The Empress is Dead
58 Chapter 58 Third Prince’s Support 1
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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58 Chapter 58 Third Prince’s Support 1

After the treatment and Lin Xulian left, Lu Yaoyao went to hers and the third prince's shared courtyard. She found her husband in his study doing his usual job. She told him about everything that Lin Xulian said and also about the treatment. "The treatment is already done. I don't really feel different but definitely not bad. Also I don't know if I should believe her. They are my family after all. My heart cannot accept the fact that they are poisoning me and trying to meddle with my marriage. What do you think Jun Yan?" Lu Yaoyao said with conflicting emotions in her face.

Feng Jun Yan held her hands. "I am not really sure. The empress said we should wait for one month. We will do that for now then decide afterwards. As for her motive, I doubt that emperor brother asked her to treat you to gain support. Although we are not enemies now, it would be hard for him to trust me." He said while thinking about the past between his mother's family, the Yun family and the Li family. Lu Yaoyao knew about their past since her husband never hide anything from her.

Ever since the beginning of the empire, the family heads of the Yun and Li family are sworn brothers. They supported each other and are always on the same side. The two families still had a good relationship even after decades and even more than a century.

During the time of Imperial Noble Concubine Li and Concubine Yun's childhood years, they fell in love with the same man. But emperor Feng Jun loved Imperial Noble Concubine Li. Concubine Yun was still happy for her friend and beloved man and decided to move on. Suddenly, Feng Jun took her in his harem not long after he married her friend. She was happy but because of this, her friendship with Imperial Noble Concubine Li was destroyed.

Their relationship worsened when Imperial Noble Concubine Li got pregnant and emperor Feng Jun visited Concubine Yun more often. For some reason, she found it hard to get pregnant. Later on, she found out that it was Imperial Noble Concubine Li's instigation. Because Concubine Yun felt guilty and also felt like she stole her friend's man, she just let her be and still willingly took the poison. Unfortunately for Imperial Noble Concubine Li, because of Concubine Yun's delay of pregnancy the emperor had more reason to visit her.

Because of her pregnancy, Imperial Noble Concubine Li became more jealous and unreasonable. This caused the emperor to be fond of the caring and understanding Concubine Yun. Concubine Yun had an angelic beautiful face but she could also be considered boring since she doesn't like dressing up and putting make up. Despite her plain look, she is sweet, caring and a good listener. The emperor could rant his frustration in front of her while she is giving him a massage. To him the empress Lan Yue gave him his power, Imperial Noble Concubine Li gave him the desire of his heart while Concubine Yun was his soulmate.

A month before Imperial Noble Concubine Li gave birth, Concubine Yun stopped eating the poisoned food and became pregnant. She knew that once Imperial Noble Concubine Li gave birth, the emperor won't come back to her. She wanted to at least have one child with him. When her pregnancy was confirmed, she visited Imperial Noble Concubine Li to beg her to let her keep the child and also promised to never seek the emperor's attention. She also promised that if her child is a prince, she won't let her child fight for the throne.

After Imperial Noble Concubine Li gave birth, the emperor never returned to Concubine Yun's palace again. She doesn't mind it as long as she will be able to keep her child. But aside from distancing herself from the emperor, she also had to help Imperial Noble Concubine Li with her shady schemes. This includes poisoning the new concubines since they are cautious with Imperial Noble Concubine Li's jealousy. The seemingly harmless Concubine Yun is perfect for the job.

But they didn't foresee that the emperor will get a servant pregnant before he promoted her as a low rank concubine. It was the fourth prince mother Concubine Chu. This made Imperial Noble Concubine Li furious but a few months later she got pregnant with the fifth prince. Concubine Yun on the other hand had to make sure no one else in the emperor's harem will get pregnant. Even though Lan Yue is the empress, the back palace was controlled by Imperial Noble Concubine Li.

Everything went as usual until suddenly the news of the empress's pregnancy with the sixth prince shook the entire palace, especially Imperial Noble Concubine Li. This drove her to madness and command her servants to put poison on the empress's food and drink. She didn't plan it well and the amount of poison was too much that the empress almost died on the spot. This also gave everyone the idea about the main culprit.

But instead of helping the empress, the emperor threatened everyone in the palace to keep mum about the incident. He chose to protect his beloved woman and the empress had to fight for her and her child's life alone. The empress became bedridden until she gave birth. Although the sixth prince was able to live, he was born sickly while the empress didn't survive. No one helped them including Concubine Yun.

After the emperor died and Feng Jun Yi sat on the throne Concubine Yun chose to live on an isolated temple to repent from the guilt. She left her already married son but reminded him to stay away from the imperial battle.


Because of what happened in the past, Feng Jun Yi completely changed. In his early age of eleven he had to be cold to protect his brother and seek justice all by himself. He pushed himself to be the smartest and the most capable leader. He also became the best martial artist that even the generals and soldiers feared and respect him. Too bad the previous emperor Feng Jun still protected his enemy until his last moment.

This also distanced Feng Jun Yi from his other brothers aside from the fourth and sixth prince. His relationship with the third prince also became awkward. For the third prince, he would understand if the emperor will categorize him as one of his enemy considering that the past between their mothers wasn't that good. So the thought of the emperor helping him for his support is beyond him. He thinks that Lin Xulian is just simply compassionate and treated his wife out of her own kindness.

But whatever her reason is, he decided that once his wife got pregnant he will approach the emperor and will offer his support. He will do it out of gratitude to the empress and also as an apology for his mother's decisions. Although it will expose him to the risks that his mother tried hard to protect him from. "I think I should take this as a chance to reconcile with emperor brother."

"That would be a good idea Jun Yan. Even I don't see why you keep distancing yourselves from each other. It happened between your mothers and you two are both innocent. Thinking about it carefully, your mother only did what she did to protect you from Empress Dowager Li. You should have the same enemy." Lu Yaoyao said with obvious puzzlement. Feng Jun Yan only replied with a sigh.


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