group left, Gong Weixie asked his Lord. "My Lord, why did you gave them that information. Do you really need to help them that much?"

"Help them? Who knows. Feng Jun Yi can only tell if it is a help or not." Then he thought of an idea. "Sell the information to emperor Xing Wenhe. Tell him that emperor Feng needs his Buxiu herb." Gong Weixie returned to his bedchamber while his subordinate went to do his mission.


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