The Empress is Dead
81 Chapter 81 Stronger
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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81 Chapter 81 Stronger

Lin Xulian and company returned to the palace not long after the abducting incident was wrapped up. No one remained on the second prince's camp so the trial was held and ended in a flash. Feng Jun Yu was sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment with a minor torture session everday since the previous emperor's decree said that he can't be sentenced of death no matter what happened. He must've never thought that the decree he made to protect his favorite family will cause them a lifetime of agony. A life worse than death.

The torture might have been called minor but receiving it everyday for the rest of his life is different story. Feng Jun Yu refused to accept the punishment and steeled his heart to kill himself by biting his own tongue. Unfortunately for him, Lin Xulian was able to preserve his life. Now added to his punishment, he became mute.


Feng Jun Yi, Lin Xulian and Lin Huang is now having their tea to relax after a very long day. Lin Xulian took this chance to catch up with her brother. "How are you these days big brother? I haven't seen you in a while and I don't have any means to know what had happened to you lately."

As if remembering something, Lin Huang's eyebrows knitted. "Not long ago I was attacked by an unknown man wearing an odd clothing and a furry cape. His martial arts is way beyond mine."

Lin Xulian and Feng Jun Yi were both shocked. No doubt in their mind that he was referring to envoy Hu who attended the emperor's birthday banquet. "I think it was envoy Hu from the Quiangdu country. He was the one who brought the bird. Did you have any misunderstanding when you coincidentally met on the road?" Lin Xulian asked her brother.

"I don't think so. What I'm sure of was he was waiting for our party to arrive since he was in the middle of the road and asked me if I am Lin Huang. He suddenly attacked without warning and singlehandedly subdued the mercenary. Although, his attack wasn't life threatening and actually acurate in only immobilizing his anemies. I thought he was an enemy but when he tried to land a blow and I defended with all my might, he suddenly stopped and left without a word."

"Zhen thinks that he was just trying to gauge your strength. He might have gotten curious about you for some reason." It doesn't take a lot of thinking for Feng Jun Yi to see through envoy Hu's intention. He can understand his curiosity since Lin Huang is considered the top martial artists after he easily killed the famous Lord of Jianghu. But there seems to be a deeper reason that he can't specifically point out.

"He might have took notice of your fame while on the road big brother. I still think he is a good person." Lin Xulian said casually. Her first impression is mostly accurate so she wasn't worried at all.

"I thought of it too after I calmed down. Knowing that he was from the Quiangdu country, I am relieved. I thought he might be a leader of some new assassin's guild or lawless mercenary. That would be a bad news. At least that country is not meddling with any outside forces." Lin Huang is finally able to breathe easily. That encounter weighed on his mind for some time now and he is constantly worried knowing that someone is much stronger than him and he is not sure whether he is a friend or a foe.

"Anyway Feng Jun Yi, I saw you are able to use internal energy during the fight earlier. But it was kind of weak. You were lucky that Gong Weixie is not that strong too. You should ask Lian'er to help you train or else she would be the one to save you every time you are in danger. That would be too humiliating right? Although her strength is not up to my level yet, at least her control over internal energy is better than yours." Lin Huang said to Feng Jun Yi while giving him a side eye.
Lin Xulian gave her brother a pout when he pointed out that she was weaker.

Feng Jun Yi felt uncomfortable with Lin Huang's words. If it is true, then Lin Xulian is actually even stronger than him? That would really be humiliating. He needs to get stronger. Anyway, since the hindrances are finally dealt with, he can go back to training while still doing his job as the emperor. Ever since meeting envoy Hu, he already had a thought that all the training he had is never enough. "Zhen will consider it if it is not a big deal to Lian'er."

"No problem. I don't have anything to do anyway. You can just pay me with a rare herb." Lin Xulian said. Feng Jun Yi already figured it out though.

Few moments later, Rui arrived with the weak fifth prince. His acupuncture points were released for some time already but his full strength hasn't return yet. But he fought his urge to slump down and rest seeing that lin Xulian is also in the room. He can't let her see his weak side although technically she was the one who caused it.

"Oh it's you. I forgot about you. Why are you together with Rui?" Lin Huang said to Feng Jun Yun. Feng Jun Yi also gave him a questioning gaze. He hasn't seen the fifth prince earlier in the second prince's hidden courtyard. He actually thought he never came.

"I saw him inside the courtyard. He said Feng Jun Yi asked him to come and wanted to save me." Lin Xulian replied instead.

"Zhen really did ask him to come. Zhen wanted him to see how cruel his brother really is." Said Feng Jun Yi.

But Feng Jun Yun did not believe it. It is clear that what had happened in the second prince's hidden courtyard is a threat for him. The emperor wanted to show him his strength and what would happen to him if he dared to go against the imperial power. Even the Lin siblings could tell. They just secretly smiled.

Although he is quite pissed with Feng Jun Yi's provocative words, the fifth prince still maintained his good brother attitude and act enlightened. "I really should thank you emperor brother. If not for letting me witness second brother's true nature, I would still be blindly admiring him. I promise I will never be like him emperor brother."

Lin Xulian raised her eyebrows without even trying to hide her doubt. But Feng Jun Yun act like he didn't notice it. As for Feng Jun Yi, although he nod in satisfaction, he started to doubt the fifth prince. He is oddly calm for someone with a ruined family. And he is even facing the person who ruined it.


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