The Empress is Dead
70 Chapter 70 Troubles Brewing
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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70 Chapter 70 Troubles Brewing

While everyone is celebrating, inside the second prince's manor Feng Jun Yu threw another empty bottle of wine across the room. He watched it as it shattered to pieces before downing another bottle. His room is now filled with shattered bottles and the air have a strong stench of strong wine. Even bystander will get dizzy just by the smell. His heart is filled with anger and hate, not only to Feng Jun Yi but also towards the officials who previously swore their loyalty to him. But now they are fawning over his younger brother the fifth prince. Even his grandfather is no exception.

What infuriates him even more is that there is no female left in his manor. All of his concubines returned to their homes after their divorce was finalized. His wangfei on the other hand, even though they are not divorced yet, hasn't come back since the day of the trial. He doesn't need to think deeply to know that maybe she is currently in the arms of her other man. Even the servants begged the emperor and empress to relieve them from their post in the second prince's manor. He wanted to visit the brothels but he felt really uncomfortable seeing the mocking gazes of the people. Even those lowly prostitutes dared to reject him without fear.

Feng Jun Yu is about to down another bottle when a hand suddenly grabbed it. He was about to lash out on whoever is that impudent bastard, but his eyes widened instead after seeing who it was. "L-lord Gong Weixie?!" Feng Jun Yu didn't know what should he feel seeing the Lord of Jianghu. Although they are considered allies, that was pure business. Now that he has no power, the possibility of him being the next target for assassination is huge.

Gong Weixie sat down on a seat in front of Feng Jun Yu. "Calm down second prince. I am here on an errand but along the way I heard a few interesting news so I decided to give you a visit. And seeing your devastating state, I can tell that everything is true." Gong Weixie said while pouring a cup of wine for himself. "My errand involves the emperor. Would you like to come along?"

Feng Jun Yu knitted his brows. He felt relieved that the target is not him but also puzzled why they want to mess up with the emperor. As far as he knew, the only ones who contacts the Jianghu to deal with Feng Jun Yi is him and his mother. His mother is currently imprisoned in the cold palace so there is no way she could contact them. He can't think of anyone who has the motive to harm the emperor.

Seeing his puzzled expression, Gong Weixie gave him a few hints. "It is a personal vendetta." He can't divulge everything since it is embarrassing for a man to say that he is incapable of relieving his sexual needs. Ever since Feng Jun Yi brought someone to treat him, his pain during intercourse is gone. But it gotten worse after that. This time he can't ejaculate even though he can still perform. Despite using multiple women, his body would already give out but he still can't relieve himself. This cause tremendous pain in his lower abdomen. Now his urge and desire for sex totally died. His body already forgotten how climax felt like.

Hearing that this mission is personal, Feng Jun Yu didn't ask further. As long as the result is favorable for him it's enough. "How would you want to do this Lord Gong?"

"Your previous plan about the empress seems good. We can use that. I heard she is a beauty. But I refrain from taking used women so I want to leave it up to you second prince."

Feng Jun Yu got excited but he suddenly thought about the failed outcome of that plan. "But that plan failed Lord Gong. I don't think it would work."

Gong Weixie only laughed. "This time I'll do it personally. What are you worried for? Are you doubting my capability, Feng Jun Yu?" He then narrowed his warning eyes.

Feng Jun Yu immediately denied. "No! No, Lord Gong. Please forgive me for being muddle headed. I am just pessimistic nowadays because of everything that happened."

Gong Weixie nod in understanding. "Fair enough. But be careful next time second prince. I don't like it when someone is questioning my capability." Feng Jun Yu nod frantically in agreement.

"But entering the palace is a bit challenging. Specially getting near the empress. Aside from the imperial guards, her brother is always around to protect her. He is still a Lin although not biologically." Feng Jun Yu warned him.

"I am on par with their father Lin Xu in terms of skills in martial arts. Do you think those young sprouts are better than him and me?" Gong Weixie gave him a warning gaze that made Feng Jun Yu shiver.

But it never came to Gong Weixie's mind that while he was indulging himself with worldly desires, the Lins continued their growth in strength and skills. The proof is his inability to detect Rui who is currently sitting leisurely on the roof, stalking the second prince as usual.


After the banquet, Lin Xulian immediately went back to her Phoenix palace to rest. The red bird refused to enter its cage so Lin Xulian walked with it still resting on her shoulder. But when she entered her courtyard, she found her big brother Rui in her outer chamber waiting for her. He didn't attend the banquet and Lin Xulian knew that he went out to stalk the second prince again. Seeing him in her courtyard this late, she could tell that something happened. And she was right.

Rui told her everything he heard while eavesdropping in the second prince and Gong Weixie's conversation but the sight of the bird is distracting him. Entering and leaving the second prince manor is already like a walk on his own backyard for Rui. Coupled by his martial arts skills and training to become an effective mercenary specializing in spying, even Gong Weixie can't detect him.

After listening to her big brother Rui, Lin Xulian smiled in excitement. "Gong Weixie took longer time than expected. To think that he is still able to move around, I didn't expect him to be able to suppress his desire for women. If he continued his debauchery, he should be dead by now. Well at least I can still play with him. We can finally deal with the second prince at the same time. He is boring to play with anyway. Maybe this will make that pretentious fifth prince to finally make a move."

Lin Xulian made Rui wait for her while she changed her clothes. The clothes and accessories she wore during the banquet is too heavy. When she came out, she wore a simple red robe with white lotus embroidery. "Let's go visit my good friend. I know she would love to hear about the second prince."
She said while smiling mischievously.


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