The Empress is Dead
82 Chapter 82 Symbol of Love
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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82 Chapter 82 Symbol of Love

Just like what they agreed, Lin Xulian started to help Feng Jun Yi with his training in mastering the use of internal energy. Since he already had an idea and a bit of experience, Feng Jun Yi learned quickly. All he needs to do is apply it in his fighting technique. He thought of bringing his master to the palace to help him, but as usual he is nowhere to be found.


Meanwhile, the hospital that Feng Jun Yi promised her is starting to come together and Lin Xulian is hands on in making sure of it. Right now she is sitting inside Hao Yuwen's study while talking about having a partnership deal. All the herbs and medicines, aside from the one she will personally make, will be bought in the Caoyao Pavilion. Of course in a discounted price.

During the discussion, Lin Xulian noticed that Hao Yuwen is constantly peeking towards Xiao Tian's direction. She is checking the inventory of the medicines that she and Lin Xulian made and also auditing their earnings. Lin Xulian gave her these responsibility ever since they formally became business partners.

"You don't have to monitor her work that much." Lin Xulian finally voiced out.

Hao Yuwen turned beet red. "N-no, no! It's not that. I know she is capable, and smart, and dedicated with her responsibilities, and sweet, and pretty." His voice started with a high pitch until it became barely audible.

Lin Xulian raised her eyebrows hearing his response and thought. 'Aren't you praising her too much?'

Hao Yuwen breathe in deeply, building his courage to ask his next question. "Say your majesty, is Tian already promised to someone?" His beautiful androgynous face became a shade redder, if that is possible, after he threw out the question.

Lin Xulian tilted her head while thinking. "You mean marriage? None that I know of. But usually the mercenary members ends up with each other. The next thing I know, they are getting married or already married."

Hao Yuwen rose from his seat. "You mean there is a possibility?!"

Lin Xulian gave him a side eye. "Why are you so flustered? Your reaction is too much."

He also realized that he lost his cool for a moment. He noticed that even the Xiao sisters are giving him a questioning look. He blushed hard but he covered it with a fake cough and slowly returned to his seat. He then lowered his voice making sure that even the Xiao sisters with good martial arts can't hear from their current distance. "You see, I want to ask her hand for marriage once she's in marriageable age."

"Why?" Lin Xulian got confused. When their relationship became that good.

"Because I like her. There are a lot of reasons to like her. You're a married woman, you should understand right?"

Lin Xulian sunk to a deep thought and realized a crucial point. While most of the people get married because they like each other romantically, she got married because it is beneficial. But if you ask her if she likes Feng Jun Yi, she could just say that she does as a person. She is a good judge of character after all.

Hao Yuwen on the other hand, seeing that she became silent, misunderstood her situation. He interpreted her silence as her marriage is not that magical as everyone thinks. Maybe she was just forced by the emperor by using his power and position. He started to feel bad for her and chose not to talk further.


Meanwhile, the misunderstood forceful emperor is currently in deep thought. Before Lin Huang left last time, he told him about Lin Xulian's 18th birthday five days from now. They are already married for more than a year and he missed her 17th birthday. He felt guilty about it and decided to compensate with a banquet.

But that is not what's bothering him. They can prepare a banquet within few hours and money and time constraint is not an issue. What bothers him is the gift. He can only think of one thing, herbs. But he is constantly giving her some. Even a rare herb doesn't seem special anymore.

Then his eyes landed on the drawer of his study table. He pulled it open and took out all the stuffs inside revealing a secret compartment. He opened it and saw an exquisite turquoise colored jade box with a size of a palm. Inside the box is a gold necklace with a pink pearl pendant. The pearl is naturally pink in color and not just painted. It is a very rare pearl even in Fanrong country. No one knows why it has that certain color. But there is a legend that the pearl could make the wish of your heart come true. It became a symbol of love.

The necklace was owned by his late mother. She said he should give it to the woman he chose to love and be with forever. Although in empress Lan's case, the necklace was given to her by her father, the previous emperor of Fanrong country, while saying 'Although you will end up in a loveless marriage for the sake of our country, this necklace will remind you that there is still me, your father, the man who will always love you my princess.'

Feng Jun Yi didn't know why he brought the necklace out. Giving it to Lin Xulian is the same as giving up the hope of finding his true love. Although he doesn't believe in it. Even with his father and Li Shanyao's case, he can't call a love shared with a lot of women as true love. As an emperor, they don't have the luxury to fall in love so it is better not to have one. It is really not a big deal for him to give away the necklace but his mother might get upset about it.

He just sat there for hours while looking at the necklace, calculating the pros and cons of giving the necklace to Lin Xulian. Finally he decided to give it to her as a present. There is no need to tell her about the necklace's back story though. Also his mother also said that he should give it to the woman he wanted to be together with forever. Lin Xulian is his wife and of course they will be together forever. That would be an enough reason.

He kept the necklace back in the hidden compartment and returned to his work. He needs to clear his schedule so that he can accompany Lin Xulian during her birthday. He also needs to send out some invitations as quickly as possible.


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