The Empress is Dead
73 Chapter 73 Bond
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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73 Chapter 73 Bond

Lin Xulian spent a week in her clinic concocting the sixth prince's medicine. The Buxiu is a very rare herb and you'll need the whole plant to make a small bowl of medicine so she needed to make a lot of preparations and make sure that this one time will not be wasted. When she finally finished the concoction, she called the sixth prince over for the treatment. Of course Feng Jun Yi and Lan Jingjing wouldn't want to miss this moment.

Just like before, the medicine is aided with a medicinal bath. Feng Jun Ying has already adapted to the pain caused by the bath so he eased himself in the water without flinching. He dipped his body until his chest level and relaxed his muscles. Before Lin Xulian give him the medicine, she gave him a warning. "Ying'er, this is our only shot on this treatment so I didn't prepare any pain alleviating medicine. You have to bear with the pain and stay conscious no matter what, understand?"

Feng Jun Ying became nervous, but at the same time excited. Never in his life did he thought that he could be healthy again. But now a ray of hope shone down on him in the image of his sister-in-law. He nods his head and Lin Xulian could clearly see the determination and anticipation in his eyes. Lin Xulian gave him the medicine and Feng Jun Ying finished it in a few gulps. A few seconds later, he was assaulted with the most searing pain he had ever felt in his whole life. It felt like his bones are being crushed then patched up again. His muscles felt like they are being squeezed like a sponge. He wanted to remain strong but the pain is too much that he can't help but scream and cry.

Lin Xulian is confident that the medicine is just doing its job but seeing the pain that Feng Jun Ying is currently in, her heart felt like it is being crushed. She could only hold his hand to give him support. Feng Jun Yi on the other hand had to hold his brother down since he is trashing and turning inside the wooden tub. He can't help but think about the woman who caused this pain to his brother. He decided to give her a visit and see for himself how his empress is dealing with her. Meanwhile, Lan Jingjing is already crouching and crying on the side. She can't even look at the pained expression of her cousin, but she also doesn't want to leave.

The treatment lasted not just in minutes but in hours. Lin Xulian had to constantly remind Feng Jun Ying to stay awake. His voice is already hoarse from all the screaming and his trashing is already weak. Feng Jun Yi who previously had to hold him down, holds him up or else he would sink in the water. The medicinal bath that was previously greenish in color, darkened with a tinge of red. It looked like a murder happened instead of a treatment.

The moment Feng Jun Ying's screaming stopped and his body already relaxed, they took him out of the dirty medicinal bath. Lin Xulian checked his pulse and made sure that he didn't faint before he is rinsed. When he was finally clean and dressed in a plain white robe, they placed him in his bed inside the Phoenix palace. Through all that, he fought his urge to sleep. He had to stay conscious until his sister-in-law tells him that it's fine.

Lin Xulian checked his pulse again. Although it is still weak, it is definitely free from poison. She then tucked him under the blanket and gave his head a few strokes. "You did well Ying'er. You can rest now. Have a good sleep and prepare yourself for training. I'll help you get stronger. Even stronger than big brother Rui." She then gave him an encouraging smile.

For the first time, Feng Jun Ying returned her with a smile and said in an almost inaudible hoarse voice. "Thank you, jiejie." He then closed his eyes and immediately fell asleep.

Lin Xulian felt like her heart literally melted. She doesn't understand it herself why she is so attached with Feng Jun Ying. Maybe because of her passion in medicine and Feng Jun Ying's case is the most complicated case she ever worked on. Or maybe she just wanted a younger brother to take care of. No matter what it is, she can feel it. There is a bond between them. The same bond she had with her family and the Lin Mercenary Clan.


Feng Jun Yi remain on the side watching the interaction between his brother and his empress. He felt a bit jealous seeing how Lin Xulian looked at his brother with a tender expression. Maybe if he gets sick one day he might receive the same treatment. But he realized that it would be nearly impossible since Lin Xulian is watching his health. He just shook his head trying to get the absurd idea out of his head.

Lin Xulian stood up to leave the sixth prince. Seeing this, Feng Jun Yi didn't check on his brother anymore and chose to accompany his empress back to her own courtyard. "Lian'er, thank you for doing all these for Ying'er. Not just for the treatment but also for dealing with Li Shanyao."

"No need to thank me. I hate those kind of people anyway. As for treating Ying'er, you can say it was because of my passion in medicine. I wanted to be like my mother. Wandering around the world while giving hope and life to other people. After treating Ying'er, I can't describe the satisfaction I felt. Right at that moment when he thanked me, I realized that this is what I want to do." Lin Xulian said while looking at a distance.

Feng Jun Yi couldn't understand it but he felt an annoying feeling in his heart. Seeing her with a faraway look, he thought for a moment that he might lose her one day. And he doesn't like that thought. "How about I build you a hospital? We can also gather the doctors in the country to help you out. That way you could realize your dream without wandering."

Right at that moment, they arrived at Lin Xulian's courtyard. She raised her head to look into his eyes. Seeing that he is serious, she felt warm. Feng Jun Yi is really spoiling her when it comes to her passion. She gave him a sincere gentle smile. "Thank you, Jun Yi."

Seeing that sweet smile, Feng Jun Yi's mind went blank and he unconsciously grabbed her for a hug. He even took a deep breath of her scent that shocked Lin Xulian and made her stiffen. Lin Xulian never had this close contact with another man other than her big brother Huang. But that was before she was ten, so she can't help but blush. This thing is new to her after all.


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