The Empress is Dead
66 Chapter 66 Unexpected Gifts and Guests 1
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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66 Chapter 66 Unexpected Gifts and Guests 1

While the party is going on, a eunuch announced the arrival of a guest. "Prince Lan Hong of the Fanrong country arrives!". A handsome and tall young man about the same age as Feng Jun Yi entered the hall. Following him is a horde of servants carrying a large chest. He is wearing a bluish green robes with embroidered scales on the edges using silver thread. Some may think that it was scales of a dragon that often symbolizes the emperor. But knowing the origin of the young man is from the Fanrong, which is known as the country by the sea and focuses their trade in marine products, the design symbolizes a fish.

Prince Lan Hong is the youngest prince of the Fanrong country and also the general. Since their country prioritizes peace through generations, their martial arts and military practices focused on defense. But it doesn't mean that they are weak. Prince Lan Hong is even talented enough to train alongside Feng Jun Yi from a mysterious master. He is a very handsome man with a rare facial features. Bronze skin from being often exposed to the sun, aquiline nose, brown colored hair and his most striking features, his blue eyes. Since they are close to the sea, they also have a lot of chance to have an encounter with people from other continent. And Prince Lan Hong is an obvious result.

When he reached the front, Feng Jun Yi gave him a small almost unnoticeable smile showing that the two have a close relationship. "Thank you for coming Hong."

"Of course I'll come. This is the first time you held a celebration for your birthday. I wouldn't want to miss this Yi. Big brother emperor wanted to come but one of his concubine just gave birth to a princess. This is his third princess. He is a bit disappointed but still happy about being a father again." Lan Hong thought something then looked at the two young women seated on the lower seat on the side. They are the emperor's concubines, Yu Yanyan and Lan Jingjing. He inwardly sighed. But when he saw the empress, his eyes brightened. "You should also work hard Yi and have a prince soon."

Hearing this, Lin Xulian who quietly stayed on the side smiled stiffly. This day is for Feng Jun Yi so she decided to stay quiet and remain low key. She doesn't want to steal the limelight. But somehow the attention still shifted towards her. Feng Jun Yi on the other hand sipped his wine to cover his burning cheeks. He stealthily looked at his empress and saw her awkward expression. They both know that their relationship as husband and wife is a bit special. Even though he is open to the idea of having a child with her, he knew that she is not and he respects that. Also their relationship doesn't have love but purely mutual benefit. But they can't let the rest know so he replied. "That time will come Hong."

His reply is short but the effect on the crowd is tremendous. Everyone is aware that Feng Jun Yi never visited his concubines during the night. This made them worry that maybe the emperor isn't capable. But his words right now reassured them that the Feng's bloodline will not end. On the other hand, a very disappointed Han Yimei is gnashing her teeth and wringing her handkerchief under her sleeves in hate. He hasn't noticed her from the start and now he is talking about having a prince with another woman right in front of her!

"Good! I am sure big brother will be happy about this." He then faced his servants and asked them to take the chest forward. "Yi, we heard that you've been searching around for rare medicinal ingredients so I brought you some. These are not considered rare in Fanrong but it surely is in Gonglu. These are aquatic herbs so they are soaked in sea water that is why it is a bit heavy. There is also some books containing their information. I bet you don't have those."

Feng Jun Yi thanked him then he looked at his fidgeting empress by his side. Lan Hong followed his line of sight and also took notice of Lin Xulian's unusual behavior. She was so calm just a while ago but now she is fidgeting and keeps glancing on the chest. "Bring the chest to the Phoenix palace." Feng Jun Yi ordered the servants. When he looked at his empress again, her eyes are sparkling almost blinding him. "The banquet is not done yet. The herbs can wait; they won't go anywhere." He said answering her silent plea.

Seeing their interaction, Lan Hong is amused. It seems the herbs are for Feng Jun Yi's empress. He also took notice the slight itch on his heart seeing Lin Xulian's expressions and thought to himself; 'How adorable.' "I never thought that you are a doting husband, Yi."

After he gave his gift, Lan Hong approached Feng Jun Yao then they shared the barrel of wine that Feng Jun Yao brought in. As expected, it wasn't a gift for the emperor but for himself. Despite not being related by blood, the two generals got along well because of their relationship with Feng Jun Yi.

The rest of the guests also stepped in front to present their gifts one by one. They didn't forget to drag their daughters with them in presenting the gifts. Their gifts include treasures, paintings and some even gave a performance in playing musical instruments and dance. The hall is filled with cheers and congratulations, until a eunuch entered the hall and announced the arrival of a guest.

"The envoy from Quiangdu country arrives!" The announcement shocked not just the guests but even Feng Jun Yi. They did send an invitation but no one expected that they would send someone over. Nonetheless, Feng Jun Yi still welcomed the unexpected guest.

As for the rest of the crowd in the hall, they marveled the appearance of the guest. They knew that even though some of the people from Quiangdu are mingling with them, they were not aware of it. The people from Quiangdu will keep their origin a secret. This is the first time they met someone who openly states that he is from Quiangdu. The guest looked like a young handsome man in his twenties but they are also conflicted because of the few white strands of his short hair. They are too afraid to ask though. The Quiangdu people are known as aloof and even the emperor of the destroyed Tongyi empire is afraid of them so they might as well play safe.

But they cannot deny the fact that the man is intimidating and looks powerful just by seeing his muscular body through his tight shirt and almost fitted pants. He also wore a fur coat that looks more like a cape. On his hand is a cage with a pretty little red bird inside. Even Lin Xulian who is always surrounded with outstanding men can't help but have a second look.


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