The Empress is Dead
59 Chapter 59 Third Prince Support 2
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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59 Chapter 59 Third Prince Support 2

Just before the day ended, a jade box of jasmine tea was delivered to the third prince's manor for wangfei Lu Yaoyao in replacement for the wasted ones earlier that day. If it was before Lin Xulian's warning, Lu Yaoyao would be very happy. But now she felt sad and disappointed. She kept the jade box in the topmost shelf and told her servants not to brew the tea for the time being. The servants were puzzled but still oblidged.


One month passed so quickly and the third prince Feng Jun Yan requested an imperial physician to do a check-up on his wife. And as Lin Xulian said, they were greeted by the best news they've gotten so far in their three years of marriage. "Congratulations your highness! Wangfei is one month pregnant!" The imperial physician said in an excited tone. Not long after, the news already spread throughout the third prince's manor and soon reached outside.

The news soon arrived in the palace but what surprised Feng Jun Yi is the third prince's sudden visit. The two of them only interact with each other during morning court meeting and formal gatherings so this visit is out of the norms. The third prince formally greets the emperor and speaks first. "Emperor brother, I know you are wondering why I am here. As you know a month ago my wangfei held a tea party and the empress came. Also during that day, she told Yaoyao that she was being poisoned that is why she never got pregnant. The empress treated her and now she finally got pregnant. The point is I want to thank the empress personally but I am not allowed in your back palace. I would like to thank you instead emperor brother."

Hearing his third brother's reason for his visit, Feng Jun Yi's eyebrows rose. He never asked Lin Xulian about her movements and decisions as long as it doesn't concern him directly or the empire. He promised to give her absolute freedom after all. He also trusts her and knows that she would talk to him if anything important happened. Since she didn't tell him about the third prince's wangfei's treatment, he assumed that this has nothing to do with him and she only did it out of her own willingness. He knew that she is soft hearted despite her valiance and strength.

"Is that so? Zhen never heard of it but Zhen will surely deliver your message. Anyway, congratulations on finally being a father." Feng Jun Yi said flatly.

Hearing his reply, Feng Jun Yan knew that Feng Jun Yi didn't asked his empress to help them and thus the motive of roping them on the emperor's side is not their plan. "I also have another reason on meeting you personally emperor brother." Feng Jun Yi didn't reply but just waited for his brother to start speaking. "I would like to apologize in behalf of my mother's decisions in the past. She did it all because of me so I hope you would just put the blame on me. Also I would like to offer my alliance not just for compensation but also because I am more than thankful for the empress's help"

Feng Jun Yi knitted his brows. "You do realize that the empress's help wasn't instigated by Zhen, third brother."

Feng Jun Yan looked at his eldest brother with alarmed expression. He doesn't know why his brother doesn't seem to be pleased by his offer of alliance. 'Did I misinterpret brother emperor? Does he not want my support at all? It seems like he hates me so much.' Feng Jun Yan lowered his head in shame. He felt like he went ahead of himself. His brother is capable so why would he need his help. "I know emperor brother. But I don't feel right by just taking this huge favor without giving something back. I know my influence isn't that great but it is all that I have that I can offer. I'm sorry for disappointing you brother."

Hearing his words Feng Jun Yi sighed. "I didn't mean it that way. If you want to offer your alliance you don't have to do it as a compensation or as a payment. Do it because you acknowledge me as your brother." Then Feng Jun Yi gave him his rare smile that stunned the third prince. He never saw his eldest brother smile. Especially towards him.

"But the thing between our mothers—" Feng Jun Yan didn't manage to finish his words when Feng Jun Yi waved his hand to stop him from talking further.

"It wasn't your mother's fault. It's not just her but the entire palace turned their backs on my empress mother. It wasn't because they didn't want to but because they can't. Father protected that woman to the point that I can't even lay a hand on her even after ascending to the throne. I can't blame your mother because that woman held a firm grasp on father's affection." Feng Jun Yi said while leaning lazily on his seat. Feng Jun Yan didn't miss the sudden informal way of his speech. He can't give any reply at all.

The door of the imperial study suddenly burst open. The ever lively fourth prince Feng Jun Yao entered without even asking for permission. Feng Jun Yi didn't have any reaction much to Feng Jun Yan's surprise. This shows that this scene often happens. "Big brother—!" Feng Jun Yao suddenly stopped when he noticed that someone else is inside. "Third brother? Your here!" the fourth prince is so surprise finding the third prince inside the imperial study together with their eldest brother alone. He looked between the stupefied third prince and their eldest brother who is calmly and lazily leaning on his seat. "Did something good happen big brothers?"

"There is. Third brother will join us on our drink today. We will celebrate for his wife's pregnancy. This child would be our first nephew or niece so we will celebrate along with him." Feng Jun Yi said with a rare cheerfulness in his voice. This gave Feng Jun Yao a clue that their third brother is finally on their side.

"Oh! Great! Third brother I only brought two cups. I will get another one really quick. Big brother and I often drinks together alone. Good thing you could finally join us. Maybe this time he would nag you instead of me. Hahahaha…" Feng Jun Yao said in a very cheerful tone that Feng Jun Yan can't keep up with his energy. He never knew that his fourth brother had this cheerful and childish side. To think that he is even acting this way in front of their emperor eldest brother. During gatherings the fourth prince would just stay on the side drinking and eating to his heart content and not minding anyone else. He thought that Feng Jun Yao was a silent type.

"Uhhh…bothers I don't think I'm catching up." Feng Jun Yan finally said. He felt like he went to the wrong place and this two brothers were fakes.

Feng Jun Yao just replied with a loud laughter and Feng Jun Yi poured the wine in three cups then said. "You two sit down and let's start celebrating."


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