The Empress is Dead
80 Chapter 80 Fei
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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80 Chapter 80 Fei

While Lin Xulian is still continuing her pitiful act and Feng Jun Yi is consoling her, the rest have different thoughts. Lin Huang is annoyed and jealous with his brother-in-law for receiving affectionate gaze from his sister.

The fifth prince, who is being carried by one of the Lin Mercenary Clan member, can see the interactions between the two from a safe hidden distance. He admits that the couple really have a strong chemistry. But he refuse to accept it. For him, if given a chance he could be more suitable for her.

Rui is also jealous but he is trying his best not to show it. But the members of the mercenary knew about his feelings for their young miss long ago. Lin Xulian is the only dense one and doesn't notice his feelings. They can only sigh and sympathize with him.

The second prince on the other hand can't believe what he is seeing. He is certain that Lin Xulian was successfully abducted and should be lying unconscious inside the courtyard. But she is here now, totally fine and unharmed. She doesn't look like someone who got abducted. "Why?! You were inside. I personally saw you lying unconscious in my bed!"

Lin Xulian looked at Feng Jun Yu while letting more tears fall from her eyes. She looks so pitiful and coupled with the fact that almost all of the people around are men, she was able to get their sympathy. "Brother-in-law, why are you doing this? Why are you using Lian'er to hurt his majesty. Why are you trying to ruin Lian'er's reputation? I even saved your mother's life. I…I feel wronged." She then buried herself in Feng Jun Yi's embrace.

Feng Jun Yi is caught off guard but still returned the hug while patting her head to "calm her down". The second prince watched her pitiful act with wide eyes. They both know the truth. Unfortunately for him, all other witnesses are already dead. No one would back his claim up. He is really stupid enough to expect Lin Xulian to admit that she was abducted knowing that it is the same as admitting that she was defiled. Although her appearance clearly rejects the idea.

Witnessing the exchange in front of them, the ministers and imperial guards eyed Feng Jun Yu in disgust. Even his previous allies were glad that they chose to move to the fifth prince's camp or else they will be humiliated together with him. They knew that he always attempted to kill the emperor, but it was always done cleanly without any concrete evidence to point at him. After his mother lost her power, she could not back her son up and now his incompetence is showing.

"Enough of all of these. Take the former second prince to the imperial prison. It is clear that Zhen's empress wasn't abducted and certainly wasn't defiled. Such blasphemous claim warrants him a heavy punishment." Feng Jun Yi said to finally end the drama. The imperial guards immediately complied. The ministers also started to leave while thinking how much this day will influence the shift of power in the court.


When the unnecessary people finally left, Lin Xulian's pitiful face returned to her mischievous and nonchalant self. She smiled proudly for the result of her plan. Although she didn't plan on taking the center stage herself, the circumstances and Feng Jun Yu forced her to. Nonetheless, everything ended well.

Meanwhile, the Feng bird that stayed hidden all throughout the fiasco, suddenly appeard. Lin Xulian noticed it flying towards her direction. She is surprised that the bird is able to find her. It must be just like envoy Hu said, the bird chooses its master and will remain loyal. She prepared herself when the bird lands on her shoulder.

But her expression darkened when the bird only flew passed her and landed on Lin Huang's shoulder. It became excited and flapped its wings, as if praising Lin Huang.

As for Lin Huang, he wasn't present during the emperor's birthday banquet so it is the first time for him to see the pretty little red bird. He instinctively tried moved away but he can't bear to kill it. It is too pretty and would be a shame if it dies.

Lin Xulian approached her brother and the bird with crossed arms. She was offended when the bird ignored her. "Hey stupid bird! You dared to ignore me? Who is your master, huh?" Lin Xulian thought that this might have been what Feng Jun Yi felt when the bird chose her instead.

The bird faced Lin Xulian and screeched and flapped its wings as if righteously defending itself. But unfortunately, Lin Xulian doesn't speak bird so its explanation is futile.

"Lian'er, you know this bird." Lin Huang finally stopped evading knowing that Lin Xulian knows about it.

"It is a gift from the King of Quiangdu Country during Feng Jun Yi's birthday banquet." Lin Xulian said while glaring at the bird. "Now that I think about it, maybe he is not a he but a she since it chose you over me." She pouted.

On the side, Feng Jun Yi felt injustice. If the Feng bird really chose Lin Huang because it is a female, then why did it ignore him in the first place?

The bird felt wronged seeing Lin Xulian's glare. It scooted even deeper in Lin Huang's neck. It approached Lin Huang because it could feel that he is also a part of the clan that their race served for generations. Also because he was too awesome during the fight earlier. The bird is still a chick and Lin Huang is the strongest Lin it ever met.

Lin Xulian got really upset seeing that the bird is becoming so attached to her brother. "Fine! You can have it then big brother!"

Lin Huang is undecided. "Although the bird is pretty and it seems intelligent, I don't have the time to take care of it. I might forget to feed it and die." Lin Huang is serious. Being the current leader of the mercenary, he has a lot of stuff in his plate. Rui, his best righthand man, is assigned to watch over their sister and cannot assist him all the time.

Hearing that it might die from hunger with Lin Huang, the Feng bird flew back to Lin Xulian's shoulder and act pitiful asking for forgiveness. Although Lin Xulian was always busy in her clinic, there is still Yin Mei to feed him. But Lin Xulian ignored it even after it did some tricks to entertain her.

"That bird is really intelligent. What is its name?" Lin Huang is fond of the little pretty bird. Maybe once it is mature enough he would be able to take care of it. Rearing a chick is too troublesome.

Lin Xulian stiffened. She hadn't thought of a name yet, or should she say she hadn't plan to think of one so she just blurted out a random name. "Fei"

Yet the two men saw through her and felt bad for the bird. Specially after it looked so happy that it finally has a name.


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