The Empress is Dead
89 Chapter 89 Take Away Everything
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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89 Chapter 89 Take Away Everything

Yin Mei thought back to the times she spent with Zie Xin. When they first met, the desparity between the two is great despite the fact that both of them are daughters of a servant. Yin Mei looked well groomed and well behave, while Zie Xin is an awkward kid and have a thin body with rough skin although she is just a seven year old child. Even their mentors and trainers favor Yin Mei more while Zie Xin had to fend for herself.

This difference in treatment woke Yin Mei's mother's instinct although they are of the same age. When the senior servants would give Yin Mei some snacks, she would share it to Zie Xin. When Zie Xin can't catch up with the training and lessons, she would help her study and practice during breaks. Yin Mei treated Zie Xin as a little sister and Zie Xin relies on her.

Zie Xin slowly changed. Het beautiful face bloomed. She was no longer a shy and awkward kid. She gained confidence and she is learning pretty well. Her bond with Yin Mei also became stronger. They would do everything together. Yin Mei would listen to her dreams and the things she would do to serve their future master, the crowned prince. She became a dedicated servant.

But Zie Xin's dreams shattered when Feng Jun Yi rejected their service. For Zie Xin, serving Feng Jun Yinis her main goal in life. Once she become his woman, she would successfully rose from a servant position to a master as the future emperor's concubine. Although she would end up as the lowest ranking concubine, she is still considered as his wife. If she could become his first woman then that would be best.

When Zie Xin went to Yin Mei to rant, she realized that they are not on the same boat. Yin Mei was perfectly fine being a servant. That was the first time they didn't agree on something. Zie Xin no longer see her as an ally.

Their friendship changed and became estranged. Zie Xin would no longer listen to Yin Mei and woid take her warnings and concern the wrong way. Zie Xin also started to become aggressive in her approach to Feng Jun Yi. She would serve him in any way possible and would wear eye catching clothes and make up.

Yin Mei understood her frustration from being rejected. Ever since they were seven, they were implanted with the idea of becoming the prince's future wives. The rejection put Zie Xin at loss. She felt like she have no direction in life anymore. Yin Mei just let her be but would often warn her not to overdo it.

Zie Xin's approaches intensified when the crowned prince, Feng Jun Yi, became the emperor. Good thing Yin Mei caught her when she thought of drugging the emperor. Although Zie Xin got angry from being interrupted, she accepted the fact that her plan was too dangerous and wasn't well thought enough.

Then a few weeks later the emperor brought back a woman out of nowhere to become his empress. Zie Xin couldn't accept in her heart that from serving the emperor and having the possibility of being his woman, she was demoted as the empress's servant instead. The emperor is even pampering the nameless empress very much.

Yin Mei is very thankful to Lin Xulian because she doesn't take Zie Xin attitude to heart. Even thought Zie Xin refuses to serve Lin Xulian and would blatantly try to catch the emperor's attention, Lin Xulian couldn't care less.


But this time Zie Xin really went overboard. She would even think of ruining another woman's reputation. Not to mention, it was their mistress's reputation. This is a huge humility to a servant and to a fellow woman.

Yin Mei went down on her knees in front of Lin Xulian. "Your majesty, please forgive this servant for not educating my sister properly. But please don't kill Zie Xin."

"Are you sure? I can't guarantee that she wont receive a punishment worse than death. I will take away everything from her. Even her dreams."

This time Yin Mei kotowed. "She wasn't like this before. I am still hoping that she will one day learn her lesson and change for the better. Please give her soul a chance, your majesty."

Lin Xulian helped Yin Mei up. "I personally think that Zie Xin doesn't deserve you as a sister, Mei jiejie. But fine, I will spare her life for your sake. Just prepare yourself because she might also hate you after I'm done with her."

"I know your majesty. But I will still take the risk and hope for the best." The two women smiled to each other.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang who was silently listening to the side doesn't really feel anything knowing the cuprit. His attention is directed to Yin Mei the whole time. Although he wishes for her to be more ruthless, he can tell that she values her relationship with Zie Xin very much and he respects that. They don't know what the both of them went through for Yin Mei to protect her and care for her this much.

Lin Xulian turn to her brother. "I will deal with Zie Xin right away. You can't stay here big brother. You would inconvenience Mei jiejie. And also I only noticed, why is Mei jiejie's lips swollen?"

Both Yin Mei and Lin Huang stiffened but from different reasons. Yin Mei was confused and felt her lips with her fingers and noticed that it is indeed swollen. Her face immediately turned red as if it was thrown with hot water.

Lin Huang also felt awkward and embarrassed but chose to tell the truth with a straight face to mask the inner turbulence in his heart. "I kissed her."

His words was like a bomb to Yin Mei. She wanted to melt in embarrassment. Lin Xulian on the other hand have a look of disapproval. "You took liberties with Mei jiejie?"

Lin Huang's deadpan face almost broke but still remained as calm as possible. "I did it to transfer my internal energy to her."

Lin Xulian wasn't convinced. "You have to kiss the person to do that? So if I were to try to learn that technique, I'll have to kiss random people too?"

Lin Huang got embarrassed for another reason. "The truth is you only need to transfer internal energy through the pores. But I still can't do it no matter how hard I try. That person said it would really take time. I just need to train more."

"Still it doesn't answer my question big brother. Does it have to swell like that?" Lin Xulian pressed.

This time Lin Huang finally blushed a little. "I…..I didn't know kissing felt good. I got carried away. I would take responsibility."

Lin Xulian secretly smiled after hearing what she wanted to hear from her brother. 'This would uplift Mei jiejie's sour mood even after I teach Zie Xin a lesson.' She thought. Before, Lin Xulian thought that the two of them is impossible. But even destiny is bringing them together. Anyway having a sister-in-law who is the same as their mother looks like not a bad idea.

Yin Mei finally lost it and crouched while covering her ears. "Please your majesty, young master Huang. Stop talking about it. Nothing happened. There is no need to take any responsibility."


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