The Empress is Dead
90 Chapter 90 Delusion
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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90 Chapter 90 Delusion

"Now that's settled, I'll go fetch big brother Rui to bring you back to the manor big brother Huang. I'll visit you soon about this technique and that person you were talking about." Lin Xulian left the room leaving the atmosphere heavy between Lin Huang and Yin Mei.

Lin Huang didn't speak since he is not a talkative person to begin with. For him, the matter is already settled. He chose to close his eyes and rest. He needs to regain all his lost energy. That person didn't tell him what to do in times like this. His lesson didn't reached to this point yet.

Because of the silence, Yin Mei felt the heavy atmosphere twice as much. But despite this, she brought forth all her courage to speak. "Young master Lin, this servant would like to thank you again for saving my life. Also forgive this servant for causing you so much trouble. You really don't have to take responsibility. I'm sure her majesty only wanted to tease. Please don't take it to heart."

Yin Mei looked down at her clasped hands place in her lap. She can't look at Lin Huang's face while she said those words. It's not like she doesn't like the idea for Lin Huang to take responsibility. She love it actually. But she feels bad thinking that she is the only one who is genuinely happy with this outcome. Also this is not her ideal way to marry the man she loves. She wanted it to be mutual. As for Lin Huang, she thinks he only agreed because Lin Xulian said so.

Lin Huang opened his eyes and looked at her deeply then said. "I will do it. I'll take responsibility."

"There is really no need to force yourself young master Lin." Yin Mei immediately refuted.

"I'm not forced. No one can force me to do anything." Lin Huang said cooly.

'But your sister can clearly do!' Yin Mei screamed in her mind. "You should think this through young master Lin."

Lin Huang knitted his brows. "Do you have someone you like?"

'There is, you!' But Yin Mei can't say that obviously. "N-no one."

Lin Huang's knitted brows tightened and looked at her eyes trying to figure out what she's thinking. Yin Mei's face on the other hand turns a shade redder by the minute. Then Lin Huang's next words made Yin Mei speechless. "I get it. You don't like to start this way. I'll pursue you first then. But I'll have to ask father how to do it. Just prepare yourself until I come back."

Yin Mei's mouth went agape. He got the point where she doesn't want to start a relationship this way spot on. But him pursuing her? Is he serious? And how can you prepare yourself from something like that? Yin Mei is at loss.

When Lin Xulian and Rui arrived, they are baffled with the atmosphere between Lin Huang and Yin Mei. The other has her mouth open as if she wanted to say something but doesn't know how. The other has a proud and confident look on his face. Rui gave Lin Xulian a questioning look. Lin Xulian only shrug her shoulders in reply.

Their group finally went on their way. Rui took Lin Huang back to the manor while Lin Xulian and Yin Mei went to the emperor.


Zie Xin has an annoyed look on her face since she woke up that morning because the scandal she was expecting didn't occur. She chose to stay in her room to groom herself in case the emperor arrives. She needs to be beautiful in front of him.

Not long after she finished putting a seductive red tint on her lips, a lower ranked servant knocked on her door. "Lady Zie Xin, the emperor summons you to his imperial study."

Those words were like music to her ears. Although she wanted to jump and celebrate, she needs to maintain her calm façade. "I'll go right away." She stood up to leave. 'A personal summon! This is it right? The emperor finally noticed me!'

The lower rank servant shook her head once Zie Xin had her back on her. The eunuch who asked her to deliver the summons had a solemn look. She can tell that whatever the emperor needs, it would be bad news for Zie Xin. Thinking about the happiness in Zie Xin's face, the servant can't help but light a candle for her poor soul.


When Zie Xin arrived in the imperial study's entrance, she took a deep breath and set her aura in her seductive yet bashful look. She kept her head down when the door opened. She entered in a graceful way and immediately kneeled to greet the emperor. "Greetings your majesty, the emperor." After her greetings, she slowly lifted her head while fluttering her eyelashes and showing her sweet bashful smile.

"I see you don't only refuses to serve me but also refuses to acknowledge my presence. You surely have the guts of a dragon for a mere servant."

Zie Xin subconsciously snapped her head to the person who owned the voice. On the table at the side of the room, Lin Xulian is sipping her tea while Yin Mei is pouring it for her. Zie Xin stiffened and felt chills in her spine. But then she regained her composure and kotowed to Lin Xulian. She needs to regain herself in front of Feng Jun Yi.

"Please forgive this servant your majesty, the empress for not noticing your esteemed presence. This servant deserve a punishment." She kotowed not stop. She is expecting the emperor to make her stop, but he did nothing. Zie Xin stopped on her own after she successfully made a small red bump on her forehead.

When she is up again, she faced the emperor and waited for his words. She purposely showed her bump to him and her eyes turned red as if she would cry any moment now. Anyone would pity her in her bullied state.

"You asked for punishment and yet you just stood up without your master's consent. Truly a marvelous servant indeed." Lin Xulian said mockingly.

Zie Xin wanted to slap Lin Xulian. She doesn't like it when Lin Xulian is reminding her of their master-servant status. 'Damn woman! Why is she even here? Did she heard that the emperor summoned me and she wants to meddle between us? How hateful, selfish and shameless!'

Still, Zie Xin kneeled back in front of Lin Xulian and apologized. "Please forgive this servant, your majesty. The emperor summoned this servant. This servant just wanted to hear his majesty's instructions so this servant can immediately deliver."

That's what Zie Xin said. But in her mind she wanted to say. 'Shut up you mountain woman! I came her because of the emperor and not you. Are you afraid because he finally noticed me? Are you jealous? Hah! You can just drown in jealousy then!'

There is no doubt that Zie Xin is currently drowning in her delusion.


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