The Empress is Dead
91 Chapter 91 Humiliation
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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91 Chapter 91 Humiliation

Zie Xin is seething but she is hiding it well with her pitiful façade. She will just let Lin Xulian bully her. Once the emperor realized that the empress he chose is an ill mannered and oppressive woman, he would probably change his mind. 'The emperor is on my side. I'll just hold my temper in. Go ahead and ruin yourself mountain woman.'

"I think you got the wrong idea Zie Xin. The one who called you out here is me. So the words you need to listen to is mine." Lin Xulian said, shattering Zie Xin's delusion.

Zie Xin snapped her head up to look at Lin Xulian. Her pitiful face changed to a look of shock and confusion. She turned her eyes towards Feng Jun Yi to find any confirmation that what Lin Xulian said is true. To her dismay, Feng Jun Yi remained in his seat and continued his work. He doesn't even care about what's happening in his imperial study.

Although filled with confusion, Zie Xin decided to go with the flow and kowtowed again. "This servant asks for your majesty's forgiveness. The eunuch said that his majesty summoned this servant so this servant thought…."

Lin Xulian didn't let her finish her act. "Zie Xin, I know you are not willing to serve in my Phoenix Palace. So I decided to relieve you from serving me."

Zie Xin felt chills in her spine. She doesn't like how things are going. Although it is true that she is not willing to serve Lin Xulian, the only person she wanted to serve is the emperor and no one else. Also since they are in front of Feng Jun Yi, Zie Xin cannot let him know that she is not doing her designated job.

"Your majesty, this servant wouldn't dare. Please forgive this servant if this servant's work doesn't satisfy your majesty." Zie Xin would never admit that she is not doing her job. Her statement implies that Lin Xulian is too demanding instead.

"Indeed it doesn't satisfy me. That is why I will transfer you." Lin Xulian then asked Feng Jun Yi. "Your majesty, would you like to have Zie Xin back? She was your servant before anyway."

Zie Xin felt her blood boil hearing what Lin Xulian said. 'Really?! She would allow me to go back and serve the emperor?' She is filled with excitement that she can't hide the happiness in her eyes. 'The emperor would surely take me back. This time I'll seduce him better until he forgets Lin Xulian's existence!'

Feng Jun Yi didn't even raise his head. "Zhen doesn't need more servants. Lian'er, you can choose where to transfer any servant even without my consent. The back palace is your jurisdiction."

Zie Xin's hope faded in an instant. Her head is filled with questions of whys and hows. Lin Xulian on the other hand smiled coldly while sipping her tea.

"I see. Thank you your majesty." Lin Xulian sighed as if her decision is against her will but have no other choice. "Zie Xin, since the emperor won't take you back and also because there is no other palace that needs more servant, I have no choice but to transfer you to the Xiyidian courtyard"

Hearing this, Zie Xin finally snapped. For a servant, working in the Xiyidian courtyard is like receiving the lowest possible rank. Each palaces have a servant who will wash their master's clothes. The other servants have their own designated jobs. But who will do the laundry of those servants? That's the role of the Xiyidian courtyard. There, you will do all the laundry of all your fellow servants and also the stinky and sweaty clothes of the imperial guards.

This is a huge humiliation to Zie Xin. She was the emperor's personal servant. Then she was demoted as the empress's servant. It is like falling from heaven to hell. But she refuses to accept the job at Xiyidian! No doubt in no time, her smooth milky white skin will be filled with calluses and rashes. She won't be able to groom herself. She won't be able to wear her fancy clothes, accessories and make up! She will become ugly! And worst, she won't have the chance to meet the emperor again!

"Lin Xulian you witch! Don't go overboard! You are threatened and jealous with my beautiful face and body right?! That is why you want to ruin it? You don't want me near his majesty because you might lose his favor! Who do you think you are? You are not even a noble. You are just a woman from the mountain! Without the emperor's grace, you are lesser than a servant! Shameless woman! You--!" Zie Xin abruptly stopped screaming when she heard two metals clinking near her neck.

Feng Jun Yi who was working on his table awhile ago, is now holding a sword against Zie Xin's neck. Lin Xulian on the other hand used a metal hairpin to stop Feng Jun Yi's sword from severing Zie Xin's head.

Lin Xulian's hand felt a bit numb from the impact. Although Feng Jun Yi didn't use internal energy, his attack contains a substancial amount of force. Lin Xulian had to use her internal energy if she wanted to block that attack since her only weapon is a metal hairpin.

Zie Xin was caught off guard. She didn't notice the emperor's anger. She also didn't know how Lin Xulian suddenly appeared before her. Everything happened in a blink of an eye. She felt numb and all the color in her face drained. All she could feel is fear, shock and anger. In her mind, a sentence is continuously appearing. 'His majesty, the emperor, tried to kill me! It is that witch Lin Xulian's fault!'


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