The Empress is Dead
76 Chapter 76 Empress’s Game 2
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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76 Chapter 76 Empress’s Game 2

In the second prince's hidden courtyard, Feng Jun Yu is anxiously waiting for Gong Weixie along with the empress, if ever he was able to successfully abduct her. They failed the last time, although he doesn't know what had happened, so he was worried that things would go south again. If this would fail again, they would suspect him immediately since he is the only one who has the motive. His younger brother is out of the question since he is not showing any since of rebellion.

When Gong Weixie arrived with Lin Xulian in his shoulder, Feng Jun Yu was caught off guard. He was expecting a struggling woman with tied up limbs and covered head. But the woman is out cold when they arrived. "Lord Gong, did you drug her?"

"Drug? You said she is proficient in medicine so poison doesn't work on her. Why would I drug her?" Gong Weixie said while looking at Feng Jun Yu as if saying that he is dumb.

"So….you hit her?" Feng Jun Yu asked carefully. He also hits women so he is not exactly worried but he would just play it safe with Gong Weixie. He doesn't want to judge him, or should he say he doesn't dare.

"It's the fastest way."

Feng Jun Yu just nod while following them until Gong Weixie placed Lin Xulian in the bed. Feng Jun Yu's face morphed into a hungry wolf-like look seeing the defenseless beautiful woman on the bed. But unfortunately for him, Gong Weixie shot him a freezing glare that confused him. "Lord Gong, I thought we've talked about it already? The woman is mine then you'll kill Feng Jun Yi."

"I changed my mind. This woman is adept in medicine. She will be a good addition in my ranks in the Jianghu." Gong Weixie then gave Feng Jun Yu a warning glare. Feng Jun Yu kept mum since he can't defeat Gong Weixie anyway. But deep inside he knew as a fellow man himself, Gong Weixie wants to keep the beauty for himself. Although he is not satisfied, Feng Jun Yu concede. As long as Feng Jun Yi ends up dead, he'll be contented.


Not far from the second prince's hidden courtyard, before Feng Jun Yu arrived at the gates, he was dragged, pinned down and hidden above a tree. His mouth was covered then his acupuncture points were pressed that caused him to lose his strength. He thought Feng Jun Yi ambushed him so despite his weakness he tried to fight his assailant. But his eyes widened the moment he recognized the attacker. "B-brother-in-law?!"

Lin Huang knitted his eyebrows hearing the way Feng Jun Yun addressed him. "Brother-in-law? I only have one sister, so I only have one brother-in-law."

Feng Jun Yun is caught off guard. He was too startled so he called Lin Huang as brother-in-law by mistake since he often fantasizes being Lin Xulian's husband instead of Feng Jun Yi. "The empress is my sister-in-law so as her brother you should be my brother-in-law too, right?"

Lin Huang got confused. "I don't think it works that way. Don't call me that."

"Y-yes. Sure, young master Lin." Feng Jun Yun heave a sigh of relief and wiped his imaginary sweat. "Ummm…can you please let me go now?" He is still currently pinned down by Lin Huang.

"I'll let you go if you won't try to ruin our plan. And that means you'll stay here and do nothing." Feng Jun Yun had no other choice but to heed to Lin Huang's instruction. As if he can even go against his dream brother-in-law so he just nods in surrender.

Lin Huang released his acupuncture points and looked at the courtyard's entrance. Feng Jun Yun followed his line of sight and found the emperor alone in front as if waiting for something. He knitted his brows and asked. "Are you going to help the emperor to deal with second brother, young master Lin?"

"I don't really care about your family feud, but your stupid brother is trying to lay his filthy hands on my sister." He then looked at Feng Jun Yun with his freezing cold eyes. "Watch how I will shred your brother to pieces."

Feng Jun Yun shivered seeing his cold eyes. But he still noticed an important content in his words. "Second brother is trying to what?"

"He abducted Lian'er with the help of Gong Weixie to lure Feng Jun Yi and she is currently inside that courtyard. Don't try to save your brother or I will shred you first." Lin Huang warned the fifth prince, but Feng Jun Yun didn't even hear the last part. His mind rotates around the thought of Lin Xulian being tied up and tortured by his brother just like what he always does to his victims.

"Then why are we still here? Shouldn't we be down there and save the empress?" Feng Jun Yun said worriedly.

"Are you underestimating my sister?" Lin Huang glared at him. "I am confident that she can ward them off but still as long as they dared to harm her, they are meant to die."

Feng Jun Yun is still not convinced, especially if the Lord of Jianghu is also involved. Even if Lin Xulian has skills in martial arts, she is still a woman. But he remembered that Lin Huang warned him not to do anything, even if he wants to save Lin Xulian. He knows that they still don't trusts him because of his relationship with the second prince.

While Feng Jun Yun is still contemplating whether he should risk his life and enter the courtyard despite Lin Huang's warning. Rui came and approached Lin Huang. "Big brother Huang."

"Rui, where is she?" Lin Huang asked with emotionless tone but Rui knows that Lin Huang is already raging.

"They left her inside the inner chamber."

"How about Gong Weixie and the second prince?"

"They are on their way. They left a few people to guard Lian'er. Should I go rescue her?"

Lin Huang thought for a bit. "Stay on guard around her. Let her play some more. She must have something in mind. Interfere if things go south."

"Understood big brother." Then Rui left after shooting a sharp glare at Feng Jun Yun.

Feng Jun Yun is at loss hearing their conversation. 'Play some more? What do they mean?' He can't understand why Lin Xulian's brothers seems so calm about the whole situation. 'It seems like I'm the only one who truly cares about her. I will save her no matter what. Maybe that way I could get her attention and her heart.'

Feng Jun Yun is so immersed in his delusion while not far from them, Gong Weixie and the second prince along with some of their subordinates came face to face with Feng Jun Yi. The two didn't notice that some of the Lin Mercenary are nearby and the imperial guards are on standby on a safe distance and only waiting for the emperor's signal.


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