The Empress is Dead
79 Chapter 79 Exposing the Second Prince
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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79 Chapter 79 Exposing the Second Prince

Inside the courtyard, the fifth prince finally arrived in front of the inner chamber's door. His skin started to crawl the moment he heard some men's groans coming from inside the room. The sound planted a seed of fear in his heart that is rapidly growing, consuming his every being. Fear that Lin Xulian is currently being tortured and taken advantage of. He didn't think twice and forcefully opened the door.

But what greeted him is the sight of several men groaning on the ground. Each of them have few but deep cuts in several parts of their bodies. What's puzzling though is the fact that they are not bleeding even just a drop and he thought; 'What sorcery is this?'

Feng Jun Yun is too shocked with the scene in front of him that he failed to notice Lin Xulian who slowly approached him from behind. The next moment he felt a sharp blade against his neck. "Are you enjoying the view, fifth prince?"

"Xu--…S-sister-in-law?!" Feng Jun Yun almost slipped with the way he should address Lin Xulian. He didn't mind the blade against his throat. What caused him to be disoriented is the fact that Lin Xulian is too close to him. Even her breath brushes his ear and caused it to itch.

"I didn't expect you to be here, fifth prince. It's a pleasant surprise. I am a bit short of playmate. Did the second prince asked you to come?" Lin Xulian said while slowly pressing the blade harder drawing a bit of blood.

Finally Feng Jun Yun's attention diverted towards the blade on his neck after feeling a bit of pain. "N-no sister-in-law, it was brother emperor who asked me to come. In fact I am here to get you out."

"Feng Jun Yi did? Not bad. He brought me a playmate." Lin Xulian then pointed towards the men on the floor. "See that? Their blood coagulated pretty well. Even if I cut them up, it won't leave a mess. But they are still alive. Amazing right?~ It is like a double edge sword. If controlled, I can do operations without causing too much blood loss. But also as you can see, it can be used as a tool for torture. Would you like to try it?"

He was actually impressed with whatever drug Lin Xulia used but his skin crawled hearing her threat. "N-no, no sister-in-law. Please believe me. I just came to save you."

Lin Xulian just narrowed her eyes. She pressed his acupuncture points that caused him to be paralyzed and fell face first on the floor. "You tried to kill me on my wedding day. Of course I cannot trust you." Lin Xulian left him on the floor and sat on the bed. "Big brother, how are things going on the emperor's side?"

Suddenly, Rui entered the room from the window while Feng Jun Yun looked at him with wide eyes. 'How long was he there?'. "Big brother Huang took action and finished everything in an instant. Also there is a small problem. Almost all of the ministers came. This might ruin your reputation if they know that you were abducted. Although nothing happened to you, we can't control their thoughts." Rui said worriedly.

Lin Xulian stood from the bed and approached the men and finally ended their agony. "Who said I was abducted? It was just a fake news to lure the emperor, right fifth prince." Feng Jun Yun got confused but still nod absentmindedly. "Is there anyone available to clean these up big brother?"

"Yes, we have some brothers to clean that up." Rui said dotingly.

"Also ask someone to carry him along." Lin Xulian pointed at Feng Jun Yun. Rui coldly looked at him but still do as Lin Xulian said. They then left the courtyard from the back.


Back in the courtyard's entrance, Feng Jun Yi ordered the imperial guards to hold the second prince down. According to their initial knowledge and the reports given, the enemies are from the Jianghu. They don't exactly know what led to this conflict. Feng Jun Yi of course didn't tell them about the empress's abduction. And looking at the aftermath of the fight, they found that the corpses belong to the people of Jianghu. But what puzzled them is the presence of the second prince and some of his personal guards.

One of the ministers finally voiced out his confusion. "Your majesty, can this servant ask what had happened and why is the second prince being held down?"

"The Lord of Jianghu lured Zhen here using the empress as a threat. But what greeted Zhen was the Involvement of the second prince. They collaborated and tried to kill Zhen to forcefully take the throne. This is clearly treason. Zhen will ask the ministers present to be the witness! The second prince will be stripped off his title and be subjected to trial for treason! Because of our father's decree, Zhen will not kill you but you should expect to receive the worst punishment possible." Feng Jun Yi diverted the attention from the real reason why they were here, which is Lin Xulian's abduction, towards the second prince's punishment.

But Feng Jun Yu refused to back down. Even if he lost everything today, he will take something together with him. And that is the empress's reputation. He laughed maniacally and gave a mocking glare at Feng Jun Yi. "You really got me this time, Jun Yi. But you are too late. You should have seen how I feast on your wife, your beloved empress. I even shared her with Lord Gong. During the fight, we even left ten men to enjoy her every last drop! Hahahaha!"

Of course everything was a lie and Feng Jun Yi knows that. But these people didn't know it and would easily believe such lie. This angered him so much that he wanted to kill his brother right here right now despite their father's decree. Lin Huang is also fuming. But a melodious voice broke the stale atmosphere and Feng Jun Yu's laugh halt in an instant.

"Your majesty!" Lin Xulian's voice caught the attention of everyone. And the voice came from behind them. This gave the impression that Lin Xulian came from outside the woods and not inside the courtyard. When she finally reached Feng Jun Yi, she held his hand and looked at him with teary eyes. "Lian'er is glad that you are fine your majesty. I met the fifth prince when I came back to the palace. He said everyone thought that I was abducted. Sorry, I played outside without permission again and they used it to lure you here. Please forgive Lian'er."

Seeing her crying face, Feng Jun Yi didn't know what to feel because he knows that it was all an act. But she really looked pitiful and everyone also felt their hearts soften. Well, he just needs to cooperate. He held her cheek and smiled gently. "No need to apologize Lian'er. Zhen is happy to know that you are actually fine. Even if it was just a fluke, Zhen will never regret that zhen chose to save you."


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