The Empress is Dead
86 Chapter 86 Hot and Cold
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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86 Chapter 86 Hot and Cold

Without second thought, Lin Huang carried Yin Mei towards the phoenix palace. All he knows is how to identify the drug but not how to cure it, aside from doing that. But that is out of the question. The only solution is to bring her to Lin Xulian. "Hang in there Lady Yin. Fight it. Do not sleep."

The moment they arrived at the palace entrance, Lin Huang realized a crucial problem. Due to the last incident of Lin Xulian's abduction, he became aware about how fragile the woman's reputation is. Right now, Yin Mei is being carried by him, a man, while she is clinging unto him like her life depends on it due to the effect of the drug. Not to mention, she is a respected high ranking servant. Her current state could ruin her hard earned reputation.

Since Lin Huang is a good martial artist, he decided to enter the palace covertly. But Yin Mei made it hard for him. She is constantly moving in his arms, trying to make herself feel more comfortable. He knows that the only thing that could make her feel a bit better is through skin contact so he just let her do what she wants. But if they are caught, it will be a big problem.

After the painstaking route towards Lin Xulian's clinic, Lin Huang encountered another problem. The entrance is full of servants while the windows are too narrow to pass through. Even if he tries to call her, she won't be able to hear him knowing that she is deeply engrossed with her medicine. He also cannot leave Yin Mei temporarily since she won't let go and he is worried that someone might see her.

Lin Huang had no choice but to find an empty room where he can make sure that no one can find her. Then he would just bring Lin Xulian over. He followed a path with almost no one around until he luckily found an empty room. He didn't know that he coincidentally found Yin Mei's room.

Lin Huang placed her on the bed. But the moment he let her go, her body trembled and he heard her whimper. "I-it hurts." Lin Huang gathered her again in his arms. He figured that the drug was strong but its effect on Yin Mei is stronger than he expected. Maybe because she doesn't practice martial arts. A martial artist's body foundation is better than most after all.

Lin Huang is getting more and more worried seeing her pained expression. He can't let her go even for a moment, much less leave her to fetch Lin Xulian. What worries him more is her temperature is still constantly rising despite him holding her. At this rate her brain will get fried and she will die.

Lin Huang inhaled deeply to calm his panicking heart and gathered all the resolve he can muster. 'I pretty much know the concept but still I haven't tried it before. I don't know if it will end up successful. Whatever! When the time comes, I will just take responsibility. I have to save her life no matter what.'

Lin Huang finally stripped his robes, leaving his lower undergarment on. Yin Mei needs as much skin contact as possible after all. If Yin Mei can see the view of his naked upper body, she will surely get a nosebleed. Well built muscles with eight packs abs and toned chest and arms. Any woman will drool with this sight. Unfortunately, she is in delirious state and her consciousness is going in and out. Not to mention the pain she is currently suffering is too much.

He then proceed on stripping her robes, leaving her undergarments too. He felt guilty doing this, but he had no choice. He just hopes that she will give him a chance to explain when she wakes up. Worst case scenario, she might give him a resounding slap. He made her lie down on the bed. He inhaled deeply again to calm himself down. He felt odd seeing Yin Mei almost naked below him. His throat tightened and dried. This made him remember the content of those adult books that his father forced him to look at saying he needs it to make himself immune to women's seduction. His imagination is running wild.

Lin Huang shook his head to clear his muddled mind and wondered if other women can affect him like this too? Or is Yin Mei a special case? He chose not to mind it for now since there is a more pressing problem right in front of him. Lin Huang lowered himself and sealed their lips together.

He just planned to touch their lips together but because of the drug, Yin Mei took the initiative to deepen the kiss. Treating it like the only fountain of cold water that could cool down her burning insides. As if something exploded in his head, Lin Huang instinctively responded to her kisses. He started to get engrossed with the kiss but he managed to stay sane. This is not for him but for Yin Mei. He needs to focus. He then placed his hand in her lower dantian, of course through direct skin contact.


After Yin Mei drank a cup of the wine, she thought she became drunk in an instant. She stayed on the pavilion to sobber up. But instead of feeling better, it is starting to get worse. Her body is getting hotter and it is becoming too painful to move. She heard someone calling her name but she doesn't have any strength to talk. Her throat is too dry so she could only groan in reply. She wanted to ask for help, but she can't.

She started to have difficulty in breathing. That's when she suddenly felt a cold sensation encircling her. When she opened her eyes, she saw the face of Lin Huang and managed to speak. But all she could do is call out to him. When her consciousness is starting to leave her, she fought hard. Still she became unaware of her surrounding. The only thing left for her is the cold thing she is holding unto. But it is starting to become not cold enough.

When the cold thing left her, she felt like her body wass ablazed. It hurts so much and it made her tear up. When it touched her again, she refused to let go and cling unto it like her life depends on it. Then she felt something touching her lips. It felt so cold. Like a well water during the winter. It feels so comfortable that she can't help but want more. She wants to consume it in one go. She doesn't care what it is anymore as long as it could lessen her pain.

Suddenly the cold sensation spread throughout her body. It started from her lower dantian until it reached her fingertips. Like a snowstorm arrived in the middle of summer. All the pain is gone. Her body is not burning anymore. All that's left is exhaustion. She feels so tired and sleepy. She has no strength left so she let herself succumb to a deep sleep.


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