The Empress is Dead
60 Chapter 60 Failed Plan
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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60 Chapter 60 Failed Plan

While the three brothers are celebrating, Empress Dowager Li is currently throwing a tantrum in the second prince's manor. In front of her is the Lu family's second master, Lu Yaoyao's uncle, together with his daughter Lu Yina. He is trembling while kneeling from fear. "Incompetent! How did that Lu Yaoyao got pregnant? How about the poisoned tea? If your daughter can't marry into the third prince manor, then how are we supposed to rope him into my son Feng Jun Yu's side?!" Second master Lu couldn't reply. He doesn't know what went wrong. They constantly sent the tea to the third prince manor and according to his spies his niece is still drinking her tea as usual. But no one knew that the tea she was drinking was a different one.

"Your majesty, this servant doesn't know what had happened. Everything went as usual. The tea was sent and drank by Lu Yaoyao. Everything went according to plan but–." He can't finish his words because he doesn't even know what to say.

"Obviously everything didn't go according to plan! If it is, then Lu Yaoyao shouldn't be pregnant!" Empress Dowager Li said furiously.

The silent Lu Yina decided to speak. "Your majesty, I don't know if this is related but a month ago Yaoyao held a tea party and the Empress attended as well. During that party Yaoyao gave the empress some of her Jasmine tea for her to taste." She said timidly while trembling. This is the first time she met the Empress Dowager while she is angry so she can't help but be scared.

"What did you say? That Lin Xulian drank the tea?" Hearing that, Empress Dowager Li threw the pot of tea nearest her towards the father and daughter duo. "That b**ch can even make that trash sixth prince practice martial arts because of her medical skills. Do you think she can't discover that simple poison?! Listen you two. Whatever the third prince will do to you, never mention your connection to me. Believe me you wouldn't want to make enemies with me! You failed so you should bear the consequences!"

Second Master Lu panicked. "Your majesty, you were the one who approach this servant for assistance. You said you will take care of us and rose to the top together. You can't abandon us just like that." Lu Yina on the side started to cry because of both fear and despair. Fear for their life because she realized that the empress knew that she was poisoned during the party and that would be enough for her to issue the extermination of their family line. Also despair because her chance to marry her beloved man is totally gone.

"That is only true if you were competent enough. This failure proves that you aren't cut out to be a part of my son's power." Empress Dowager Li rose from her seat and faced her servants. "Send this two out. Make sure no one will see them leave the second prince's manor." The Empress Dowager's word shattered the Second Master Lu's hope. He knew right then that the end of his branch of Lu family is decided. They were dragged towards the secret passage of the second prince's manor that would lead them outside.


On The highest roof of the second prince' manor, a black clothed man is crouching while observing the manor's servant while they were leading two people towards a secret passage. After the people disappeared from his sight, he silently left the second prince's manor and returned to the palace.

The black clothed man is no other than but Lin Rui. Once he returned to the Phoenix palace, he directly went to Lin Xulian's clinic knowing that she treats her clinic like her chamber more than her own courtyard. As expected, she is there making who knows what. Lin Xulian noticed him and without retracting her eyes away from her medicines she said. "Big brother Rui, where were you this time?"

"I went to the second prince's manor to observe them a bit." He said in an awkward manner. He felt like he is doing something shady. He never told Lin Xulian that ever since the second prince's attempt to abduct her he would use his spare time spying the second prince. During those times he had a lot of chance to kill that lecherous bastard but he thought that Lin Xulian would be upset if her prey will fall to other people's hands.

Rui successfully caught her attention then she faced her brother. "If you are telling me this it means something interesting happened right?" She said with shining eyes filled with curiosity.

Rui sighed helplessly. Even though the second prince and his mother pisses Lin Xulian off, she never took them as a threat so she is treating them like an amusement. "I saw the Lu family second master visiting the second prince's manor together with his daughter. They had a private chat with the Empress Dowager. I didn't eavesdrop so I don't know what they talked about. But I knew that this has something to do with the third prince's wife's pregnancy. The news spread throughout the empire then later on Lu family second master entered the manor with a face full of panic. Then they left the manor through a secret passage."

"Heeeeeh~ The second prince again huh. And the Empress Dowager is part of it too." Lin Xulian said while stroking her chin. Then she straightened her body and her red robes then said. "Come on big brother, let's go visit some scared cat." Lin Xulian had a mysterious smile that tells that she has another mischievous plan. And as a supportive big brother, Rui never thought of objecting.


When Second Master Lu arrived in his manor, he went straight to his study. His despair is evident in his face. But his heart almost jumped when he saw someone sitting on his chair. The person is a woman with a fiery red robes. Her face is angelic. A kind of face that would make you feel thankful that you were born in the same lifetime. But to Second Master Lu, her presence is like the final nail to his coffin because the woman is no other than the Empress Lin Xulian. He only has one thought, he is doomed. His leg went soft and kneeled on their own in front of Lin Xulian. Lin Xulian is taken aback. She hasn't started yet but her prey already lost his will to fight.

"Y-your majesty!" Second Master Lu don't even know what to say to save his life at this moment.

"My, my. Calm down Second Master Lu. I am not here to behead you or something. That would be negotiable if you just hear me out." Lin Xulian said with a sweet smile.

Hearing that his fate is still open for negotiation, Second Master Lu felt like a ray of light of hope shone down on him. But what Lin Xulian said next shattered that hope in an instant.

"I heard that you visited the second prince's manor earlier and had a little cozy chat with the Empress Dowager." She said while her sweet smile turned into a cold one. "How about you drag her into the muddy water together with you. Maybe you won't get that drenched and dirty since you'll be sharing it with her. What do you think Second Master Lu?"


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