The Empress is Dead
88 Chapter 88 Choice
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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88 Chapter 88 Choice

Lin Xulian find it hard to believe that nothing had happened between her brother and Yin Mei. No matter how she look at their current appearances, she can't think of any other possible scenario that lead to their present state. Yin Mie is even hugging him still in her sleep.

Seeing that Lin Xulian doesn't believe him, Lin Huang told her about how he coincidentally saw Yin Mei in the garden's pavilion and found out that she was drugged. He also shared how he struggled to sneak Yin Mei in to bring her to Lin Xulian for treatment.

Hearing his explanation, Lin Xulian checked Yin Mei's condition. "The drug is totally cleared out. Then brother, why are you still hugging her?"

"She almost died when I let her go last night. I figured I should wait for you to-- urhg…!"

Lin Huang hasn't completed his explanation yet when he was suddenly kicked off the bed followed by Yin Mei's screams and cries. Apparently, Yin Mei woke up in the middle of Lin Huang and Lin Xulian's conversation. When she opened her eyes and saw that she is in bed with a man and even hugging him, she panicked and kicked him off without checking out who it was. She hasn't even noticed that Lin Xulian is also in the room.

The servants and guards were alarmed after hearing a scream from Yin Mei's room, especially because the empress is also in there. They stormed towards the room and knock the door, almost taking it down. "Your majesty! Lady Yin! What happened? Are you in trouble?!"

Lin Xulian approached the door, still without opening it. "You have nothing to worry about. She is just upset about waking up late and getting sick. She hasn't prepared herself yet and is too embarrassed to face all of you. Just understand her because her fever is quite bad."

The servants and guards finally relaxed after hearing their empress. They really felt lucky to have her as their master instead of the concubines. She genuinely cared about them despite their ranks and status. She would even treat them herself whenever they are sick. "Your majesty, please do call for us when you need something. We'll come right away."

After the servants left, Lin Xulian immediately went to Yin Mei's side to calm her down. "Mei jiejie it's me, Lin Xulian."

The moment Yin Mei saw a man beside her when she woke up, her thoughts run wild and she already concluded the worst possible scenario. She cried uncontrollably until she heard Lin Xulian's voice. "Your majesty?"

"Yes, it's me Mei jiejie."

"Your majesty there was a….waaahh!" Yin Mei brawled.

"It's fine, it's just big brother Huang." Lin Xulian then realized that her brother is still on the floor. "Big brother what are you doing? Stand up and explain to Mei jiejie."

Lin Huang still didn't move to stand up. He felt weak and just wanted to go back to sleep. His side is also hurting from Yin Maei's kick. Lin Xulian noticed his oddity and realized that he is abnormally pale. She checked his pulse but it was normal. "What happened to you big brother?"

Yin Mei also stopped crying when she heard Lin Huang's name. All that's left is shock and her thoughts is running wild once again. 'What had happened? Did we? I can't remember anything!' She tried to calm herself down and reevaluate herself. She was trained to be the emperor's bedding maid so she knows the signs of losing one's chastity.

She checked the sheets for bloodstain but found none. She also check herself. There is no marks in her body. Although she is only left with her undergarments and it is a bit loose, it is still intact in the important places. Her body also doesn't ache anywhere. She actually felt light and refreshed.

Knowing that she is really fine, she felt guilty for kicking Lin Huang. Although she is still confused on how did they end up sleeping on the bed together. She picked her outer robes up to cover herself and went to Lin Huang's side to help him up. "Young master Lin, please forgive this servant. Let me help you up."

Lin Xulian and Yin Mei helped him up and brought him back to the bed. Yin Mei blushed seeing that Lin Huang is naked on the upper half of his body. And thinking that she hugged him the whole night made her feel embarrassed.

When Lin Huang is finally settled in the bed, Lin Xulian took the chance to ask him about what had happened last night. "If you didn't touch Mei jiejie, then how did you help her clear the drug?"

"I used my internal energy. I met a person with so many knowledge about using internal energy. One of it is using it to influence the body of another person. I used my internal energy to guide the drug out of her system through her pores. It was my first time doing it so I'm not sure if it was working. Then I ended up depleting all my energy. Good thing it was a success." Lin Huang said exhaustedly.

Although Yin Mei couldn't understand everything that Lin Huang said and what meant by her being drugged, she could at least tell that he made a life threatening effort to save her. Then she thought about the wine she drank last night. "Young master Lin, you mean I was drugged? But I only drank the wine gifted by the Zhixiang country's envoy that was bestowed by the empress. Anyway, thank you for saving my life young master Lin."

"Zhixiang country? Are they targeting Lian'er to secure the empress position for their princess?" Lin Huang concluded.

But Lin Xulian dismissed their suspicions. "It's not them. If they want to attack me, they should at least wait until the princess married in. Someone else wants to make use of the situation since whether the plan will succeed or not, the blame won't fall on them."

Lin Xulian's claim is reasonable. The question is who would do such a thing. Then Yin Mei thought back on what had happened during the banquet and remembered someone. Cold sweat run through her back. If her suspicion is true, then she could say that she can't recognize her anymore. Greed is really a powerful thing. It can change a person the worst way.

"You know who it was right, Mei jiejie?"

Lin Xulian broke Yin Mei's trance. She doesn't know what to choose. Everyone knows that drugging and poisoning the members of the imperial family is punishable by death. She can't bear to let her friend die but also she have a responsibility to protect the empress's well being. It is a tough choice.

Seeing her hesitation, Lin Xulian could already tell who it was. Her Mei jiejie really cared for that person no matter how irresponsible she is. But she needs her to make a choice. And Lin Xulian will have to force her. "Mei jiejie, if that person succeeded, my life and reputation would have been done for."


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