The Empress is Dead
62 Chapter 62 Empress Dowager Li’s Downfall
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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62 Chapter 62 Empress Dowager Li’s Downfall

After Second Master Lu revealed the involvement of Empress Dowager Li in his crime, the crowd went to an uproar. The emperor's faction took the lead in increasing the chaos. This is a rare chance for them to possibly take down the Empress Dowager. "Your majesty, please reconsider. Second Master Lu said that the master mind is someone else. Please make a thorough investigation." One of the court official said. The emperor's faction echoed his statement and simultaneously replied. "Please reconsider your majesty!"

Empress Dowager Li rose from her seat and arrogantly faced Feng Jun Yi. "Feng Jun Yi! You must remember the decree handed down by your father! This is an obvious slander. Don't use this careless statement against me just for the sake of bringing me down! This empress will not take this injustice lying down!"

"Don't over react Empress Dowager Li. We are still investigating. I suggest you shouldn't act guilty just yet. And also please mind where you are. Addressing the emperor in his given name in public is a crime itself." Lin Xulian said with an obvious mockery.

Seeing that his mother is in disadvantage, Feng Jun Yun decided to butt in. Although he hated his mother for not supporting him instead of his brother, he can't let his brother's power to go to waste. He also doesn't believe that his stupid brother could give any help in this kind of trouble. This is also his chance to show his mother who is more worthy to sit on the throne. "Please calm down mother. Her majesty the Empress is right. We still have to investigate." He then faced the emperor and gave a courteous bow. "Emperor brother, you are a just ruler. Please investigate thoroughly and punish the real culprit."

Feng Jun Yi looked at his fifth brother. This brother for him is the most capable one. Good thing that the stupid Empress Dowager Li chose to support the incapable second prince instead of this one. If his rival for the throne is the fifth prince, he thinks that keeping a stable hold of the throne will be more difficult. "Do not worry fifth brother, this case is for our third brother to handle. Zhen will only listen and act as a judge according to the evidences presented." Feng Jun Yi said but for the third prince, knowing that it is possible that Empress Dowager Li is involve in his wife's poisoning, viewed this as a chance to drag her down and also be useful for his eldest brother.

Empress Dowager finally calmed down. She was just momentarily muddled after hearing her name being dragged in Second Master Lu's crime. But now she realized that without an evidence what Second Master Lu said will be purely a random grumbling. She regained her composure and sat down.

Second Master Lu panicked. He looked at Lin Xulian hoping that he could get a sign of what he should do next. Last night she only said that he should mention the Empress Dowager Li's involvement in his crime. Now he is at loss of what he should do next. If only he listened in her arrangement. He was about to lose hope when two imperial guards entered the court while escorting a servant towards the front. He knows the servant. It was the one who delivered the poison every month. Seeing her, he found a ray of hope. "It is her! Your majesty she is a servant of the Empress Dowager; she delivers the poison every month."

Seeing the servant, Empress Dowager Li's eyes widened and her face paled. Her mind is full of question as to why this servant is here. She admits that she forgot about this servant. She should have dispose her first. Empress Dowager Li clenched her fists under her sleeves. Once she makes it out fine this time she would surely punish this servant.

The third prince finally spoke. Last night a servant of the Empress Dowager secretly went to his manor to confess. He also noticed the whip marks on her exposed skin in her neck and hand. She was also present when the Empress Dowager and Second Master Lu was talking about the third prince's wangfei's pregnancy. Right then she knew that if she doesn't try to save herself, she will be disposed. "Emperor brother, this servant said that she has an evidence." Feng Jun Yi took out a small parcel and the jade box containing the Jasmine tea.

Feng Jun Yan called out all the imperial physician to examine and compare the content of the parcel and the Jasmine tea. And as expected, the same poison is added to the tea. "Explain the origin of this poison in this court and why do you have this." Feng Jun Yan said to the servant. The servant is shivering but she tried to harden her resolve. If she fails, it would mean death to her and maybe even her family.

The servant faced the emperor and kotowed while confessing loudly. "Replying to your highness and reporting to your majesty the emperor. This servant was assigned by the Empress Dowager to deliver this poison to the second branch of the Lu family every month."

"Tell us for what purpose." Feng Jun Yan continued to probe.

"Replying to your highness, I-it is to prevent the third princess from getting pr-pregnant and pressure your highness to take in a concubine. T-this will give a chance to get Lady Lu Yina to enter the third prince manor and influence the third prince to enter the second prince's faction." The servant said while trying hard to prevent herself from stuttering in fear and nervousness.

"Impudent! How dare you slander this Empress!?" Empress Dowager Li stood up furiously.

"Empress Dowager Li, there is always two sides of the story. At this rate Zhen will ask the majority to hand down the verdict." Feng Jun Yi. Once he stated his decision, he faced the officials. "To those who believe the Empress Dowager's guilt show your verdict."

Knowing that the majority will decide her guilt, Empress Dowager Li gave a cold smile. Unknown to Feng Jun Yi and Feng Jun Yan, she already managed to threaten some of the third prince's people. It was just half but it would be enough to get a favorable result. As expected Feng Jun Yi's faction which consists two-fifths of the court raised their hands. It was followed by half of Feng Jun Yan's people. In total only half of the court agreed that the Empress Dowager is guilty. This would not be enough to punish her.

Seeing the result, Feng Jun Yi is disappointed. But when he saw the cold smile in Lin Xulian's face, his eyebrows raised. Just when Empress Dowager Li is about to gloat and emphasize that she can't be punished since half isn't a majority, five court officials raised their hands. These five people is enough to tip the balance. But what shocked the Empress Dowager and even the second and the fifth prince is the identity of the court officials. They are no other than the fathers of the second prince's concubines. Even Feng Jun Yi looked surprise. All them have one thought. 'WHY?'

Lin Xulian on the other hand looked calm. Seeing her unruffled expression, Feng Jun Yi can't help but praise her ability. Although he doesn't know how she did it but he is certain that she made this all happen.


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