The Empress is Dead
87 Chapter 87 I did not do i
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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87 Chapter 87 I did not do i

Inside the clinic, Lin Xulian is still unaware of her brother and Yin Mei's predicament. She is fiddling with her newly acquired herbs. Meanwhile in the clinic's entrance, Zie Xin is constantly peeking inside trying to observe Lin Xulian's movement, although she can't see her behind the screen that provides privacy and secrecy to Lin Xulian's works. As long as she can hear her, it is enough.

The other servants find it odd that Zie Xin is actively serving the empress instead of Yin Mei. Although they are not talking about it, they all knew that she is only willing to serve the emperor and is aiming to enter his harem. But despite this fact, the empress never cared about it. They are only servants so they have no right to meddle.

Zie Xin is starting to get uneasy. A long time had already passed but there is still no changes in Lin Xulian. When she found out that the Zhixiang country's envoy brought a bottle of wine as a gift, she saw it as a chance. Due to her goal, she is keeping a lot of "weapon of seduction". Aphrodisiac, love potion which is basically hallucinogen, and all the charm enhancing scented satchels.

But none of those affected the emperor. Zie Xin doesn't know that Lin Xulian already gave him an ultimate antidote. So no matter what she feeds and make him smell, it won't be effective. Zie Xin came up with the idea of targeting the empress instead. She used up all her remaining aphrodisiac to get her intoxicated. Since she is constantly monitoring the emperor's schedule, she knows that he won't come tonight. Also because he knows that Lin Xulian will most likely stay in her clinic.

With these factors, the only man that could help Lin Xulian is her brother Rui. Which would ruin her marriage with the emperor. Everyone knew that they are not connected by blood. If the empress and her adopted brother ends up together it won't be a surprise. The emperor will be furious and will immediately divorce her. Or worse kill her. Then Zie Xin will enter the picture and offer comfort.

Zie Xin thought her plan is spotless. But unfortunately it seems like Lin Xulian is also not affected by the drug. She thought about it again and confirmed in her memory the image of Lin Xulian drinking the wine from Zhixiang. 'Maybe the drug is not that strong enough.'

Zie Xin decided to wait longer. But moments later Rui arrived. Just like the servants, he also finds her presence odd. He purposely stopped in front of her and looked at her meaningfully. Zie Xin got nervous but she masked it by acting bashful which irritated Rui. He wasn't able to stand her so he entered the clinic.

Zie Xin heaved a sigh of relief seeing his retreating back. She still wanted to stay and see through her plan but she is worried that Rui will be able to see through her. He is too over protective and too observant when it concerns Lin Xulian. She chose to leave saying that she is tired. 'Anyway, Rui is already with Lin Xulian inside the room. The moment the drug kicks in, my plan is considered as a success.'

Lin Xulian instructed them that she won't need any servant since she'll be staying up all night so Zie Xin was dismissed without delay. Some refused and suggested to take turns in guarding. Lin Xulian just let them do what they want.


When the morning came, Zie Xin got disappointed because she didn't hear any commotion. It means her plan failed. She was so frustrated and thought that maybe all her "weapons" were fake. She needs to go back to that store later to complain.

On the other hand, Lin Xulian was able to finish her medicine before the sun rose so she was able to have some sleep. Today however, despite being tired she managed to wake up early. It is the usual time Yin Mei used to wake her up. It seems like her body got used to it. But Lin Xulian is not used to waking up without Yin Mei pulling her blanket. She finds it suspicious and decided to look for Yun Mei.

The servants also noticed that Yin Mei hasn't appeared the whole morning. "Your majesty, this servant's room is adjacent to lady Yin's room. I haven't seen her leave her room yet. Usually we would leave at the same time." One of the servant said.

Lin Xulian then proceed to Yin Mei's room with a bottle of sobering medicine. She remembered that she gave her the wine from Zhixiang. Maybe she got drunk or something.

The moment Lin Xulian opened the door of Yin Mei's room, her jaw dropped. Her instincts kicked in and she immediately closed the door and lock it from inside leaving the trailing servants outside. "You can all leave. Mei jiejie is sick. I'll handle this alone."

Hearing that Yin Mei is sick but the empress wanted to stay with her alone inside the room, the servants panicked. "Your majesty please come out of the room. You might catch lady Yin's sickness!"

But Lin Xulian insisted and refused to open the door. No matter what, she can't let them see the sight inside Yin Mei's room. "I am a doctor. I'll be fine." The servants have no response to that fact and just left worriedly.

On the bed, Yin Mei is still in deep sleep while hugging the waist of a man and her head is on his chest. And the man is no other than her brother Lin Huang who is hugging her in return. He is also sleeping with a naked upper body. She is not sure about the lower half because it is covered with a blanket.

Due to his training, Lin Huang is sensitive to noises. He was awaken the moment Lin Xulian opened the door. Although his mind is awake, his body is still weak so he chose to go back to sleep. It was just his sister anyway. But when he heard the unfamiliar voices outside the room, he finally remembered that he is currently in a tight situation.

He forced to open his eyes and looked at the girl who is still sleeping while clinging unto him. Oddly, he found the scene so warm. He doesn't mind waking up this way forever.

When he turned his head, he saw Lin Xulian with her arms crossed in front of her chest. "What is the meaning of this big brother?"

Lin Huang wanted to explain but he wanted to make sure that Yin Mei is really fine first. "You should check on her first before I explain."

Lin Xulian's mouth twitched from her brother's words. "Big brother, you know Mei jiejie won't immediately get pregnant right. it's not even a day passed yet."

Lin Huang got confused. When he was able to understand what she meant, he got embarrassed while remembering what had happened last night. But still he defended himself. "I did not do it."


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