The Empress is Dead
92 Chapter 92 Suicide
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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92 Chapter 92 Suicide

Zie Xin cannot believe her eyes. The emperor and the man she dedicated her whole life for wanted to kill her. 'For what reason? For Lin Xulian? Unacceptable! Why?'

"Your majesty, please calm your anger and put down your weapon. Do it at least for my sake. Let me handle her." Lin Xulian calmed Feng Jun Yi down. Although she appreciates his protectiveness, she still needs to keep her promise to Yin Mei.

Lin Xulian is actually surprised with Feng Jun Yi's reaction. She doesn't care about Zie Xin's treacherous outburst. She finds it funny instead. But Feng Jun Yi's reaction is a bit too extreme. She doesn't even know what did Zie Xin said that ticked him off.

Feng Jun Yi sheathed his sword following what Lin Xulian said. When he heard Zie Xin's disrespectful tone, he remembered his empress mother's experience. How even the lowest ranking concubine laughed and mocked her while fawning on Li Shanyao. And how he was reminded of his own powerlessness. But now he has the power to protect his own empress.

"Zie Xin, Lian'er doesn't seem to mind your disrespectful tone, but Zhen minds. Zhen chose her as zhen's empress. Remember your status. Although you were chosen by zhen's empress mother, it doesn't change the fact that you are still a servant." Feng Jun Yi said while looking down on the kneeling Zie Xin with his cold blank eyes.

Zie Xin panicked after noticing those eyes. If she can't redeem herself, she would truly lost her chance to be with him. "Y-your majesty, please….please forgive this servant. This servant just got scared of the thought of not seeing your majesty again. The purpose of this servant's life is to serve your majesty. Suddenly loosing that purpose, this servant…..this servant felt like it is the same as dying." She said while crying in a devastated way.

Zie Xin will stake it all. She tried to attract Feng Jun Yi's attention in a lady like way before but it didn't work. This time she will do it bluntly. Any man would soften if a woman confessed to him sincerely, right?

But Feng Jun Yi isn't even a bit affected. "Zie Xin will be relieved from her responsibility in the Phoenix palace and will move to Xiyidian courtyard. Zie Xin! Accept the verbal decree."

It felt like a lightning stroked down on Zie Xin. He said it. It is a decree. No matter how much she is against it, the emperor's decree is final. She has no choice but to accept her fate. "Y-yes your majesty."

Zie Xin lost all her vigor and moved just like a string operated wooden doll following the eunuch who will take her to the Xiyidian courtyard. 'How did it come to this? What had happened?'

But before Zie Xin can leave the imperial study, Lin Xulian called out to her. "Before I forgot Zie Xin. Do you remember the wine that was gifted by the Zhixiang country's envoy?" Hearing this, Zie Xin stiffened while Lin Xulian continued. "Although you don't serve me that much, you should know that I don't drink, right?" Apparently no. "So, I bestowed that wine to Mei jiejie. It is a "very special" wine and she still have more than half left. You can have it to lift your spirit up."

Zie Xin's whole body went numb. Of course she knows about the wine. She knows how "special" it was. She was responsible for it after all. She knew at that moment that Lin Xulian was aware of what she did. The worst is happening. Her plan not only failed but also she was exposed. 'But how? And how did they knew about the drug?'

Then Zie Xin remembered that Yin Mei caught her fiddling with the wine during the banquet. 'Did she figure it out during that time? Then she exposed me? She betrayed me again. She said we were sisters. But she caused my demise. Unforgivable!' Zie Xin didn't even thought about the possibility that Yin Mei fell victim to her scheme.

Before Zie Xin drowned in her hatered, Lin Xulian gave her a final blow. "You should accept your fate and do your best in your new responsibility. Or maybe we could still settle it while you drink that wine right here?"

Hearing those words, Zie Xin finally realized that the emperor had no idea about the incident. Lin Xulian is giving her a choice. Accepting the punishment from neglecting her duty or the possibility of receiving the punishment from scheming to drug the empress. It is a choice between demotion or death. Obviously, she in reality had no other choice. "T-this servant accepts the fate bestowed by his majesty."

Zie Xin finally followed the eunuch out while Yin Mei followed her departing back with her guilt filled eyes. 'I hope one day you realize that what you did is terrible. I also hope that you would change for the better.' Yin Mei prayed in her heart.

After Zie Xin is finally dealt with, Lin Xulian prepared to leave. But suddenly a eunuch rushed in towards the imperial study. He is alsmost out of breath when he delivered the news.

"Y-your majesty. The Right Prime Minister manor sent an urgent report. Lady Han Yimei is currently undergoing treatment. She was found near the river with a slash on her wrist. She….she tried to kill herself!"

Feng Jun Yi is shocked with the news while Lin Xulian smiled with interest. She knows that Han Yimei is the type of person who loves herself more than anything and values her life. She must be up to something again.


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