The Empress is Dead
74 Chapter 74 Abducting the Empress
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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74 Chapter 74 Abducting the Empress

After the hug, Feng Jun Yi left the Phoenix Palace awkwardly. That short moment confused him for days. Ever since he was eleven he was always on the edge and had to watch his own movements. It was the first time for him to let his guard down and he already did something out of his character. Every time the two of them are together during meals, he would try his best to not talk about the hug. Although that's all he could think about whenever he sees her.

Contrary to Feng Jun Yi's flustered self, Lin Xulian already forgotten about the hugging incident. Or should we say she didn't mind it at all. Although she got quite flustered during the hug since she was not used to it, she didn't think too deeply about it. Her mind is occupied by what Rui heard in the second prince manor. She's been waiting for them to make a move. She's getting bored to death. The hospital that Feng Jun Yi promised her is still under construction and they still don't have enough doctors.

Lin Xulian is currently in the palace garden having an afternoon snack in the pavilion together with the Xiao sisters and Yin Mei. "Boss, lately there are a lot of new servants and eunuch in the palace. But they change every day. Don't you find it suspicious?" Xiao Tian said while casually sipping her tea. Although she found it suspicious, she's not worried at all.

"Don't mind them. They are from the Jianghu. Just testing the waters." Lin Xulian is equally calm.

"Jianghu? Are you going to play with them boss? Can I come?" Xiao Tianshi said enthusiastically.

Listening to the three people talking casually, Yin Mei finally got the big picture. The members of the Jianghu is currently in the palace and Lin Xulian is not planning to deal with them. "Your majesty, are we not going to tell the emperor about this?" Yin Mei said worriedly on the side. Unlike the two Xiao sisters, she will still do her job as a servant even though Lin Xulian told her to sid and relax with her.

"He'll know sooner or later. Besides we cannot let them know that we are aware of their movements. But if anything happens, just tell him to bring as much witness as he can." Lin Xulian said with a chilling smile. She then faced the Xiao sisters. "Tian, Tianshi, inform big brother Huang about this. But make sure to tell him that he should not over react and trust me. Big brother Rui is with me anyway."

"Sure thing boss. But will young master listen to us?"

"He should be or else I will not talk to him if he ruins my game."

Yin Mei can't believe what she's hearing. They are talking about the Jianghu. The dangerous group that constantly attacked the emperor. This is some kind of a major thing right? Why are they so calm? But Yin Mei chose to listen to her master. All she needs to do is believe in her.


Lin Xulian walked around the garden alone after their afternoon snack. The Xiao sisters already left to go to the Lin manor, hoping to find Lin Huang. She also aked Yin Mei to leave and asked the servants to prepare dinner. She wants to be alone for a little time. Ever since she became an empress, she is constantly surrounded by servants and guards although she doesn't need them. She can always ditch them anytime but her Mei jiejie will constantly nag her.

Another reason why she wanted to be alone is because she felt a few presence lurking in the inconspicuous parts of the garden. And she could tell that these ones are much better than the previous ones who abducted her. Even the Xiao sisters can't deal with them. No wonder they can enter the palace with ease.

Behind the trees not far from Lin Xulian, a man is leisurely leaning on a trunk. It is Gong Weixie. He decided to abduct the empress himself. He cannot let this chance go. This revenge is important to him. He also heard that she is a doctor herself and managed to cure the sixth prince. He is thinking of making a deal with her to cure him too then he would let her live. And seeing how beautiful she is, he might as well make her his woman. Although he promised the second prince that he will give her to him, he can just take his words back. The girl is too beautiful to let go.

One of his subordinate went up to him and reported. "The empress is alone, Lord. No hidden guards and her brother is also not around."

Gong Weixie smile lecherously. He walked out from behind the tree and slowly approached Lin Xulian. "Good day your majesty."

Lin Xulian abruptly turned around to face him. She looked surprised and alarmed seeing the "stranger" in the palace garden. "W-who are you? How did you get here? No man other than the emperor is allowed to come here."

"The name is Gong Weixie your majesty." He said with a good natured smile.

"Gong Weixie of Jianghu?!" Lin Xulian said with wide eyes.

"I'm flaterred that you know about me your majesty." He then slowly walked closer to her while Lin Xulian is stepping back.

"Don't come closer! If the emperor knew about this he would surely find you and hunt you down!"

"Don't worry your majesty. I'll even call the emperor to join us later on." He said with a creepy laugh.

Lin Xulian got "scared" and turned around to run. But Gong Weixie caught her and gave her nape a chop that caused her to "faint". He didn't notice that Lin Xulian shifted her body a bit and he miss the specific spot. He then carried her himself.


From the roof of the Phoenix palace, Rui is currently on the edge of his sanity after witnessing everything that happened to Lin Xulian, specially when Gong Weixie chopped her nape. He wanted to just forget Lin Xulian's instructions and kill Gong Weixie right on that moment. Although he is far from them to the point that they can't detect his killing intent, he on the other hand can see everything clearly. This involves his Lian'er after all. When Gong Weixie carried Lin Xulian like a sack on his shoulder and left the palace, Rui followed them from a safe distance.

There is also another pair of eyes that witnessed everything. It was the Feng bird that Lin Xulian received from Quiangdu. The poor thing was left inside the cage for days with only Yin Mei taking care of it. But today he was able to slip out while Yin Mei is feeding him and the first thing he did is find his master. He also followed them from above just like how Rui did. No one can tell if he understood what's happening.


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