The Empress is Dead
77 Chapter 77 Empress’s Game 3
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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77 Chapter 77 Empress’s Game 3

Inside the inner chamber of the second prince's hidden courtyard, the "unconscious" Lin Xulian rose from the bed and looked around the familiar room. Just like before the room is still bare, with only a large bed with white sheets in the center. The guards outside the room heard some movement from inside and they immediately entered. They found the relaxed Lin Xulian casually strolling around the empty room. They find it odd that she doesn't look like prisoner at all. Maybe she is still not aware of what she got herself into.

Lin Xulian didn't mind the presence of the guards. She has her back facing them while looking at the painting of a naked man and woman tangled in the sheets on the wall. She is used in seeing naked bodies in her medical books but the positions of the man and woman in the painting is a new thing for her. It was rather interesting. She understood the medical concept of coupling but this illustration is catchy.

"Do not move and go back to the bed or we will have no choice but to forcefully subdue you!" One of the guards warned. There are about ten of them in case someone might come to save her.

Lin Xulian didn't even turn around. "Where is Gong Weixie and the second prince? Did the emperor arrive yet?"

The guards were shocked on how she knew about the second prince's involvement. "You don't need to know." The guards slowly approach Lin Xulian. They were instructed not to harm her even though they might need to subdue her. They don't know how exactly they could do that, but they have to deliver.

When the guards were near enough, Lin Xulian suddenly turned around while throwing needles in a lightning speed. They received at least one needle shot each. "You don't really need to tell me. I'll just have my own fun while waiting then." She then started her favorite pastime, poison testing.


Feng Jun Yi just stood casually and emotionlessly as usual in the courtyard's entrance while waiting for the approaching Gong Weixie and Feng Jun Yu. When they were near enough, Gong Weixie smiled maliciously at Feng Jun Yi. "Good to see you again emperor Feng. You gave me a rather surprising gift the last time we met." The second prince knitted his brows hearing Gong Weixie's words. He had no idea that these two already met in person. He thought something might have happened that is why Lord Gong hates the emperor so much.

"Yes, Zhen helped you cure your illness Lord Gong. Zhen is just puzzled why you returned Zhen's good will by abducting Zhen's empress." Feng Jun Yi acted like he was ignorant on what really happened that time. "Can you tell Zhen what angered you Lord Gong."

Gong Weixie's face darkened. "The doctor you brought really did cure me but also gave me worse illness! Since I can't find that old man, I will just take my anger on you."

"Can you enlighten this emperor Lord Gong. Zhen can't see why this is Zhen's fault. And what exactly is the illness that the great doctor gave you? It could just be a residual effect or something of sorts." Feng Jun Yi said in a deadpan face.

Gong Weixie is now raging inside seeing that the emperor is acting like everything that happened to him doesn't have anything to do with Feng Jun Yi. In a sense the emperor really had nothing to do with his predicament since it was all Lin Xulian's doing. Of course Feng Jun Yi will never reveal it to Gong Weixie. "Quit pretending emperor Feng! You know exactly what had happened!"

Feng Jun Yi looked at him with confused expression. Even Gong Weixie is starting to doubt whether his current illness is just a residual effect of his previous one and Feng Jun Yi really had nothing to do with it. But whatever really happened, he had to deal with Feng Jun Yi. He had to finish what he started. Also having Feng Jun Yu as his puppet emperor is not a bad idea. "Since the doctor you presented is not up to par, you'll have to take responsibility! You even took my herbs and that was stealing! Stealing from the Lord of Jianghu. You have great guts emperor Feng."

Gong Weixie then raised his arm and his subordinates jumped in to fight Feng Jun Yi. Feng Jun Yi then unsheathe his long sword with a golden dragon hilt. The second prince who was watching on the side became excited. His smile and eyes look crazed seeing the people of Jianghu brandishing their weapons against Feng Jun Yi. But his smile slowly faded seeing that Feng Jun Yi is singlehandedly defeating his enemies.

Seeing that their attacks are futile against Feng Jun Yi, Gong Weixie called his men to retreat. "No wonder all those assassinations didn't work. You are really a talent in martial arts emperor Feng. But don't get too ahead of yourself. Just blame your luck that I decided to deal with you myself!" Then without a warning, Gong Weixie attacked Feng Jun Yi using his own long sword.

Although Feng Jun Yi is holding well against Gong Weixie, he is still constantly pushed back. This proves that the Lord of Jianghu is really someone to fear. But Feng Jun Yi is not scared at all. At most, he thinks that this is a good chance for him to develop his skills.

Lin Huang remained hidden above the tree with the fifth prince. For him, Gong Weixie is considered weak. But for Feng Jun Yi they are almost on par. But it could be said as good enough considering that he didn't learn from the Lin Martial Arts School. Not to brag but Lin Huang could say that the martial arts taught by his father is beyond what a normal martial arts school could offer. Not to mention that since he is a direct descendant, his father taught him some special skills so that he can fight alone despite the reputation of the Lin Mercenary Clan in fighting as a group.

The two princes on the other hand watched in disbelief. They didn't know that Feng Jun Yi reached another level in his martial arts. Even the fifth prince who thought that the distance between their strength is not that far felt like he needs to reevaluate his and the emperor's strength. While the second prince shivered in the thought that without their father's decree, Feng Jun Yi could easily swat him to death. Then their eyes even widened when Feng Jun Yi managed to land a blow once that made Gong Weixie retreat a few step and hold his wounded arm.

"Not bad emperor Feng." He said while panting. He won't admit that he is weaker than Feng Jun Yi but blames his illness. That is why he needs to end this quick. He gave his subordinates a signal through his eyes. Feng Jun Yi and Lin Huang didn't miss the subtle move


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