The Empress is Dead
53 Chapter 53 Men’s Nightmare
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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53 Chapter 53 Men’s Nightmare

When Lin Xulian and her companions left the manor of Gong Weixie, they didn't immediately leave as Xulian requested. "Gong Weixie will surely kill those women he used over the years who were still alive. I want to save them. They are women of the Jianghu. I am sure I could make use of them. It is a pity to leave them to die." Xulian said.

Because of this, they entered the territory secretly that night. They were able to gauge their enemies' skills earlier so they are sure that they could do this mission perfectly. And just as expected, while they are hiding on the roof of one building, they saw some men pulling a cage. When they followed them, they end up in a vacant lot with a deep pit. It is obvious that they are planning to bury the women alive.

Being a woman herself, this made Lin Xulian furious. She led the attack. Due to her anger, the result got messy and bloody. "Gong Weixie will surely know that we are behind this." Lin Huang said seeing the mess Lin Xulian left.

"Are you worried big brother?" Lin Xulian raised an eyebrow towards her big brother.

"Worried? Are you looking down on your gege, Lian'er?" Lin Huang said with both eyebrows lifted.

"I know you are more eager to kill that old man than I am. But I'm afraid I already beat you to it big brother." Lin Xulian gave him a mysterious and also mocking smile.

"What did you do?" Rui joined in. He knows Lin Xulian isn't kind enough to treat a lecherous old man without a catch.

"I added a special ingredient to his medicine." She said keeping the mystery.

"Did you put a poison to kill him?" Feng Jun Yi speculated.

"Isn't that a bit too easy for him? Because of his indecent deeds, these women end up sick just like him. He caught syphilis and instead of learning his lesson and rethink his lifestyle, he spread his disease instead. So I took away his pleasure to enjoy playing with women." Lin Xulian said in a cold tone.

"Did you make him impotent?" Feng Jun Yi said in disappointment. The other two aren't satisfied as well. They wanted to return and kill that demon once and for all.

"Impotent? That is too common. He could easily find someone to cure that. What I gave him won't take away his ability to do the deed. But he won't be able to finish." Lin Xulian said with mirth in her eyes. She could already imagine the frustration from Gong Weixie's face. But to her disappointment, she didn't get the reaction she wanted from the three men. They only looked at her with knitted brows.

Even though she knows that her brothers are virgins, they are men. They should understand, right? She even understands the pain by just reading the medical explanation of it. "After one week his discharge will fully coagulate and he won't be able to ejaculate no matter what he does. That is why I ask him to abstain for a week. That is very painful. He won't be able to enjoy it anyway so he will soon lose interest in getting intimate with women. As a lecherous man that is worse than death. It is a man's worst nightmare. Do you agree now?" Lin Xulian tried to explain but the two focused on martial arts so they had no idea with her medical terms. Maybe if she used layman's term they might get the idea. Unfortunately, she doesn't know any of those. "Whatever. In other words, he would end up in a much worse disease on his prostrate and even the Yanchang herb won't be able to help. He will still die."

When she finally said that Gong Weixie will still die, even though they don't understand the process, they finally became satisfied. On the other hand, Feng Jun Yi's face is already as red as a tomato hearing Lin Xulian speak about such things. He didn't have any experience himself but he isn't that clueless. Even though she used medical terms and said them without malice, he is still embarrassed. Unlike the Lin brothers, he knows a lot of words and he understands everything she said.


When they left the territory, they took the women with them. They stopped on an inn in the nearest town and rent a whole courtyard. Lin Xulian spent their stay treating the women. Only ten women was left alive from dozens of Gong Weixie's harem. It turned out that he used every way possible to get his desired woman. He would threaten them and their families or even kidnap them. He doesn't chose from prostitutes, nobles, peasants and even married women.

The remaining ten are all martial artists. They joined the Jianghu to earn money through their strength and skills. But they caught the demon's interest instead. Ever since then, their lives were ruined. The got sick and they didn't even gain a single gold coin. If not for their good body foundation from practicing martial arts, they were all long dead.

By saving and treating them, they looked at Lin Xulian with gratitude and simultaneously kneeled and kotowed. "Thank you, mistress for saving us! To show our gratitude we are willing to serve you as your slave. You saved our lives so it would belong to you. Make use of us from now on!" One of the women said while crying. The rest also agreed while also crying.

"I won't take you as slaves. But I will need your help in the future. I need you to regain your strength and you all shall return to An Valley to turn the Jianghu upside down. I will let you meet our mercenary. They will aid you in this revenge mission. I will give you more than enough time so you better work hard and get even stronger. My brother, Rui have been thinking about reforming the Jianghu and this would be our best chance." Lin Xulian gave them a confident smile.

The women are more than happy to comply. The Jianghu ruined their lives but they couldn't change the fact that it is the home for thousands of martial artists who doesn't belong anywhere. Those people rely on the brotherhood's name to be able to live and do their work without being threatened and thrown away. This is true for the merchants and entertainers. The only bad thing about the brotherhood is the assassins who doesn't choose their targets and the Lord himself. As long as you take those away, the Jianghu will be totally reformed. The assassins won't be totally taken out but at least they could gain some of their humanity back.


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