The Empress is Dead
78 Chapter 78 Lord“s Death
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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78 Chapter 78 Lord“s Death

The next moment, Gong Weixie attacked head on while his subordinates encircled Feng Jun Yi. This put Feng Jun Yi in disadvantage. Gong Wexie treated this mission seriously so he brought his strongest subordinates along. Seeing that he is in dire state, Lin Huang gave a signal to the hidden Lin Mercenary Clan to join the fiasco.

The sudden appearance of Feng Jun Yi's back-up caused the people from Jianghu to be momentarily disoriented. They were able to recognize the intruders as the Lin Mercenary Clan. This totally tip off their confidence. Gong Weixie is also alarmed. This is why he warned Feng Jun Yi to come alone. He is not worried that the mission might fail because he is quite confident, but he can't afford more casualty.

"I never thought that the mighty emperor Feng would not keep his words and still brought along some people despite the fact that I instructed you not to." Gong Weixie complained while delivering blows.

"You took Zhen's empress and she is the Lin clans treasure. You don't expect them to give her some hidden guards, do you? Of course they will come even without Zhen's words." Feng Jun Yi emotionlessly said while blocking.

Gong Weixie is stumped. Of course they would guard her well. He might have just got lucky that he was able to abduct her without resistance. Now he has no choice but to fight them off and retreat. He could at least kill Feng Jun Yi since that is his main purpose anyway.

The fifth prince remained above the tree with Lin Huang. Lin Huang thought that he is not needed anymore since although the fight is quite tight, Feng Jun Yi is holding well. The fifth prince on the other hand is torn. He wanted to slip out to save Lin Xulian but her brother refuses to leave him alone. He has no other choice but to watch the fight. Anyway, as long as Gong Weixie and the second prince is within his sight, he'll know that Lin Xulian is still safe.

But still Feng Jun Yun wants to impress her and save her like a prince saving a damsel. Then his eyes caught the sight of his elder brother sneaking around the battlefield holding a golden dagger. He can't help but sigh. His brother is not just stupid, he is also a coward. Even during fights he would still choose to use underhanded means. As a full blood brother, Feng Jun Yun is more humiliated than him.

But this move from his brother gave Feng Jun Yun a chance. When Lin Huang saw that the second prince is planning to attack from behind, he prepared himself to join the fight. "Stay here and don't interfere. If you'll try to save your brother, I will kill you first." Lin Huang gave a last warning to Feng Jun Yun before descending to the battlefield.

Feng Jun Yun nod vigorously and thought 'He didn't say that I can't save the empress. I'll do that then. Who cares about that stupid brother.' He then stealthily left the scene and head inside the courtyard.

Back on the battlefield, Feng Jun Yi felt a thick killing intent behind him so he subconsciously turned around and blocked the attack. Seeing him turning around, Gong Weixie laugh maniacally and attacked without further ado. But he stiffened when suddenly a man appeared and blocked his huge long sword with a thin short sword.

Gong Weixie subconsciously jumped back. He suddenly felt fear when the man managed to block his ginormous sword with a thin short one. There is only one way to manage such feat, using internal force or qi. As a martial artist, it is a level above normal martial arts practice. Even he himself wasn't able to master it despite trying hard for decades. He can at most make his attack stronger and heavier than normal.

"I see. It was you. Emperor Feng's bodyguard." Gong Weixie sneered at Lin Huang trying to act intimidating although he is trembling inside. He can still remember the last time they met. Lin Huang was able to stop his attack singlehandedly without even breaking a sweat.

"Bodyguard? This brother-in-law of mine can't afford my fee. I just saved him because my sister might ignore me if I let her husband die." Lin Huang said offended. Feng Jun Yi also agreed.

"Brother-in-law? T-then you are the current Master of the Lin Mercenary?!" Gong Weixie is shocked and thought 'What happened over those decades? Even Lin Xu's son became this strong. He even mastered using internal force. Then can Lin Xu do it too?! Most probably. Since when was he able to overpower me?' There are a lot of things going inside Gong Weixie's head.

"It is a pleasure to finally meet you as I am, Lord Gong Weixie. What father said was right. You are not someone to worry about, you are weak." Lin Huang smiled coldly.

Gong Weixie didn't even managed to protest before Lin Huang shot towards him and slashed his head off. The death of Gong Weixie caused the fight to halt. Even the second prince who is now pinned down by Feng Jun Yi watched with wide eyes as Gong Weixie's head rolled on the ground.

Seeing that the main threat is finally dealt, Feng Jun Yi fired the signal to call the imperial guards over. This is also the queue for the Mercenary to finish off the rest and then hide, leaving Feng Jun Yi and Lin Huang. But Feng Jun Yi was caught off guard when he saw not just the imperial guards and Minister Xia, but almost all the ministers are present while some are representatives. He didn't have to think too deeply to know that Minister Xia is behind it. He doesn't know if this is a good thing or not. If a lot of people knew that Lin Xulian was abducted, her reputation in front of all this people will be ruined.

He coldly looked at Minister Xia that caused him to shiver. Not just from the warning glare but he also shivered seeing the corpses lying on the ground. The only persons standing are the emperor and Lin Huang. He is now regretting his actions. Although his daughter gave up on the second prince, he was still hoping that he would win. They are still son and father in law after all. He wanted to show the emperor's defeat in front of all the ministers, but he was disappointed with the results. Now he even gained the emperor's anger.


Inside the courtyard, the fifth prince stealthily entered. He discovered that it was practically empty without even a single guard. But this only caused him anxiety. 'What if those guards are with my beloved Lin Xulian inside the room and they are currently abusing her?' He hastened his pace while imagining about the scenes of him saving her. Not knowing that he would soon witness a scene that would shatter the image of his beloved in his mind.


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